Meet & greet at 2200 followers milestone :)

We are now over 2200 follwers of this blog. I can’t believe those numbers and actually I think I’m right. I don’t tink 2200 individuals constantly follows my blog. I think the number show how many that have pressed the follow button or chosed the email follow alternative. I think many of them forgot all about it after a while but didn’t go back to unpress follow button.

But anyway it’s very nice too se how many of you that is actually here talking to me and read my post. I try to do my best to read your interesting blogs when I have time.

Don’t wish your blog to grow if you don’t have unlimited time for blogging. 

I learn so much from you all so thanks for being here.

Let’s have a meet & greet at this 2200 follower milestone.

Leave your link to your blog or any other blog that you want bloggers to visit.

Check out the links others have pasted in the comments and you will find new blogs and they will find you if you leave a like and or a comment or two.

Interacting is the best way to find readers to your blog and the best ways finding nice people in the blog sphere 🙂

Happy blogging




How to get a boom milestone

Stats are fun sometimes. 

Stay away from blogging couple days and your stats will drop for sure.

Then return to blogging and create some posts and then visit some of your friends blogs to read, leave likes and comments.

What happens?


A wow milestone until you check the stats

A fairly normal blog day in stats.

But it’s fun getting boom milestones anyway even if it’s kind of fake.


Happy new blogging year :)

I’ve been here on wp since 2012 and this is my journey from then until now.

Jag har hängt här på wp sedan 2012 och här följer min blogghistoria från då till nu.

First I was afraid, I was petrified…

Första årets närvaro här framkallade i det närmaste rädsla och skräck

I used the blog platform only as a showroom for my art. As you see, no likes, almost no comments and compared to my views stats today very few views and visitors.

Jag använde bloggen enbart som showroom för min konst. Som ni ser, inga likes, nästan inga kommentarer och ganska få visningar jämfört med dagens statistik för min blogg.

My blog didn’t reach out very far either. Mostly Sweden visits/views. 

Min blogg nådde inte särskilt långt ut i världen när det gäller visningar och besök.

It didn’t get much better the next year 2013, but you can see some improvements in stats. 

Nästkommande år visade upp små förbättringar i statistiken.

I got likes and comments! That was fun, but still scary. I didn’t really know what to do with   comments. Was I supposed to answer them or just let them be?

Det året dök det upp kommentarer och gilla-markeringar på bloggen. Kommentarer skrämde mig fortfarande. Skulle jag besvara dem eller låta dem bara stå där?

Fortfarande toppade Sverige flagglistan.

Sweden still was in the top of the flaglist.

The third year I started to get something about blogging, but I still didn’t get the idea of interacting.

Tredje året började jag fatta lite mer av bloggandet men jag fattade fortfarande inte att interaktionen med andra bloggare kunde öppna upp helt nya dimensioner av bloggandet.

I was glad for the increasing stats. I didn’t know it was possible to get even higher numbers than this.

Jag tyckte dessa siffror i statistiken var enorma för min lilla blogg. Jag fattade inte att det gick att få ännu högre siffror.

Sweden was still on top of the flaglist but more countries showed up in the flaglist. I was on something the end of this year.

Sverige höll fortfarande topplaceringen i flagglistan, men fler länder dök upp på listan det året. Jag hade komit något på spåren i slutet av det året.

I discovered the interacting!

Jag upptäckte interaktionen!

Just look att the booming stats. I got,what I felt, millions of likes, comments and views.

Kolla statistikhöjningen. Jag fick miljoner gilla, kommentarer och visningar, kändes det som.

The flaglist looked totally different that year. My blog had traveled out in the world.

Flagglistan hade förändrat utseende. Min blogg nådde ut world wide.

Was this possible to to top?

Gick det att toppa detta år?

Yes it did. By interact a little bit more.

Ja då, det gick genom att interagera lite till.

Det året hade flagglistan ca 100 länder totalt.

About 100 countries showed up in the flaglist.

Was that possible to increase?

Gick det att nå ut till ännu fler länder?

Yes it did. The total flaglist shows 146 countries for 2017 blog year.

Jäpp. Flagglistan för 2017 innehåller 146 olika länder, som besökt bloggen.

What do I want to say about this stats journey?

Vad vill jag säga med denna statistikresa?

Vi börjar alla från scratch och det är vad vi själva gör som påverkar statistiken.

All of us starts from scratch and it is what we do that effects the stats.

Happy new blogging year!


December 10 2017 Nobel Prize day

Today it’s the Nobel Prize day. Big official day in Sweden for many. For me it’s just an ordinary day, but I think it’s nice and important to give smart people some attention for their efforts in science, litterateur and peace. The Nobel prize day is such attention day.

We are all smart people and we are all capable of making efforts for good causes. I think blogging is a constant ongoing peace project and a nice way to discover new knowledge about our world. So…

I have a prize to give to you all for join this peace project. You may never get the Nobel Prize but you always have this award 🙂

All bloggers award. May your niceness spread around the world. Happy blogging!


Is it snowing on your blog?

A post at Aspiblog made me aware of something I didn’t had thought about.

The snowing on wp blogs in December. I always thought that was a nice little extra in December. But not everyone reader see it that way. The snowing can disturb the reading. So this year, no more snowing on my blog.

You find the settings here if you want to check your own blog.

Another setting you might want to think aboubt is the language setting if your in a EU country with restricted area codes. If I put Swedish as language my blog posts only shows in Swedish readers flow. I disappear from the wp reader if you’re not in Sweden and if you’re not following my blog. I still can write in both Swedish and English or any other language for that matter. When I set English as language my posts shows in the worldwide flow in wp reader from where the most of the visitors at my blog come from.


Will we make it this year?

Last years total stats

Number of viewa 29588.

Stats today December 4

Views number 29327.

December isn’t over yet, so we atill have a chance to beat last years number of views.

Not that I’m counting….hehehe. Somehow I do, but blogging is all about having fun, not counting numbers in stats. The number of views depends on how much you post and interact with other bloggers. This year I didn’t find as much time as last year to hang out here with all of you, so that’s what the stays shows. My lack of time to interact. 


News from Save Trosa nature movement 

One of my Save Trosa nature friends has written an excellent debate piece that one of the local papers SN published.

You can read it in English in the comments over at:

Om du hellre läser svenska finns den i sin helhet på samma länk. Eller på

If you want to support our efforts to save Trosa nature please visit the blog InformationTrosa and leave a like and/or a comment if you have something to say. Projects that go against climate changes goals are a concern for everyone not just a few people who happens to live near such projects.

Om du vill stödja våra försök att rädda Trosas natur och få politikerna att tänka mer klimatsmart får du gärna besöka informationTrosa och lämna ett gilla och/eller en kommentar om du vill säga något. Klimatfrågan berör oss alla oavsett var vi bor. Den här frågan är därför inte längre bara lokal utan global. 



Friday night – nostalgia from the 80’s

If you haven’t noticed it yet. It’s Friday!

And in my head this old tune turned up.

Yes I grew up as a teenager in the 80’s and the show Fame was one of the few shows with music in Swedish television. Back in those days we only had two channels and no VHS recorder. So everytime the show was on I watched. 

I thought it was amazing. It was rather fun watching this little cut from the serie now, but I doubt I would find it amazing if I watched the whole series today. But back then we hadn’t much to compare with.

Yes I know this is a cover, but I was too young to get that so this is my memory of the song. I smile when I hear this song. I hope The song can make you all smile too 🙂


This Friday I open the wp pub, where we all can meet in the comments field. Say what you want. Bring a song or two with you. If you cant paste the YouTube links to your songs in the comments, just name the songs and I find the link.

Happy Friday!

Despite all sorrows around me I feel very light in my heart today. That’s weird but very nice. When you believe in goodness in people I think you can feel joy no matter what. That’s amazing 🙂

Pub is open for everyone and we never close


Not a clever way to blog…

…but a nice way to blog

I blog because of you all, not for the stats. I like when you come visit my blog and I like visiting your blogs and check out how you’re doing all over the world. You teach me new things everyday. Thank you 🙂

So what’s not a clever way to blog?


When I make a new post on my blog many of you leave likes that shows up in my wp app notifications. From there I can click my way to your blogs and read your posts, look at your photos in the post and very often I like what I read and see so I leave a like or two on your blog and hopefully also a 🇸🇪 in your country stats 🙂

What’s not clever about that?

I think it’s clever in the meaning it’s nice to pay a visit back when you have visited my blog. But it’s not a smart way to collect stats numbers in visitors and likes. You have already visit my blog and maybe you left a like or two. You won’t be back until my next post.

The stats clever way to blog is to visit other bloggers blogs that still not have visit my blog. I do that too sometimes, but first of all I want to check out the bloggers that leave likes on my posts and after that my blogging time is up.

So I don’t care about collecting increased stats, I care about you and how you are doing on your blogs 🙂

You see, I’m not a smart blogger, or maybe I am. I have fun when I’m here with you, that has to be a smart way to blog!


New milestone – over 2100 followers

Every followers milestone is stunning for me. I started this blog long ago and for the first years I didn’t have more than about ten followers. How come?

I didn’t interact with any blogger. I just posted and posted and posted. Very few likes and even fewer followers showed up in the stats.

But then I started to realize I could visit other blogs. After that I learned it wasn’t scary to leave a comment or a like on blogs. I also realized that I could learn something from other bloggers.

That was the start of the real blog journey to this milestone of reaching over 2100 followers from all over the world.

It’s an never ending universe that I plan to keep traveling through. Thank you all for being here with me 🙂

If you want people to find your blog, please leave the link to your blog in the comments.

Every followers milestone I make a meet and greet session, so grab the chance to tell us who you are and where we can find your blog. If you want us to visit your blog.

Happy blogging!


Will I make it?

Last years stats

Stats this year so far

The views number I think I will hit a new record this year, but the likes and the comments, nah that will be lower numbers this year.

It’s interesting to compare two years stats. Last year I reposted many posts and that collected many likes, but it got messy in the timeline somehow so I don’t repost as often as I did then. Result, less likes on every post, but a more clean timelime on the blog.

The comments were obviously a lot more last year, but I think we talk as much as we did last year. Maybe we have talked on your blogs instead of mine this year?

The visitor numbers is hogher this year. I dinner know if that means that new people have found my blog or what that number says. I can only guess.

Here’s some other interesting stats stuff

Were do you find my blog? Mostly from wp reader, search engines and then way behind fb and other sources.

Here’s also interesting info. From my blog you go to other blogs and sites. Jim at Random writing on the bathroom wall, (local news), John at and Thomas at aspiblog is the top sites you go to from here.

And then my favorite section in stats. The flag stats. You visit my blog from all over the world. Here’s the top list for this year.

I hope I leave my Swedish flag 🇸🇪 in your stats now and then.

What is your favorite section in the stats?


Slow day in stats

This morning I got zero views again.

A little later I got one view.

Many hours later I got 4 views.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the stats says that I’m not here on wp enough time right now. If you want high  numbers in your stats you have to be here in the blog sphere and interact a lot.

I’m not here for the stats numbers. I’m here for the chance to show you my art and the chance to talk to you and read your blogs.

So when I’m away from here I miss you, so I will always be back. When I’m not here I search for time to be here 🙂

Hope to be back soon


Draw a stickman – rita en streckgubbe!

Very often your comments create ideas in my head.

This time John at made a comment on my post about inktober 2017 and said he couldn’t draw nothing but a stickman. 

Then said something similar about not being able to draw.

Everyone can draw. We just do it with different results. So now I challenge you all to draw a stickman or whatever you like.

If you don’t have pen and paper, download a free drawing app, there’s tons of them, draw your drawing, make a post on your blog and leave a link here in the comments so we can find your stickman or stickwoman 🙂

It’s not about how it looks, it’s about having fun when you draw.

So, this challenge goes for me too. I have to draw a stickman now, see ya!


Amazing, just totally amazing!

We must be a small world. It feels like I have traveled all over the world just by blogging away in a way that we all do. I can sit in my little corner of the world and reach out so far. It’s unbelievable but also truly amazing.
We can interact with each other no matter where in the world we are. That must be a true peace project I think.

Just look at this. This is my favorite stats. The map showing where you all come from.

To me this is just wow stats! 

It like the never ending olympics country flag parades. 

I never regret I started blogging. This is the fun part. Talking to people from all over the world. Thank you for being here all of you!


Dream alarm clock

Ritu’s post Dark mornings and our talk in the comments there made me do this drawing.

What do you say about such alarm clock?

I wish I had one like that some days. But not every day. I like my work and I actually like early mornings too. But the time between sleep and awake are so nice so it takes time for me to like the awake state.