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Look what I found – titta vad jag hittade

Cleaning spaces could be fun sometimes when you find nostalgia. I was young(er) in the eighties and The kids from Fame tv serie was something I never missed on tv. Back then we only had two channels and no vhs.  Städa i sina gömmor kan innebära nostalgiska fynd. På åttiotalet var jag yngre än idag… Continue reading Look what I found – titta vad jag hittade

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Be that light – var det ljuset :)

Be that light that we all need to hang in there until we see light in the tunnel. Var det ljuset vi alla behöver för att hålla ut tills vi ser ljuset i tunneln. Besides the C-times we have other dark times in Sweden this time of year. Sun goes up at 7:45-ish and down… Continue reading Be that light – var det ljuset 🙂

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Stars above Lagnö/Stjärnor över Lagnö  Welcome to november. Välkommen till november. Still pretty warm here in my part of Sweden, about 10C in the days. Ganska varmt fortfarande här i min del av landet, ca 10C. But it's short days this time of years. Sun goes up at 7 and down before 16 and we'll… Continue reading November

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Stats boom! Statistiktopp!

Why on earth is an old post like Where the whales have ceased to sing suddenly so interesting? I have no idea! Varför får ett gammalt inlägg som Where the whales have ceased to sing plötsligt fått sådan uppmärksamhet? Jag har ingen aning! Anna

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My new favorite album – mitt nya favoritalbum At Garvaregården i Trosa I listened to a folk music group called Tradpunkt. They find old tunes and make them sounds like they should sound in our days. Two of them (the twins in the picture) comes from my town Trosa. All three of them are very talented musicians. They released their first album… Continue reading My new favorite album – mitt nya favoritalbum