Knossos by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Efharisto in iTunes

How about some nice music and a trip to ancient Greece? Hop over to Leslies blog and leave comments in the original post. I think the music and the ancient art makes perfect combination/Anna


Back to Greece for an excursion into the amazing historical site of Knossos on the Island of Crete. 3:22 min.

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Till min syster – For my sister

Kvällens luft innehåller löfte om vårens ankomst. Vårluften har en speciell atmosfär och jag kommer då alltid att tänka på min favoritsång om våren. Dan Anderssons Till min syster.

The air to night promise Spring soon. It’s a special atmosphere in that Spring air at night. I always come to think about my favorite song in Spring time.

Sofia Karlsson sings To my sister in Swedish. I think she maybe using a DADGAD guitar but I’m not sure, it can be a regular one too. I’m not a music genius. I just know that she has a DADGAD guitar and have written a song about that guitar.

It’s a poem with tunes written buy the famous Swedish poet Dan Andersson.

Here’s a translation of the lyrics to English

I’m so ready for Spring. Are you?
Or do you wait for another season to come?


Getting No Where Fast by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes

I agree with Leslie. We need to find another way to transport ourselves and things in the future. We don’t want it like this, or do we? Visit original post for comments/Anna


I had to go to the inner city today and was caught up in the proverbial traffic jam. Of course this song came to mind. I’ve been in traffic jams in China, India, Paris, Tunisia, Greece, Italy,  Boston and all over Canada (just to name a few). You would think with all the tecnology we have we would have solved one of the most basic problems of today. Well we haven’t and it is just getting worse. This is a universal problem. Self driving cars aren’t the answer. We need to teleport. So here is my song dedicated to traffic jams. 1:40 min.

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I smell trouble – Jag anar trubbel

Do you know what happens when Chip’n’Dale, in Swedish Piff och Puff, comes near a Christmas tree? If you don’t, watch this

This lovely old cartoon is on Swedish television every Christmas Eve and I never get tired of it.

If you want to crotchet these little friends you find a free pattern here. I have crotchet the one on the left. It was fun.

Om ni vill virka Piff och Puff kan ni hitta mönster här. Det finns en engelsk version om ni inte vill läsa mönstret på spanska.

And a favorite classic Christmas song that goes well with the Christmas tree theme 🙂

Have a nice evening or day or whatever time of the day you’re in. Mine is almost over. 


December 13 2017 S:t Lucy’s day in Sweden

Today Sweden celebrate an old tradition called S:t Lucy’s Day. In Swedish Lucia Day.

The celebration can be like this

Luciamorgon i Kungsholms kyrka

Or in a very small version, but the same songs

This is from a Swedish TV advent calendar in the 80’s. 

Besides the singing the saffron buns and gingerbread snaps is a must on Lucia Day.

And of course I have a drawing of Lucia

Happy Lucia Day to all of you 🙂


December 5 2017 baking ginger bread snaps

This is my way of baking ginger bread snaps. I don’t get hungry when baking 🙂

Så här bakar jag pepparkakor. Mycket av degen försvinner direkt utan att passera plåt och ugn 🙂

One Swedish Christmas song is about three ginger bread men.

Have a nice day 🙂


December 4 2017 my favourite things

The list of things I wanna do is longer, but these are a few of my favourite things to do this time of year. So between the must do things I go to this list.

My concern right now is what to do with this yarn and fabrics.

I want to find out something nice to embroidery. A landscape format or a tall lighthouse format? I have no idea yet. Do you?


December 3 a good 1st advent

I hope you all are having a great Sunday. I had a good day this first advent. Just look at the drawing. I did many little things today, so I’m happy with this day.

Here’s the painting that I never seems to finish. It’s been an ongoing project for many years. Leslies post about a first snow painting made me remember my snow painting.

Here’s another Christmas song in a version the Swedish The Rel group recorded.


December 2 2017 make a Christmas goat

Last year we got a Christmas goat from a friend. We saved the skeleton and dressed the goat with new fir twigs skin today. So now we got a Christmas goat this year too. Or is ot a Christmas dog? The body, the legs and the nose reminds of a dog looking creature in some angels. 

And the Swedish Christmas song today is also one of our classic Christmas songs. 

Jul, jul, strålande jul is in English Christmas, Christmas, shining Christmas. 


December 1 2017 baking evening

And some Christmas music.

Here’s a Swedish traditional Christmas song.

Every school kid knows this one from the St Lucia celebration December 13.


The end of November

Do you have any November song? This is one of the Swedish November songs by Laleh.

Tomorrow it’s the last day of November. After that it’s all about Christmas for many people. I’m not a Christmas maniac, but I do like some Christmas things. 

Do you get stressed over Christmas or do you stay calm despite the Christmas madness with shopping and planning and everything else around the month of December?

I did a test drawing some years ago. What do you see? The scream or the cute little dog?


Friday night – nostalgia from the 80’s

If you haven’t noticed it yet. It’s Friday!

And in my head this old tune turned up.

Yes I grew up as a teenager in the 80’s and the show Fame was one of the few shows with music in Swedish television. Back in those days we only had two channels and no VHS recorder. So everytime the show was on I watched. 

I thought it was amazing. It was rather fun watching this little cut from the serie now, but I doubt I would find it amazing if I watched the whole series today. But back then we hadn’t much to compare with.

Yes I know this is a cover, but I was too young to get that so this is my memory of the song. I smile when I hear this song. I hope The song can make you all smile too 🙂


This Friday I open the wp pub, where we all can meet in the comments field. Say what you want. Bring a song or two with you. If you cant paste the YouTube links to your songs in the comments, just name the songs and I find the link.

Happy Friday!

Despite all sorrows around me I feel very light in my heart today. That’s weird but very nice. When you believe in goodness in people I think you can feel joy no matter what. That’s amazing 🙂

Pub is open for everyone and we never close


The Citizens’ Book – Medborgarboken

I found an old book from the 50’s that my father got from his home municipality when he turned 21 , which back then were today’s 18 when you get full civil rights and obligations.

Jag hittade en gammal bok som alla som nådde myndighetsåldern 21 på femtiotalet fick av sina hemkommuner. Jag tycker förordet berättar om hur stora förväntningar man hade på ungdomen på den tiden och hur högt vi skattade demokratins viktiga grundpelare.

First page -första sidan

The book is a proof of the reaching full civil rights and obligations.

The Swedish king back then.

The Swedish Prime minister back then.

The Swedish text says this:

“The CITIZENS ‘BOOK is intended as government gift from the home municipality to the young citizens when they reach the twenty-year limit and acquired full civil rights and obligations. It wants to remind you that there is something strange and memorable that happens in the life of a young person when she takes over all responsibility for her actions and is empowered to make her contribution to society on an equal footing with all other adult citizens.

For the first editions of the citizen’s book, Prime Minister Tage Erlander had written a preface, in which he b. a. emphasized that >> the content of democracy is entirely dependent on what citizens make it to >>. He continued: >> Freedom in democratic terms is not a formality, something gained through constitutional amendments. It is part of the arduous and purposeful community building. Citizens’ freedom depends on their willingness and ability to enter into social responsibility, to send themselves to manage and finance, to make their own and future generations conceal our entire rich cultural heritage. A formal freedom, which would mean an administrative setting and a cultural impoverishment, would not be worth its name. But a leading freedom, the cage and shared by an entire people and daylight in active interest in public affairs, it is the essence of democracy.

The citizens’ book aims to stimulate such an interest in the Swedish Swedish youth. Its promoter and author congratulations to his company, which I hope to be truly received and appreciated and so earn a higher purpose. >>

It is with pleasure that the Swedish Association of Swedish Communces finds that the book, which has experienced four editions for six years, apparently broke through, and we wish to express the hope that the present edition, which implies significant changes in terms of content and typographical design, further shall help to deepen and strengthen the spirit of our country.

Rud. Anderberg

Riksdag, ordf. in the Swedish Association of Local Authorities”

Google translated

And a beautiful piece of photo from Sweden 🙂

I will continue to read this book that I find very interesting.

For thise of you who reqd my post yesterday – I regained my energy and that feels good.

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius…then peace will guide the planets…

Have a fantastic day!


Tremble my heart

My week so far has gone in high speed. I’m so tired when the days are over. 

But, I’m so lucky anyway. I have good friends, I meet nice people both in work and freetime, I have roof over my head and I have food to eat. I have all you readers of this blog to talk with.

That means I should have more energy left to stay awake in the evenings. But today I feel melancholic and this song suits me well.

If you have some uplifting songs instead that always gives you strength and energy, please leave a youtubelink in the comments or just the name of the song and the artist.

I sometimes like the melancholy feeling, but I also like when energy and inspiration is coming back. That can happen if you find the right song for the moment. 

It’s feels good to have happy feets sometimes

What songs do you match your moods with?


Cloud #inktober 19 2017

What if we really could sail on clouds. That would be awesome.

A Swedish singer and songwriter wrote a wonderful song in the eighties called Sail on a cloud. I still like it. If you don’t understand Swedish I google translated the lyrics. It’s a slow song in the beginning then it gets more powerful in the end. That’s the greatness of the song.


Segla på ett moln, Anne-Lie Ryde

Sail on a cloud
(lyrics google translated from Swedish)

I’ll hear the wind breathe
I’ll feel waves beat
I’m going to touch who I love
The one I believe in and understand
I’m going to my streets
Among my houses and rooms
I’m going to sleep under golden rain
During the night in my grove
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to come with me then?
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to come with me then?
Then I’m going to sail on a cloud
I’ll grow up in still hot
Forget all I did before
I will read my books
Put fire on what’s bothering
And I’ll grow my gifts
And sort my boxes
I’ll feel the smell of the earth
Blue violet and rosemary
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to come with me then?
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to go with me then?
Then I’m going to sail on a cloud