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I’m a bad blogger or not?

Stats have humour I say. My stats look like this and I say it's quite ok for this year and previous years too compared to how much time and effort I have been able to give the blog. This year shows around 25000 views. But I read a post over at Jason at HarshReaLiTy and… Continue reading I’m a bad blogger or not?


Do you get error messages when visiting blogs?

One of my readers told me the other day that an error message like this comes up when visiting my blog and today I got the same when I tried to visit a blog. Häromdagen berättade en läsare att det inte gick att komma in på min blogg längre. Detta felmeddelande kom upp. Nu fick… Continue reading Do you get error messages when visiting blogs?


Down hill stats – skidbackestatistik

This happens when I'm not hanging our here with you blog friends during a couple of days. Det här händer med statistiken när jag inte interagerar med er bloggvänner på några dagar. I have an art project to finish so my blog time is very limited right now. I miss you all, so I will… Continue reading Down hill stats – skidbackestatistik

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Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

Are you a stas addict? Har du ett statistikberoende? The addiction usually starts in the beginning of blogging without any obvious signs. Beroendet startar vanligen i början av blogglivet utan några tydliga tecken. You get excited over the fact that someone likes your posts. Du känner en kick av att någon faktiskt har gillat ditt… Continue reading Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

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Sorry for not being around that often

Hey all of you. I'm sorry for not being around your blogs lately. So many must do things in the way right now. When I have done my posting for the day, the time is gone and I missed the opportunity to visit your blogs.  Hej alla bloggvänner. Jag har inte hunnit besöka era bloggar… Continue reading Sorry for not being around that often

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How did it go – Hur gick det?

Yesterday I published this two posts I går publicerade jag följande inlägg The stats looked like this before publishing. Så här såg statistiken ut före publicering. Så här såg den ut dagen efter The day after, the stats looked like this To me amazing numbers in views, sharings and country stats. För mig… Continue reading How did it go – Hur gick det?

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Leave Me A Link and I’ll Share Your Page!!

Over at Danny’s blog you can leave a link and reblog. Then your post will be reblogged. Danny is so kind. I use his words Sharing is caring 🙂 comments disabled here, visit original post/Anna

Dream Big, Dream Often

As most of my followers know I am big into helping other bloggers gain more exposure. My goal has been to grow a community of like-minded people and I am part way to my goal.  I am bringing back the open call to leave a link and I’ll share it for you!!

To get a reblog you must do the following:

  1. leave me a link to your page, and
  2. Share this post with your followers.

Each day I’ll randomly select 3 links to reblog.  I’m not sure it gets much simpler.  You can leave as many links as you want and I’ll cycle this post from day-to-day so more people can jump on board.

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Hey yesterday I was six years old!

Can you believe it? It's been six year since some of us first met here at our nice kittle blog corner of the world. Then we have became a huge number of friends here. It's so nice to see you all here. I wish I could hang out here more often visiting your blogs. I… Continue reading Hey yesterday I was six years old!

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What’s happening? Vad pågår?

I wrote a post about what I have sent in to the new big road building authorities. Jag gjorde ett inlägg som visade de synpunkter jag lämnat in till Trafikverket beträffande det storslagna vägprojektet Infart västra Trosa. Det inlägget spred sig, vilket ni kan läsa om i Inlägget sprider sig. That post spread to a… Continue reading What’s happening? Vad pågår?

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Reasons To Stop… Reasons To Not…

Good decision! I think we all have those thoughts now and then, but I always come to the same answer and reasons for continuing. It’s too fun to stop. I talk with so many nice people here in the blogsphere. I think blogging interaction is a world peace project 🙂
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But I Smile Anyway...

I sit here often, thinking of taking a break.

A blogging break.

A real one.

You know, no visiting blogs, writing, reading, interacting… nothing.

Yet I can’t do it.

I think of the reasons to stop, yet there are arguments that voice themselves, making me think I can’t just up and disappear.

Reasons to stop

  • Real life is manic – whose isn’t though, eh!
  • My kids need to see me doing things rather than being on a pc or laptop a lot of the time… am I setting a good example?
  • That WIP isn’t going to get itself finished
  • Certain people think maybe I’m more involved in my online life than reality
  • No one is really going to miss me that much – I am one of millions of bloggers out there, there is plenty to read without my mindless ramblings

Reasons to not

  • I love my blogily
  • Reading and…

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How on earth did this happen?

Stats are a fun thing. If you blog for increasing stats you might find this interesting. If you blog for fun and meet new nice wp friends then this won't interest you a bit. When you begin  your blog journey the stats are interesting. How many read your blog? From how many countries? What do… Continue reading How on earth did this happen?

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thomas at aspiblog nominated this blog, so I owe him and the rest of you an answer. here it goes. The Sunshine Blogger Award is for bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring as they spread sunshine to the blogging community. Here are the rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you with a blog… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Winter greetings from Trosa Sweden

Jim wanted to see some winter pictures. Don't ask me why someone wants to see winter pics when so many long for Spring. But as you know, Jim is one of our friendly blogger in the community so of course I show some pics from my city in white. Freezing temps this weekend. Minus 12… Continue reading Winter greetings from Trosa Sweden

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Blogger Recognition Award

I've got a lovely nomination from Thomas at aspiblog. I'm usually have very little time for awards, but sometimes I find a little time to answer, so here my answer goes: These are the requirements for those who wish to participate in the Blogger Recognition Award: 1. Show your gratitude to the person who nominated… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

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Meet & greet at 2200 followers milestone :)

We are now over 2200 follwers of this blog. I can't believe those numbers and actually I think I'm right. I don't tink 2200 individuals constantly follows my blog. I think the number show how many that have pressed the follow button or chosed the email follow alternative. I think many of them forgot all… Continue reading Meet & greet at 2200 followers milestone 🙂