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Look what I found – titta vad jag hittade

Cleaning spaces could be fun sometimes when you find nostalgia.

I was young(er) in the eighties and The kids from Fame tv serie was something I never missed on tv. Back then we only had two channels and no vhs. 

Städa i sina gömmor kan innebära nostalgiska fynd.

På åttiotalet var jag yngre än idag (sic!) och höjdpunkten på tv var serien Fame som jag aldrig missade. På den tiden hade vi bara två kanaler och ingen vhs.

This I found.

Den här hittade jag.

Any of you remember this song?

Kommer någon av er i håg denna sång?

Will I keep the knitting magazine? Nooo.

Behåller jag sticktidningen? Näää.

Anyone want’s it? 

Någon som vill ha den?



7 thoughts on “Look what I found – titta vad jag hittade”

    1. It was an american tv serie in the eighties about School of performing arts in NY. There were music and dance in a way we didn’t have in swedish series. So for us young ones it was amazing to watch and listen.

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