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Stats boom! Statistiktopp!

Why on earth is an old post like Where the whales have ceased to sing suddenly so interesting? I have no idea! Varför får ett gammalt inlägg som Where the whales have ceased to sing plötsligt fått sådan uppmärksamhet? Jag har ingen aning! Anna

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My new favorite album – mitt nya favoritalbum At Garvaregården i Trosa I listened to a folk music group called Tradpunkt. They find old tunes and make them sounds like they should sound in our days. Two of them (the twins in the picture) comes from my town Trosa. All three of them are very talented musicians. They released their first album… Continue reading My new favorite album – mitt nya favoritalbum

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Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

Repost from 2016 Not many days left to Christmas now. The Christmas songs echoing in my head constantly. This is one of them. A Swedish classic Christmas song. You can read a translation below the Swedish text. av Edvard Evers Jul, jul, strålande jul, glans över vita skogar, himmelens kronor med gnistrande ljus. glimmande… Continue reading Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

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Stilla natt – Silent night – Stille nacht

Which Silent night version is your favorite? Vilken Stilla natt-version har du som favorit? My favorites. Mina favoriter. Ale Möller Jul i folkton Stevie Nicks History of Silent night. Stilla natts historia. If you have a favorite version you wanna share please paste a youtube link in the comments. Or just leave the… Continue reading Stilla natt – Silent night – Stille nacht

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Wanted – Christmas music for Jim

Jim is bored at the hospital and want some Christmas music to cheer him up. Please visit his blog and give him some music in the comments. I huvudet på jultomten. Santas head. Anna

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Want to learn a Swedish word? November is november in Swedish too 🙂 so now you know a Swedish word! Here's a November song for you by the Swedish artist Laleh. Have a good November start to you all 🙂 Anna

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Swedish Fika

What can I say. We are a bun and cookie loving people who thinks a Swedish Fika can make world peace. All it takes is coffee some tea and lots of buns and cookies 😉 Just watch this: Anna

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Hey yesterday I was six years old!

Can you believe it? It's been six year since some of us first met here at our nice kittle blog corner of the world. Then we have became a huge number of friends here. It's so nice to see you all here. I wish I could hang out here more often visiting your blogs. I… Continue reading Hey yesterday I was six years old!

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Walpurgis Night Valborg

Today we celebrate Walpurgis night in Sweden. Ancient tradtion as far as I know. I made a rockpainting of a fire and some singers in white student hats. This video show a very common kind of celebration. A big fire and student singers that sing songs welcoming the Spring. This is the Swedish lyrics… Continue reading Walpurgis Night Valborg

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Friday fun 

When I need something to make me smile I sometimes think of the music from Avenue Q. I missed the musical when it was set up in a Swedish theatre. But now I found a nice english version on youtube. Haven't seen the whole show yet, but I will in time. The lyrics takes me… Continue reading Friday fun 

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Knossos by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Efharisto in iTunes

How about some nice music and a trip to ancient Greece? Hop over to Leslies blog and leave comments in the original post. I think the music and the ancient art makes perfect combination/Anna


Back to Greece for an excursion into the amazing historical site of Knossos on the Island of Crete. 3:22 min.

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Till min syster – For my sister

Kvällens luft innehåller löfte om vårens ankomst. Vårluften har en speciell atmosfär och jag kommer då alltid att tänka på min favoritsång om våren. Dan Anderssons Till min syster. The air to night promise Spring soon. It's a special atmosphere in that Spring air at night. I always come to think about my favorite song… Continue reading Till min syster – For my sister

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Getting No Where Fast by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes

I agree with Leslie. We need to find another way to transport ourselves and things in the future. We don’t want it like this, or do we? Visit original post for comments/Anna


I had to go to the inner city today and was caught up in the proverbial traffic jam. Of course this song came to mind. I’ve been in traffic jams in China, India, Paris, Tunisia, Greece, Italy,  Boston and all over Canada (just to name a few). You would think with all the tecnology we have we would have solved one of the most basic problems of today. Well we haven’t and it is just getting worse. This is a universal problem. Self driving cars aren’t the answer. We need to teleport. So here is my song dedicated to traffic jams. 1:40 min.

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I smell trouble – Jag anar trubbel

Do you know what happens when Chip'n'Dale, in Swedish Piff och Puff, comes near a Christmas tree? If you don't, watch this This lovely old cartoon is on Swedish television every Christmas Eve and I never get tired of it. If you want to crotchet these little friends you find a free pattern here.… Continue reading I smell trouble – Jag anar trubbel

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December 13 2017 S:t Lucy’s day in Sweden

Today Sweden celebrate an old tradition called S:t Lucy's Day. In Swedish Lucia Day. The celebration can be like this Luciamorgon i Kungsholms kyrka Or in a very small version, but the same songs This is from a Swedish TV advent calendar in the 80's.  Besides the singing the saffron buns and gingerbread… Continue reading December 13 2017 S:t Lucy’s day in Sweden