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Who are you? Vem är du?

Svensk text efter den engelska Look at the ten frogs that could be any of us humans as well. Who are you? Which frogs do you wish to be? The one already betrayed by the too hot water that no... Continue Reading →

Don’t grow your blog!

At the post Danny’s World: A Common Question I have a conversation with Danny about the negative effects of growing a blog. So I decided to do a post about not growing a blog. You can read a hunderty billions... Continue Reading →

Do you have trouble with wp app?

Today I discovered (i think) why my wp app were so slow and worked bad. Lately I haven't been able to upload some blogs without being thrown out of the app. The uploads of comments, when I wanted to read... Continue Reading →

Magnolia drawing

A quick ipad drawing of one of the Magnolia blooms I told you about in a previous post. I want to do a proper painting of it too, but right now I'm working on my painting for Trosa Spring exhibition... Continue Reading →

1800 followers milestone

We're way past 1800 followers on this blog today but not yet 1900, but at every hundred new followers number I try to have some sort of meet & greet session. This time I think you should take the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Open new doors

One of my all time favorite song is Something's coming from West Side Story. That song really captures that feeling you get sometimes. A good feeling of something's good is coming. It can be just about anything in the category... Continue Reading →


Smiles are magic. They can make world peace if we all one day let the smile lead us 🙂

Schickes und Schönes

If you smile at me
you know I will understand.
Cause that’s something
everybody everywhere does
in the same language.

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Shouldn’t Every Day Be “Earth Day”?

TGIF thoughts

Actually I don't know what to write today. But I give it a try anyway. I'm just so grateful for all I have, where I live and that everyone near me is alive. Today, as the world seems to look... Continue Reading →

Power Listen to the voice of nature

A while ago I did a drawing our of wise words from Thomas at aspiblog. This weekend I visited an exhibition that one of my artist friends had. She told me about a poster she did when she felt we... Continue Reading →

How to link to another blog

 One of my Swedish blog friends, Anna at intefangordetdet made me aware of that not everyone of us knows how to link to another blog.  So I'm trying to explain how I do it. Maybe there's better ways to... Continue Reading →

It’s only a number

and nothing more, but still, I think it's unbelievable  1798 followers!  I'm not on any other social media, I'm only here on wp with all of you.  I don't think of what to write to get extra views, followers or... Continue Reading →

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