Narc radar part 3

If you spot narcissists near you. Go as far away as you can from such people.

You never win over them and you never get rid of them as long as you are in their sight.

I wish I could say this to all narcs:

Or in Swedish

The problem with that wish is that they would turn the words against you and say you’re the one who should listen to those words. They know your words hit them exactly where they should, but they would never ever admit it.

I have some training in spotting narcs after many years of dealing with such people. With more experience it’s easier to spot them fast. So nowadays I go like this when I’m up against them:

They are shallow people and act like someone else all the time and all they can talk about is themselves. It’s always someone elses fault and they are experts at everything. At least they think so. Most things they say end up with they expect you to solve their problems. Their problems never ends.

If you turn against narcs they have a horde of sheeps that always come to their rescue. I never understood why people want to help shallow people that will never ever give you something in return.

The narc makes you believe you are very important to them. They can’t manage without you, they say. Well they can and they will the day they find out you are no longer useful to them.

They take control over you like this:

The tiny little person they are uses their big shadow to make you belive you are a very little person. But the truth is you are much bigger as a person than the narc shadow say. In fact you are a much bigger person than that sad little narc who is trying to make you smaller than you really are.

So, you are great just the way you are. Never forget that. That goes for narcs too. But they will never believe that about themselves, so they will never show the real person inside them for anyone. Kind of sad really. They will use all their energy on acting as someone else and constantly create problems for everyone that comes near them. They could use that energy for good things, but they will never do that. 

But never mind them. As I said:

That’s actually the best way to fight narcissists. To believe you are pefect just the way you are. They don’t like people with high self esteem. They go for the week ones. They are more easy to control.

Good luck with your narc spotting 😉



Narc radar part 2

It’s not always easy to spot the narcissistic persons, but there are clues to learn. If you have met narcissistic persons you will know what I’m talking about. If you have learn to recognise them check out this

Their feet always points in a direction away from you. If they cannot find any use for you they will find another victim to use for their purposes.

They use big words both when they act nice and evil. Nothing of what they tell you is true. They never tell the truth so you don’t even have to think of what’s true or not. It’s all acting and constantly shifting direction.

If they say something about you they talk about them selves, but they claim it’s you they talk about. 

They are expert at finding your weaknesses and if you’re the least unconfident in something, they will use that insecureness against you.

So, trust your inner self and don’t ever listen to the narcs and think they tell the truth about you. They always speak about themselves. They don’t know anything else but themselves. They are just acting when they interact with other people. They are shell people and they’re all totally empty inside. No, they can not be cured. They are what they are.



Never mind what day it is
Never mind how you feel
Never mind how other feels

Never mind the long to do list
Never mind your worries
Never mind your fear

Never mind your past
Never mind your future
Never mind your nowness

Never mind your doubts
Never mind your anxiety
Never mind your tears

Never mind what other thinks
Never mind what you think
Never mind where to go

Just leave NOW!

There is not going to be a better day
There is not going to be a change
There is not going to be easy

Just leave NOW!

Trust your inner faith
Trust your inner self
Trust your life

Just leave NOW!

There is nothing more important than you staying alive, finding a better place to live.

You are worth real love, real care and a real life.

Don’t let the one you are about to leave make you believe anything else. That person is not worth listening to. That person have no right to decide what you should do. You are your own boss.

He or she will make you believe it’s all your fault. He or she is wrong about everything. You are right when you walk out that door and never return.

Just leave NOW!

You will eventually find a new life among real people that cares for you and don’t let you feel bad for everything you do or don’t do.

You have probably lived with this vampire too long already. Leave, if you want to stay alive and regain your physical and mental energy.

Just leave NOW!

When you find some real friends or family who give you shelter, tell them you need their help to stay away from the vampire. If they care for you deeply they will help you. If they don’t want to help you, you have to keep searching for those who do understand why you left. Never give up that search.

Good luck with your new life. You are worth it!
Don’t look back, just look forward.

Take care


I deeply hope you’ve already done this or never need to get involved with vampire people. They will eat you alive if you let them.

I wish that this post can help out a little for those who actually need to leave.
But I have no idea if words like this can help.


With a Narcissist every single word or action is designed to serve a purpose or a need – you must never forget this and be conned or tricked by them ever again!

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Why do sheep people wanna build a narc’s ego instead of their own?

I don’t have the answer, do you?


Narc Radar part 1

This is a post inspired by Persia Karemas blog and the comment conversation I sometimes have with Persia on the narc theme.

I also recently got inspiration from Robert Goldsteins blog for this post.

And many more of you, who writes about this. To you all, keep writing such post, they’re important and very educational.

Do you have a narc radar?

Some of you will answer with a big immediate YES. Then you will recognize everything I write further down in this post. Nothing will be new to you.

Some of you maybe wonder what I’m talking about. For you everything will be new information and hopefully an eye opener.

When a few of you read this post, you will try to deminish me and my words and make it look like I don’t tell the truth and that I write bad things about you as a person in this post and that I write about myself and not you. If your reaction will be like this I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to read on.
You will only get upset and think every word is part of an evil conspiracy against you. Before you stop reading I can tell you, this post is not about your person specific and it’s not a conspiracy against you. I don’t know you and therefore I can’t write bad or good about you as a person. But if you still think this post is about you, then stop reading now, for your own good.

To all of you who followed me here, hi again. Sorry about the interruption 🙂

Are you aware of how some people seems to use other people as lego parts to build their own person? They take a bit here and a bit there and make a person of the pieces and claim it’s their own unique personality?

Are you aware of how many parts that’s been taken from you? They are smooth criminals. They take small small parts of everyone’s personality if they find it useful. Far too few people notice the stealing.

Why? Well, we are not enough aware of the copies they make of everyone’s personality parts. They glue the copied parts together and all we see is, what we at first sight see, a normal person with common personality.

How do we discover the fake? It’s not always easy, but if you listen very carefully to what they say and how they act, you will, with a little training and not too many flying monkeys around, learn how to spot the difference between truth and false appearance.

If you get the feeling that they act even though it’s not a play on the theatre going on, then you might be on something.

Try to plant out words and expressions that you can single out from the daily vocabulary. Maybe you have specific branch terms or self invented terms that you can use. If you wait patiently you will hear this person use your specific terms after a while, but probably not exactly in the way the words are supposed to be used. They want you to think that they sounds like a rocket scientist and full of knowledge. They steal your vocabulary because they don’t have one of their own.

If you listen even more carefully you will hear the use of other stolen words and expressions. The person may have spoken to friends of yours. Then you will hear some of their expressions if the person find something they said useful for their purpose.

If you feel an invisible resistance, you can’t seem to define, then you should be aware. You can, if you dare, try to find out if the resistance seems to be real. Try to imply that you don’t agree with what the person is saying. If the person seems to react with hostility and try to make you feel bad or try to make your point of view completely inadequate, then you most certainly should back of as far as you can from this person. You will never get anything but trouble as long as the person is connected to you in any way.

But then you might say, the person is so charming and so nice, it’s hard to believe anything not nice about the person. That’s a really big warning sign. The overniceness, the smoothness, the charmness. Those things only last as long as you do what the person wish you to do. Think telephone sales persons. They are only nice as long as you give them the right answers and you say you will buy something from them.

This is a forever going on lesson, so I continue in another post in the future.

Have a great day ya all!

And a big thank you to Persia for inventing the Narc Radar term!



This is good information for those who have narcs nearby also, not just in relationships/Anna

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