First blogger ever?

Do you know his name?


He started his blog all alone.


Then he searched and gain one follower.


Slowly he founded more followers.


After a while he gained a whole bunch of followers, who in return recomended many more to follow the first blogger ever.


The blogger wandered his own way, with a lot of help from his followers, who spread his posts.


The blogger became really popular and his posts were spread everywhere. He had his own voice. He was something new, the followers thought.


All followers and bloggers know what happens to popular bloggers, right?


Yes, exactly right. The trolls came.


They try to shut his blog down. They even try to talk him down. They called him names, but he left them without answer. He defeated them with his silence.


The trolls were such horror evils, that his followers didn’t know how to put a stop to the madness and the bullying. They were sad enough far too scared to think straight.


The trolls did finally find a way to put the first blogger ever down. They killed him in public.


So they thought anyway…


But as you know. A blogger never gives his dream up, and neither did the first blogger ever.


He and his first follower are to thank for carrying forward the first blogposts ever, until this day and probably forever.


Do you know his name?

The first blogger ever?


Anna 2015-04-03


If He comes back, will we notice Him? (Sold)


Molngubbe Cloud man

One of my first oil paintings. En av mina första oljemålningar.


I’m like a princess :)

Today I read in the paper about the norweigan princess that is hsp (highly sensitive person). She and a friend has written a book about it.

Idag läste jag i svd att den norska prinsessan tillsamman med en vännina har skrivit en bok om hsp (highly sensitive person)

The hsp thing can be a big burden, but it can also be the greatest gift of all to carry.

Att bära på hsp-talangen kan innebära en stor börda, men den kan också kännas som en fantastisk gåva och möjlighet.

If you know you have the hsp talent, you will see it as a gift the more you learn about hsp.

Om du vet att du har hsp-talangen kommer du förmodligen lära dig uppskatta gåvan och se dem som en unik tillgång ju mer du lär dig om hsp.

If you don’t have a clue of the hsp possibilities, but you are one of the hsp, you will constantly wonder why you don’t feel well and are so tired everytime you’re among lots of people.

Om du inte har en aning om vad hsp innebär, men ändå bär på den talangen, kommer du konstant fundera på varför du inte känner dig bra och alltid känner dig trött när du spenderat tid bland en massa människor.

If you’re not a hsp you still can learn about hsp. You probably have more than one friend who’s hsp. If you learn about hsp you will understand better why those persons need a lot of quiet time to regain energy. One hour among many people can be like five hours for non hsp. It means five hours is like 25 hours for non hsp sometimes. So a workday can be more than a whole day for hsp to experience.

Om du inte själv tillhör hsp’s kan du ändå lära dig mycket om hsp. Förmodligen har du mer än en vän som har hsp-talang. Om du läser mer om hsp kommer du att bättre förstå varför de personerna behöver mycket lugn och ro för att ladda batterierna. En timme bland mycket folk för en hsp kan motsvara fem timmar för “vanliga” personer. Det innebär att en arbetsdag för en hsp kan kännas som längre än ett dygn.

So what’s hsp? Basically the hsp experience five times more than “normal” people and pic up “invincible” impressions without really knowing about it. It’s not possible to shut off or control the antennas. Lots of things that’s going on at the same time is therefore exhausting and hard to sort out for hsp. We need a lot of time in peacefulness to recover from that massive impressions rain coming down on us.

Så vad är hsp? Aningen förenklat upplever hsp allt som sker i omgivningen fem gånger starkare än “vanliga” personer. Hsp fångar också omedvetet upp “osynliga” intryck som inte går att stänga av eller kontrollera. När mycket sker samtidigt i den miljö en hsp befinner sig i ösregnar det intryck som är omöjliga att sortera i realtid. Hsp behöver därför mycket lugn och ro för att kunna sortera alla intryck och återfå en ett harmoniskt inre.

You can read more here:

I see the hsp thing as a gift. But I pretend it is like diving. You need to go up to surface sometime to meat the world, which often is very nice and fun. But the you have to take a dive into the silence to be alone for a while before next visit on surface.

Jag se hsp som en värdefull gåva. Jag brukar likna hsp vid dykning. Ibland måste jag upp till ytan för att kliva ut i världen och möta alla trevliga människor. Men efter det behöver jag söka djupet och tystnaden för att bearbeta stunderna uppe vid ytan.


Thanks Leslie!

The other day Leslie promised to send some rain over here. And she did 🙂

Finally we got rain that was measurable 

Before that we could count the drops that came down this Summer.

This little friend is obviously very happy over the rain. Haven’t seen escargot this summer at all. Nice that they’re back 🙂

And one of my favorite rain paintings. Sold to a lady in Denmark couple of years ago.


Old cars in Trosa – Veteranbilar iTrosa 2017

Summer in Trosa means old car visit Thursday evenings in Trosa harbor. I found a youtube video from the event

More info about the event:

I did an oil painting of the event some years ago.
It’s fascinating to see the old car caravan through the old parts of our town.

Sommar i Trosa betyder veteranbilskvällar i Trosas hamnområde varje torsdag. Jag hittade ett youtubeklipp från eventet

Mer info om de populära kvällarna:

Jag målade får några år sedan en tavla på temat bilkaravan genom Trosas klassiska delar av stan.


Ah finally rain!

I’m like this today. We finally got some real rain and I think nature feels like the one in the picture too. The air is cool again after several days with 30 C in the shaddow. I hope the rain wash away the pollen. My brain is not melting anymore.

Sometimes I really like rain and outside it smells so fresh. Mr ABBA Benny Andersson and Mats Nörklit wrote a lovely Swedish song about the feeling after the rain.

I’m having a really good day today, just because of the rain and all nice people I have talked to today. A smile day 🙂

I hope you have a good day too.


Efter regnet (After the rain)

Efter regnet, Benny Andersson & Mats Nörklit, Karin Glennmark & Tommy Körberg

Here’s a Google (and Anna) translation of Swedish lyrics

Listen, now the rain has stopped falling
Look, now the air is clear and blue
It’s nice to breathe

See, the sun finally breaks
And do magic with every leaf and straw
The earth smells new
The sun warms against your skin

Everything has been rested
Everything gets new life

Yet the sea is struck by the rain
Look the sky is bright
And shine in the cove’s mirror

Here comes the breeze cool at the beginning
Do you see how the bay is now freezing?
But about a minute
Flows heat as before

The sun has woken up
The sun is here

It was just dark and cool here at home
Just now it was quiet and frozen here
Everything was closed and regulated

Now we can open the windows to the sun
Now we get in all the light
Now the rain is over
Now the cold can be wiped out

Here we can live
Here we can live

Rain – regn good or bad?

April month is not what it use to be over here. Icky bad white stuff and rain every day.

We need rain, so I should not complain, but does it need to be so freezing cold? I don’t mind summer rains, but this cold and windy rain is not charming at all.

But we need some serious rain. Our groundwater is way below normal because of last summers lack of rain.

So, rain is good and I should be as joyful as this songs and painting.

Singing in the rain

Rytmen av ett regn

It’s raining men

Not sad and down like this songs and the sad part of the drawing

Standing in my rain

Regn hos mig

Regntunga skyar

How do you feel about rain?

Have you any good rain songs on your mind? Paste a youtube link in the comments if you do.


One of those days…

…you want to grow back down again

Holding hands Hålla handen (sold/såld)

Do you have such days?

The days that you wish you could be like 10 years old again. When tons of grown ups took care of all worries and problems for you. You didn’t even know you had them. They just protected you from everything that was not for kids to take care of.

You could just play all day and well, go to school some days too of course. But when you were that young, not even school was hard. Not for me at least.

I did enjoy those young years before the world got bigger than my little childish world were almost everything was fun and safe.

As a grown up you never have vacation from the hard parts of life. Yes I know, hard times can give you strength and wisdom. But does life have to go on and on with worries and problems constantly showing up as soon as you feel the slightest bit of aaahhh, no I can relax for a minute or two.

We all have our things that bothers us, but I still wish I could feel totally like a ten year old kid again just for a second. I need that kind if rest. I need vacation from my head sometimes. My head constantly spinning thoughts and eventually I get dizzy when too many things are contradicting.

But, this is just one of those days and they don’t come everyday, so this will pass.

Have a great day!


Trosa stadsmusikkår Trosa City Band

November is music month in Trosa. Our City Band have a concert every year at this time. This year they celebrates Legends of rock.

Other years they have played film music, space music, superheroes and italian music. But this year it is Legends of rock. Yea!

This is their version of Psycho that they did together with another band.

Gripens musikkår och Trosa stads musikkår

I think it’s nice that we have a city band. This year they have youth band as guests. That’s great when music travels through generations. Maybe the young ones one day are the ones who playes in future city bands.

If your in Trosa area the day they play you are most welcome to Trosa Kvarn. In English that’s Trosa mill. It’s not a mill anymore and it’s not Moulin rouge either. It’s a restaurant, a concert place and an art exhibition place.

Actually my heron paintings will still hang on one wall there when they play. And other artists paintings. The exhibition goes on all November.

So November 26 you can hear great music and watch a little art at Trosa kvarn. That’s nice, or what?


Second chance Andra Chansen Trosa kvarn

Konstens vecka blev i år konstens månad med en årliga jurybedömda utställningen i Trosa kvarn. Nu fortsätter utställningen med nya verk, nämligen de verk som inte kom med i juryutställningen. Passa på att avnjuta en lunch hos Lenas kök och ta en titt på utställningen som pågår hela november. Samma öppettider som restaurangen.

The month of November means exhibition time in Trosa mill, an old mill that today is a restaurant and a place for small concerts and exhibitons. After a month of jury selected art exhibition in the place it’s now time for the pieces that the jury didn’t choose.

Last month I had one little piece that the jury selected.

In the arms of octopus (painted on an old cd)

They didn’t want this two heron friends that I have spend all Summer with in my studio.

But to the exhibition we call The second chance they’re on the wall.

Heron latitude and Heron longitude 😉

Of course there are other beautiful beach paintings by other artists in the exhibition. 

If you’re in Trosa at lunchtime I can recommend a visit, both for the art and the food.


Askö runt Sailboat race in Trosa 2016

Saturday 13 August 2016 it’s time for the sailboat race Askö runt in Trosa Archipelago.

I like sailboats.

Just look at this

I hope the Askö Runt sailors get a good nice windy day 🙂

How do you feel about boats?


Old cars in Trosa

Every Thursday evening beautiful old cars show up in Trosa harbor area.

The old car club in Trosa is hosting the event.

It’s a sight to see when they cruise through the old parts of Trosa.

This is my take on it.

Veteranbilskvällarna i Trosa varje torsdag är välbesökta och ett av sommarTrosas mest populära event.

Veteranbilsklubben i Trosa är arrangörer.

Jag gjorde en målning av en sådan kväll när veteranbilarna cruisade längs Trosas äldsta gator.



It’s raining here. Good for nature and good for us, so far 🙂

Finally rain (sold)

Painting day!

Today I will try to have a painting day. That means I will try to prioritize artmaking and not think about the must do things. I will try to have a Me day.

I say try, because very often when I have this painting and Me days in mind something else comes in the way for my plans. 

But this week I have devoted six days most of my awake time to help other people, so I think I’m allowed to have the rest of the week, that is one day left, for myself and what I want to do.

No one but myself see to that I get some restore energy time. Everyone else seems to believe I always have time for them and that I have endless of energy to give them. But I don’t. I need my Me days to find energy to continue helping others. 

After several sixday workweeks I feel I relly need a Me day right now. 

So artmaking – here I come!

I hope you all will have a great day!


Did this drawing last Summer and the painting in the drawing turned out like this

Old car caravan in Västra Långgatan Trosa Sweden

Agnes balloons sold

One of my paintings has found a new home. The first one this year, who moves out of my home to another home 🙂

I like when my paintings move out. They then reach out to more people than me and hopefully they give people joy and peace.

This painting began with an already begun painting. Someone had sketched some flowers on the canvas and then left it unfinished. Very many years later I got the canvas from the artist’s relatives. I saw ballons in the sketched flowers, so I finished the painting in my own way and gave the painting the first artist’s name and ended with balloons.

So Agnes ballons is now living somewhere else. I like it 🙂