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Andy and Anna peace movement?

I found an old post from 2017. We did not know back then what’s happening today.

A comments thread that maybe went wild?

You can read the post and the comments to get a picture of what happened. Here’s the link.

This is the comments that made me create an image in my head

And here’s the drawing 😉

Thanks Andy for the inspiration to the drawing!



21 thoughts on “Andy and Anna peace movement?”

  1. Anna, I think this incident touched so many people that they are showing their solidarity. I still wonder about the tortured minds that made those people do what they did.

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    1. Hi Leslie, yes it is difficult to understand the motivations of those who commit such atrocities. And the response has been inspirational. And as Anna shows, we have to stand for peace.

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        1. Yes they do, but why do they think it’s a good idea? I get that they want to spread fear and destroy values they think is evil. But after that? Violence can never create long lasting peace or do they want to live in constant war zone? Nope I will never get why violence is an option.

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  2. Ha ha that’s pretty cool. And you’ve got the size of my mouth right 🙂 The things that can be created in conversation. Here’s to a fruitful, peaceful collaboration. Meet you at NATO 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on City Jackdaw and commented:
    This is a post by Swedish artist Anna that was inspired by a conversation on one of my posts-some light hearted comments on a dark-subject post. Our newly fledged Anglo-Scandinavian peace movement. In Polyester or fleece 🙂

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