Gotland Summer night

Here’s a Swedish classic summer hymn. This time Magnus Johansson play the trumpet. In the sixties when the song became a big hit Ernie Englund played the song.

The tunes capture summer nights in Sweden very well. Gotland is a big Swedish island on the east coast. Real Viking land 🙂


Do you remember how to play?

I have a favorite song that always cheers me up.

It’s about how we should remember how to play and not grow up too much. 

If you watch the whole video that’s from The polar music price concert you will see Mr Stevie Wonder in the audience and our Swedish Queen ans King.

So when you hear this song you might want to grow back down again and just sing, dance and have fun 🙂

Do you have favorite cheer up songs? Leave a link in the comments. If you leave a complete link and not just a shortlink from Youtube, the vid will appear in the comments.

Children playing indians. Their names are Sun, Wind and Water. They do not care about grown up problems like Oh no, they’ve lost their paddle or Oh no the cormorants destroys the green island. They just drifting away as the day comes 🙂


Den blomstertid nu kommer – Flower time

Around this time in Sweden blooms in every corner of nature. It’s is stunning beauty everywhere.

A Swedish old hymn describe this time very well. So well that the hymn is a standard hymn in every graduation. 

My favourite version of the hymn is a soul/funk/blues version from the 80’s with Lill Lindfors and Nils Landgren. They first sing it as it too often sounds at graduation day. But then they do their own version and that version rock!

If you want to understand the words in the song you can read a google translation of the hymn below the Swedish lyrics.

Den blomstertid nu kommer

Lyrics by Israel Kolmodin

Den blomstertid nu kommer
med lust och fägring stor.
Du nalkas, ljuva sommar,
då gräs och gröda gror.
Med blid och livlig värma
till allt som varit dött,
sig solens strålar närma,
och allt blir återfött.

De fagra blomsterängar
och åkerns ädla säd,
de rika örtesängar
och lundens gröna träd,
de skola oss påminna
Guds godhets rikedom,
att vi den nåd besinna
som räcker året om.

Man hörer fåglar sjunga
med mångahanda ljud,
skall icke då vår tunga
lovsäga Herren Gud?
Min själ, upphöj Guds ära,
stäm upp din glädjesång
till den som vill oss nära
och fröjda på en gång!

English translation

The flower time now comes
With pleasure and celebration great.
You’re coming, sweet summer,
Then grass and crop grows.
With gentle and lively warmth
To all that has died,
Say the sun’s rays approach,
And everything is regained.

The beautiful flower beds
And the precious grain of the fields,
The rich herb beds
And the green grove of the grove,
They will teach us to recall
The wealth of godliness,
That we grace that grace
Which lasts all year.

You hear birds singing
With multitude of sounds,
Do not our tongue then?
Loving the lord god
My soul, exalt the glory of God,
Tuning up your joy song
To the one who wants us close
And rejoiced at once!

And the Swedish flowers from nature

Liljekonvalj – Lily of the valley

Gullviva – Cowslip Primula veris

Mandelblom – Meadow saxifrage/Saxifraga granulata

Midsommarblomster – Wood cranesbill

Skogssmultron – Wild strawberries

Ah finally rain!

I’m like this today. We finally got some real rain and I think nature feels like the one in the picture too. The air is cool again after several days with 30 C in the shaddow. I hope the rain wash away the pollen. My brain is not melting anymore.

Sometimes I really like rain and outside it smells so fresh. Mr ABBA Benny Andersson and Mats Nörklit wrote a lovely Swedish song about the feeling after the rain.

I’m having a really good day today, just because of the rain and all nice people I have talked to today. A smile day 🙂

I hope you have a good day too.


Efter regnet (After the rain)

Efter regnet, Benny Andersson & Mats Nörklit, Karin Glennmark & Tommy Körberg

Here’s a Google (and Anna) translation of Swedish lyrics

Listen, now the rain has stopped falling
Look, now the air is clear and blue
It’s nice to breathe

See, the sun finally breaks
And do magic with every leaf and straw
The earth smells new
The sun warms against your skin

Everything has been rested
Everything gets new life

Yet the sea is struck by the rain
Look the sky is bright
And shine in the cove’s mirror

Here comes the breeze cool at the beginning
Do you see how the bay is now freezing?
But about a minute
Flows heat as before

The sun has woken up
The sun is here

It was just dark and cool here at home
Just now it was quiet and frozen here
Everything was closed and regulated

Now we can open the windows to the sun
Now we get in all the light
Now the rain is over
Now the cold can be wiped out

Here we can live
Here we can live

Summer is here

Summer is here and I am not built for this heat. Some of you will probably think that our heat is not heat, but for me it is. I can’t think, my brain is melting and I think all of me melting away completely. And it’s only 28 C inside and in the shaddow. Out in sun it’s even worse. I like it when it’s around 18 C. That’s probably  ice cold for some of you, but when we have cold summers here it’s completely normal.

I want my brain back in normal mode! Sorry for the rant.

This little drawing is made in a tiny little sketch app on my phone. I like when only a few colorful lines can be a drawing.

Here’s a Swedish artist singing a nice song about Summer is here. Mr Eric Gadd.


Ta av dig skorna -Take of your shoes

Jims post So we took a walk… and the comments in that post made me remember a Swedish song Take of your shoes, admit it feels good. I promised to do a post about that song and show a translation of the swedish lyrics.

Here it is, the Swedish song Ta av dig skorna. Music by Povel Ramel, the pianoplayer in the video and lyrics by Povel Ramel and Beppe Wolgers, the other guy in the video. In the video Monica Nielsen a Swedish actress and singer also appears. It’s from the 60’s.

Take off your shoes (google translated)

Lyrics in Swedish: Povel Ramel and Beppe Wolgers, 1964, Music: Povel Ramel, 1964

Every time you take off the shoes
Admit it feels nice.
That means that the monkey in you has than a success rose.
Uh! Fantastic!
Dream of my surprise, when I suddenly understood.
Dream of my surprise, that banana was good.

When you find your right partner,
It’s about women as a man,
Do you notice how it easily moves into the small tail you have
Uh! Fantastic!
Dream of my surprise when everything was ready!
Everything, everything, everything was so wonderful.

Wonderful is just sitting still in a tree and believing.
Wonderful is to sit down and sip on the food.
Wonderful is getting married and forming your own living,
Following the most original precedent.
Yes, dream of my surprise it’s the dream that’s best.
Think about it when you take off your shoes.

Take off your shoes, take off your shoes, take off your shoes,

Beautiful women take off the shoes
In the dark under a table.
When the soldiers took off the shoes, there was no murder.
Uh! Fantastic!
Dream of my surprise, it is terribly big.
I saw the whole UN – all missing shoes!

The apples fall with sad sorrows
And the leaves singles from the trees.
I myself live so carefree shoe-loose the hour seems to work late.
Uh! Fantastic!
Dream of my surprise – sweet and light like a cloud.
Every happy morning the world shines new.

Wonderful to have a wife because she is with me every day.
We can love whenever we want, so lovely and practical.
The one she just wants to live for is happy, I’m happy.
I’m yours and can give you children, it’s great!
So dream of my surprise. It is the dream that is best.
Without shoes, your life will be a joke.

Happy barfoot days play the people with each other,
Drinks, laughs and dances to a drummer orchestra.
Funny man is a faithful man but the best is a schoolless man.
Happy, free and original, he takes a love holiday.
So dream of my surprise. It is the dream that is best.
Think about it when you take off your shoes.

Take off your shoes…

Ta av dig skorna

Text: Povel Ramel och Beppe Wolgers, 1964
Musik: Povel Ramel, 1964

Varje gång du tar av dig skorna
så medge att det känns skönt.
Det betyder att apan i dig har än en framgång rönt.
Uh! Fantastiskt!
Dröm om min förvåning, när jag plötsligt förstod.
Dröm om min förvåning, den bananen var god.

När du finner din rätta partner,
det gäller kvinna som karl,
märker du hur det rycker lätt i den lilla svans du har
Uh! Fantastiskt!
Dröm om min förvåning när det hela stod klart!
Allting, allting, allting blev så underbart.

Underbart är att bara sitta still i ett träd och glo.
Underbart är att lägga sig och sussa på maten.
Underbart är att gifta sig och bilda ett eget bo,
följande de ursprungligaste prejudikaten.
Ja, dröm om min förvåning det är den dröm som är bäst.
Tänk på det när du tar skorna av härnäst.

Ta av dig skorna, ta av dig skorna, ta av dig skorna,

Sköna kvinnor tar av sig skorna
i dunklet under ett bord.
Tog soldaterna av sig skorna så blev det inga mord.
Uh! Fantastiskt!
Dröm om min förvåning, den är fruktansvärt stor.
Jag såg hela FN – alla saknade skor!

Äpplen faller med sorgsna dunsar
och bladen singlar från trän.
Själv jag lever så sorglöst sko-lös fast timmen verkar sen.
Uh! Fantastiskt!
Dröm om min förvåning – ljuv och lätt som en sky.
Varje lycklig morgon glimrar världen ny.

Underbart att ha hustru för hon finns hos mig varje dag.
Vi kan älska när helst vi vill, så ljuvligt och praktiskt.
Den hon bara vill leva för är lyckliga, glada jag.
Jag är din och kan ge dig barn, det är väl fantastiskt!
Så dröm om min förvåning. det är den dröm som är bäst.
Utan skor så blir ditt liv en häpen fest.

Ljuva barfotadagar leker mänskorna med varann,
dricker, skrattar och dansar till en strumplästorkester.
Rolös man är en trolös man men bäst är en skolös man.
Lycklig, fri och ursprunglig tar han kärlekssemester.
Så dröm om min förvåning. det är den dröm som är bäst.
Tänk på det när du tar skorna av härnäst.

Ta av dig skorna…

1800 followers milestone

We’re way past 1800 followers on this blog today but not yet 1900, but at every hundred new followers number I try to have some sort of meet & greet session.

This time I think you should take the opportunity to promote your blog in the comments by telling us how you came up with the name of your blog and why you chosed that name. Also leave a link to your blog or one of your posts on the blog so we can find you 🙂

Good luck with finding new blog friends, new readers and maybe also new followers!

The best way to make people find your blog is to visit the blogs mentioned in other comments in this post and not just leave your own blog link and hope people will find you. Interactivity is the best way to reach new milestones. 

Oh, and my own answer to the meet and greet question:

It just happened to be FärgaregårdsAnna- Annas Art. At first when I thought there was only Swedish readers on my blog I just named it FärgaregårdsAnna, which is my name and an old address of the place that I live in. In English it would be something like Paintmakerfarm, but farm is in that case miniminifarm. I added Annas art when I realized my readers started to come from all over the world. The number of countries was 99 in alles last time I checked the stats.

99 always makes me think of Nenas hit from the80’s.


Open new doors

One of my all time favorite song is Something’s coming from West Side Story. That song really captures that feeling you get sometimes. A good feeling of something’s good is coming. It can be just about anything in the category surprises in the sentence good surprises. A small thing, a big thing. It doesn’t matter what it is, it is there right around the corner or behind a new door you just found without even knowing about the door or corner.

Well, the song describes this feeling much better than I do, so here it is

And here’s a little drawing on the theme open new doors

I try to open new doors whenever an old one closes and also without old doors closing. Behind those doors I almost always find new knowledge and new fun things to do.

Some of the new doors are your blogs, think about that, it’s fun finding your blogs behind those doors and I would have missed that if I never dared to open new doors.

Happy blogging 🙂


Rain – regn good or bad?

April month is not what it use to be over here. Icky bad white stuff and rain every day.

We need rain, so I should not complain, but does it need to be so freezing cold? I don’t mind summer rains, but this cold and windy rain is not charming at all.

But we need some serious rain. Our groundwater is way below normal because of last summers lack of rain.

So, rain is good and I should be as joyful as this songs and painting.

Singing in the rain

Rytmen av ett regn

It’s raining men

Not sad and down like this songs and the sad part of the drawing

Standing in my rain

Regn hos mig

Regntunga skyar

How do you feel about rain?

Have you any good rain songs on your mind? Paste a youtube link in the comments if you do.


To walk in and out of artwork

Over at Ritus blog Butismileanyway there’s a musicalmarch going on meaning a travel back to the eighties. I was young back then and the music was always a big part of everyday life in that age. 

In th eighties we discovered the music videos. Wow! Short little movies and our favorite music in one. On Swedish tv ther was not many videos showing, but some showed up. Of course the Thriller video was amazing and some others. But my absolute favorite ever became the Take on me video with the Norweigians in Aha. 

When you see it I think you know why I like it so much. At least if you have followed my blog for a while and know that art is my world. Imagine if you could experience this. To walk in and out of artwork! I think it’s an amazing video. They didn’t have all the computer animation technology that we have today back then.


Matilda Day in Sweden March 14

Do you have names for every day in your country? In Sweden we have a couple of names for every day. Today it’s Matilda day. That reminded me of an old song I heard often as a kid.

I know another Matilda song too, Waltzing Matilda, the inofficial national hymn of Australia.

Then I know the Matilda movie from the Roald Dahl novel.

Do you know any other Matilda songs or anything else with Matilda attached?


A little bit winter left here in Sweden 🙂

Matilda Day in Sweden March 14

Do you have names for every day in your country? In Sweden we have a couple of names for every day. Today it’s Matilda day. That reminded me of an old song I heard often as a kid.

I know another Matilda song too, Waltzing Matilda, the inofficial national hymn of Australia.

Then I know the Matilda movie from the Roald Dahl novel.

Do you know any other Matilda songs or anything else with Matilda attached?


A little bit winter left here in Sweden 🙂

February 6 Sapmi national day

Today samis have national day.

One of them is Sofia Jannok, a sami artist and actually also a painter. Just look at the paintings in this video

Snölejoninna (snow lioness)

This is another video with Sofia Jannok

This is my land

On you can see a concert Jielemen Aavoe – Jubileumsföreställning för Sápmi if you’re in Sweden. I watched a bit and I like it. It’s beautiful. Music, clothes and the stories they tell between the songs.


Seinabo Sey

Seinabo Sey is a Swedish artist with a beautiful voice and I think her music rocks!

What do you think?




Time for love

Today I heard about a caravan going from one place to another, but I don’t think it’s a caravan I want to join.

I think it’s time for love instead

So I found this oldie on youtube and I think, no I know for a fact, that I join this caravan instead everytime 🙂

Which caravan do you join?