To climb mountains
To climb mountains

I asked my wp friends what they did know about me and what they wanted to know about me. You can read their answers here and my comments to their wishes about more to know about me. If you don’t think you know enought about me by reading this page you can always follow my blog, then by time, you will find out more about my art and me.

Lea at foundinfrance | Musings of an ex-pat in France.

“On the contrary dear friend! In my humble opinion, you tell us much about yourself with each work of art. You are passionate about art, nature and your home. You are kind, quiet and share via your work. With each post we come to know you better. A muse, you inspire those who dare follow! :)”

“BTW, you also have a delightful sense of humour! ;)”


Thumbup at The playground | Thumbup AND Buddha9

“What Léa 2015/08/30 at 08:37 said!”


Derrickjknight at derrickjknight | Ramblings

“I’m with Lea. Maybe you could tell us something about your family?”

My answer: They are also very creative and we sometimes work together in art projects.


Melanie at amusingmyselfmusings | Strange ramblings from inside my head – I often crack myself up

“I know that you’re generous of heart, spirit, and mind. I know that you’re one of the most purely GOOD people I’ve ever encountered. I know that your art moves me to tears. You are smarter than you think you are. You’re highly intuitive. You see the world through eyes quite similar to mine, in that you’re malcontent with the status quo and what you see, and you want to make changes even if they’re little ones that have a butterfly effect…

I know that there is a whole lot more to you than what most people ever notice. But I can see it. Even all the way from over here in America. I love you my friend. 💝💖💜💙”


Edvinlives4ever at The Crow Reborn | I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes to find a soul like yours, and it’s worth this hell I’m going through……

“I only know one thing: I LIKE YOUR ART.

That’s enough for me. ;)”


Sonofabeach96 at sonofabeach96

“What music do you listen to?”

My answer: all sorts of music. I will tell you all more about music inspiration in future posts on my blog. Thanks for bringing that up. I worked as a radio host on a local radio station in my youth, so I have much to tell about my relationship to music.


Thomassutcliffe at aspiblog | Just another site

“You have many things to mention in an about me page – your artwork, your love for your home town and your campaign to prevent politicians from ruining it – you could have a link on your about me page to those posts that relate specifically to these things. Feel free to look at my “about aspiblog” page and to borrow any methods I have used in creating said page :)”

My answer: I have checked out Aspiblogs about page and picked up some ideas from it, thanks 🙂


Thatscribbler at THAT SCRIBBLER | who paints pictures. in mind. with words. or at least tries.

“I know that you like to express yourself through your paintings and that you do a terrific job at it. 🙂 And maybe you enjoy in simple matters of everyday life, which can be seen in your art!”


Yesterdayafter at YesterdayAfter | Jewelry Inspired by Nature

“Well Anna I know is not so easy for us artist to talk about ourself since we express through our Art…but I guess your about page would be a great addition to your Art to know better and see who is behind it in a different way…<3 love your Art”


Swo8 at swo8 | Music means something

“Hi Anna, when I think about it, my about page needs a rework too. One thing I look for in an about page is the country and something about the person. Perehaps our perception of the “about” changes as we begin to develop our blog.


My answer: I’m from a little town in Sweden called Trosa – the end of the world. I don’t think of it like the end of the world. I think of it as my place on earth 🙂


Passajer at Finding Something from Nothing

“Of course you are interesting – you create art and thoughts, you blog. Not everyone does these things. I think everyone has stories and experiences and that has to make everyone interesting. Now why would 600 people spend time following such an uninteresting person’s blog? 🙂

OK, something for your “about” page:

Why do you live in Trosa? What is good and bad about the place?

Why do you paint and draw? Is it for yourself or for others?

What is your philosophy of life? What makes life worth living?”

My answers:

I grew up in Trosa and I never found a better place to stay, so I like my town. I do not like that our politicians try to transform my little town to a bigger one, but I’m still here until it’s not all vanished.

I paint and draw to tell other people my stories, try to make people think for them selves and for love of art. It’s also a cleaning brain thing for me.

Life is fragile and you don’t have time to wait a whole life to accomplish things. You have to act while you can, tomorrow it might be to late. Life and death is only a light switch away from each other.

I haven’t figure out why live is worth living, but on the other hand I haven’t figure out any better alternative either, so I am pleased to being alive 🙂


Sandysays1 at DL Havlin



My answer to all these beautiful words about my art and my self:

From my heart, my deepest thank you to my wp friends above that gave me so much information about myself. Please visit their blogs by clicking their namnes. They teach me about blogging every day and gives me knowledge, laughter and lots of love.


Highlights from my art journey

Exhibition at Trosa Kvarn with Johan Hoflund

Svenska Rosa Hinken möter Danska Rosa Hinken/Swedish paintergroup Pink Bucket meets Danish group Pink Bucket

Drawings to save Trosa nature

Vad vill du sätta ditt namn under? What do you want to put your name under? | Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

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World peace pub, well come :)
World peace pub, well come 🙂