This is why I’m not on fb

In the early 1980’s I saw a movie on tv that I never forgot. It was certainly not an “Oscar-film” in any way. That is not why I remember the movie.

It was the content, the message, the lesson about human behavior that got stucked in my head.

This memory of the film has helped me through the years to recognize bad structures, that can go very wrong when the wrong leaders pull the strings.

I re-saw (is that a word?) the film couple of years ago and it strucked me how up to date the film message is. I didn’t regret at all not to participating in any kind of closed social media that requires registration to enter.

If I want to join something I want to know what I join and I never join things that cut some people off from participating.

Today many social media plattforms requires registration before you can make yourself a picture of what you are about to join. Oh, then you say, you can always regret and do an unregistration. No, I will still be there in case I should regret again and want to re-join the group. (At least people that tried to exit forever say that’s how it works)

I have no possibility to examine what I’m about to join before I join. I don’t join such groups and when people tell me “oh, you’re not on fb, then you don’t get our news…bla bla bla” as if I’m stupid being outside such great communtiy, I just get even more suspicious of the structures this kind of platform are building.

But wp requires registration, you might say. Yes it does if you start a blog or want to comment and like posts. But if you just want to read and follow blogs everyone can do it without registration. Everyone online is welcome to read open blogs on wp. Everyone has a possibility to explore what wp is about before a decision to open an account.

That’s how I ended up on wp. I read friends blogs and thought it was a nice place, so I decided to open a blog of my own and thanks to that I met all you my wp friends. I haven’t regret it so far.

In Sweden very many people live their lives through fb and that scares me. They think it’s a natural way to live and communicate. Every one that’s not on fb don’t exist in their minds.

I don’t mind being outside that fb madness myself, but I wonder how our future society will be if we cut people out from daily life just because you’re not in the same sorority as the fb’s?

We are still excluding, categorizing people and killing people because of who they are. We are still stuck in the same structures that made it possible for dark forces to rule the world.

If you got three quarters of an hour, please look at this movie and tell me if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say, when I say that the movie tells a story about us today and not some history dark force idiots.

You can also just skip this post and move on.

I just wanted to tell why I’m not on any other social media than wp.

Things that’s not open to everyone is suspicious to me. The things we must hide from people is trollish, if Trolls comes out in the open sun, they burst. Think about that for a while 🙂

And to be clear, I don’t mind if you joined social media, it’s your choice and mine is to not enter that area. We are all different and we all have different reasons to make choices. That is how it should be.

Have a great day ya all!



Man in the moon video

Derrick left a link to a beautiful man-in-the-moon video in my post Moon over Lagnö.

Here it is, hope you can view. There is still good people in the universe 😉


If tomorrow never comes?

If you haven’t seen the movie Tomorrow, do it as soon as you can.

Om du ännu inte har sett filmen Tomorrow eller I morgon, som den heter på svenska, se den så snart du kan. 

The film gives hope, we can still save the planet and ourselves, but we have to do something now, starting with our selves and don’t wait for others to do something first. 

Filmen ger många tips på vad vi själva kan göra och inte bara sitta och vänta på att andra ska börja före oss.

The film team has traveled around the world and in every corner of the world people do things right and believe that a change of living still is possible. They started with themselves and then the friends tagged along.

Filmteamet reser jorden runt och hittar överallt människor som vågat ändra inriktning och därmed påverkar klimatet mer positivt än tidigare. Det är bara att bestämma sig. Imorgon, men helst redan idag. De förändringsmodiga människorna började med sig själva, sen hängde deras vänner med och förändringen växer i omfattning för varje dag.

It’s our change that makes difference. Don’t wait for politicins or big companies to make the first move. They won’t do that. It is us that have to start the change in many small steps. 

Det är vårt agerande som gör skillnad. Vänta inte på att politiker eller stora företag ska ta första steget. De kommer inte att göra det. Det är vi som måste genomföra förändringar i det lilla med många små steg i rätt riktning.

Let tomorrow be a little bit greener than yesterday.

Låt imorgon bli lite grönare än gårdagen.

That’s how we make the change bit by bit becoming a large change in the future.

Det är med små steg varje dag vi gör den stora samlade skillnaden.



Tisdag 2 januari 2018 kl.18:30 visar Lagnö filmklubb filmen Tomorrow. En dokumentär om ett alternativt och mer hållbart sätt att leva än det liv de flesta av oss är vana vid.

Varmt välkomna till en avgiftsfri filmvisning på Lagnö filmklubb, Studio Lagnö.

The film club at Studio Lagnö in Trosa Sweden starts with the movie Tomorrow. A film about how to live in another way that most of us are used to.

If you’re nearby Trosa Sweden Tuesday the 2 January you are most welcome to see the movie with us. We start 18:30.


Can you give me some favourite movies?

Right outside Trosa city there’s a wonderful place called Lagnö gård. At that place there’s a hostel Lagnö Studio and also a mini cinema where guests at the hostel and those who live in the area can watch movies every two weeks in Winter and Spring.

I have become a little helper at that mini cinema and now it’s time to find some good films to show during the coming winter.

Do you have any suggestions of good films that we can show to the audience?

We show both Swedish and foreign movies, so every suggestions is interesting.


Anemone nemorosa

Today I found two anemone nemorosa, in Swedish Vitsippa. This flower can bloom in millions in the forrest. Like in the movie Ronja Rövardotter  – Ronia the robbers daughter. The story is written by Astrid Lindgren. She also wrote Pippi Longstocking and other great stories. 

The composer Björn Isfält did the music to the film and here you can listen to a piece, in Swedish Rid över skog, thats horseride in forest in Englih.

If you want to have a quick look at the film story you can check this:

After a while you will see this picture

A forest full of anemone nemorosa. It’s one of Swedish most beautiful Spring scenes. I think so anyway. Anemone nemorosa are so Springish when they come in millions.

But I like when they come one by one too.

If you haven’t read the book about Ronia the robbers daughter by Astrid Lindgren, go ahead and do it. A brave girl with a big heart. We need more Ronias in the world today 🙂

It’s a book for everyone, not just kids.


The station agent

Jim talking about quiet time as a good thing and I totally agree.

I have a favorite movie (well actually I have more favourite movies, but this is one of them) that really captures the good feeling of quiet time.

If you’re a extrovert person not liking quiet time you will think this movie stinks and are just so boring. If you’re an introvert quiet time liker you may like this film. You will immediately understand the two out of three main characters situation. Check out The station agent if you haven’t seen it.

If you know about other movies like this one, please tell us in the comments 🙂


Movie Night – A Taste Of Honey

Movie night again at Studio Lagnö a hostel and a film place in an old barn that’s not a barn anymore.

This time we started with a great heartwarming Playing for change video

Music is my ammunition

Then we got to the main film A taste of honey from 1961

It’s about a narcissistic mother and her almost grown up daughter. The daughter is not that happy with her mother which is quite understandable. She tries to find her own way through life. Two boys make an impact on her but in very different ways.

The mother comes and goes as she pleases just as narcissists always do. The daughter still can’t separate from her totally and she sometimes behave just as bad as the mother when her only friend, her roommate, tries to help her.

It is hard to grow up with a narcissistic parent and not be at all like that yourself I guess.

This film is made in the between silent movies and sound movies. I think they did the sound afterwards, thats why you won’t hear footsteps or a pouring sound at tea time if you check out the film above.

Have a great movie nigth 🙂


The girl in the cafe – why we should speak up

I have many favorite films and this is one of them.
The girl in the cafe. I think the name sholud be Every second, because that’s what the story is about really.

Behind the girl meets boy theme there’s another story.

The one about have the guts to speak up when everyone else is silent. To have the courage to trust your instinct and dare to keep speaking when the receiver clearly shows they don’t want to listen to your inconvenient information anymore. To bravely do it without shouting and calmly point out there is no time to wait for making changes.

In this particular film it’s about world political issues like poverty and the fact that Every second there’s a child who dies because of the world health situation. The girl character in the film point this out to the leading world politicians group and they don’t want to hear that they are the ones who can make the world better if they only have the guts.

She is brave and she doesn’t give up. She has more character than all of the rest. But….who wins?

Nah….check out the film yourself 😉

If you want inspiration for finding courage to speak up and act for a good cause, watch this movie.

There’s no better time then now to speak up, remember that. Don’t wait. Be as brave as the girl in the cafe!

I try to,speak up when I can. By drawings like this for an example 🙂

Money eats the planet, sad enough.


Movie night at studio Lagnö – Sopor

Another movie night at Studio Lagnö right outside Trosa town.
This time we watched a Tage Danielsson film called Sopor. Sopor in Swedish are trash in English. But Sopor also stands for Sveriges Onödigförklarades Protest ORganisation, Swedens unnecessary persons protest organisation. That’s what’s the film is about. Everyone should matter, but they’re not. Thousands of children occupied the Swedish royal castle with a three year old Crownprincess Victoria in the leader group. The film is from 1981. They try to convince the politicians to make environmental wise decisions, but the politicians don’t get it. 

In the film there’s a lovely little good night tune. I found it on youtube, so here it is:

Sov du lille svensk

The lyrics:

Sov du lille svensk
Sov du lilla svenska
Avlångt som en säng ligger Sveriges land
Fötter i Skanör
Knäna bohuslänska
Vita kudden börjar vid Härnösand
Runt granitmadrassen, kvällstäcket sträcks
Måne klar, moln som drar
Läslampan släcks
Sov du lille Svensk
Sov du lilla Svenska
Avlångt som en säng ligger Sveriges land

Translated into English it goes like this:

Sleepy little Swede
Sleepy little Swedish
Oblong as a bed is Sweden’s land
Feet in Skanör
knees Bohuslän
White cushion begins at Harnosand
Around the granite mattress, blanket stretched evening
Moon clear, clouds that draw
The reading light is extinguished
Sleepy little Swede
Sleepy little Swedish
Oblong as a bed is Sweden’s land

I’m not sure, but I think the writer of the song is Gunnar Svensson.

The singer is The Norweigian actress Grynet Molvig.

Goodnight sleep tight all of you. It’s been a long day for me, I’m tired and I have to get up early tomorrow, probably to another day with that white stuff coming down again.

I miss Fall already!


Movie night at Studio Lagnö again

Movie night at Studio Lagnö, a lovely place right outside Trosa town. What used to be a barn is now a film studio and a hostel.

This time we watched The women on the 6th floor.

It’s a comedy with some unexpected turns and there’s a whole bunch of lovely actors making this film unforgettable. It’s a heart warming story and I like how some issues are solved without the usual questioning that far too often makes problems bigger instead of solving them. If we all were problem solvers like one of the main character in the film, the world would definitely be a nicer place to live for many people.

If you’re near Trosa area you are welcome to visit the movie nights at Studio Lagnö.


I’m not there

Do you remember the movie about Bob Dylans life? I really liked that film. How they let different characters play the Dylan part. Nowadays the title of the movie has a whole new meaning come to think of the weird situation about the Nobel Prize he’s still silence about.

I haven’t a clue what to think other than it’s fun when something unexpected happens and all sorts of people shows all kinds of reactions. We need weird things to happen sometimes. So next year I wanna see a poet or two getting the Polar prize 😉

I don’t know much about the Dylan music accomplishments or his lyrics other than some great artist made covers of his songs. He should thank them. Without them singing his songs I wouldn’t have noticed his music and lyrics.

Here’s my experience of Dylan music and lyrics and all I know is that this songs has a power to survive over time no matter who sings them.

Hanne Boel is a Danish artist and she has many more great songs. Two of them are Dylan covers.

Emotionally yours Hanne Boel

A hard rain’s A gonna fall Hanne Boel

This is another favourite Dylan cover. If you have heard this artist live you will never forget her voice. She’s been to Sweden many times and I was lucky to hear her at several concerts in the 80′ and 90’s.

Knocking on heavens door Randy Crawford

So, if the world is upset or happy about Dylan getting a Nobel prize in litterateur, I don’t care. I don’t care how he react either.

He made some good songs and other artists have helped him reaching out by making covers of his songs and he helped them by writing the songs.

Thanks to his way of life people have been able to make a film about his life in a different way of telling a story about a famous artist. And thanks to them he probably gained some more fans.

It’s a creative circle that never ends. So those who think it’s right or wrong to give the artist a prize, how can you really tell what’s wrong or right when we all are inspired by each other all the time? It never ends and that’s the beauty about any art form.

It’s not prizes who makes art making big, it is the art making it self! Art is not a competition, it’s a way of living, a way of breathing.


Movie night at Lagnö studio

Every second week there’s movie night at a lovely place right outside Trosa town. Lagnö studio. In an old barn, now a film studio and a hostel, the film nights take place.

We start with a short movie. Sometimes from the Natureisspeaking-serie, like this one:

Then we go on with the main film. This time we watched the danish director Susanne Bier film Things we lost in the fire.

It’s a heartbreaking story but yet a hopeful story about people who do care for other than themselves.

I saw the film on big screen for the first time yesterday and I have seen it before two times on tv screens. The third time did it. I’m stuck. This film will stay in my head for a long time. I didn’t know it was gonna be such film.

You know how books and movies can move in your head and stay there forever or for a long time. You never know before you read or see the story if it’s gonna be a book or film that moves in with you.
This one took three times to get there. Some movies and books never get that far inside my head. This one did. I can’t explain why, it just did.

If you’re near Trosa area you are welcome to visit the movie nights at Lagnö studio. Check this out:


Stars over Lagnö Trosa

Inga Lindstrom in Trosa Sweden

bild från Trosakrönikan/picture from my swedish Trosa book

Those of you who follows the german film serie Inga Lindstrom might have seen the little town Trosa in Sweden where I live.

The other day I saw the film team coming in to Trosa once more. They’ve been here many times many years now. It’s nice to see that people like the views of our little town.

I don’t know which films that shows Trosa scenes but you can check some of the films here. I think I ‘ve seen two films with Trosa views. It was like reading cute love stories, no deep, but very beautiful scenery 🙂

Trosa has been a film making place for many years. In 1950’s there were lots of b&w film teams in little Trosa. In the 80’s some Astrid Lindgren film scenes were made in Trosa. The Swedish famous serie Hedebyborna also a film made in the 80’s, takes place in Trosa area.

Here’s an oldie, a classic Astrid Lindgren film about The detective Blomqvist. Lots of Trosa scenes in that film.


Force Majeure – A Swedish movie

In Trosa we have a lovely little movie club, where everyone who loves movies are welcome. In a old barn, that now is a excellent place to watch movies, Lagnö filmklubb shows great movies from all over the world.
This time we watched a Swedish movie by Ruben Östlund, Force Majeure. Mr Östlunds movies often tells a lot about us humans. When you’ve watched a movie you have to think for a while. I like that.
This movie is taking place during a skiing holiday in the Alps. A family experience some interesting life changes because of an avalanche. Or at least that triggers the family drama. It’s darkness over the family, but Mr Östlund tells the story with a lot of humour also.

For you that spots “narcs” in a fast way, you will get the picture right in the beginning of the movie. For you who is not familiar with narcissists signs, it might take a little longer to get the family situation.

It’s a movie where you can learn about life and how people react differently in situations. You can laugh or cry about it.

The Alps scenery is beautiful and it’s almost like the family gone for vacation on Mars or something. The nights are very space like. There is a little drone that plays a very fun part in this movie. I like when it crash a “party”.

Mr Östlund has done other interesting movies, but this one is the closest to comedy he get, I think. The others are darker, but still have very important issues to show us about our selves.

Read more here:

Force Majeure (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lagnö gård (Lagnö farm, Trosa Sweden)

This digital drawing is made on an early smartphone Nokia 900 🙂

Hostel Lagnö Studio

Film | STF Trosa / Lagnö Studio