Cinnamon bun day October 4 2017

Kanelbulle/cinnamon bun (pastell/pastel) 100 sek

Today is a gret day in Sweden. It’s cinnamon bun day.

I eat two homemade buns today and they tasted very good. I like this day a lot 😉



Chalk butterflies Fjärilar med gatukrita

The path in the garden cannot escape my chalks 😉

I will never grow up, just so you know!


Chalk fishes – fiskar med gatukritor

I will never grow up. This is fun!


To walk in and out of artwork

Over at Ritus blog Butismileanyway there’s a musicalmarch going on meaning a travel back to the eighties. I was young back then and the music was always a big part of everyday life in that age. 

In th eighties we discovered the music videos. Wow! Short little movies and our favorite music in one. On Swedish tv ther was not many videos showing, but some showed up. Of course the Thriller video was amazing and some others. But my absolute favorite ever became the Take on me video with the Norweigians in Aha. 

When you see it I think you know why I like it so much. At least if you have followed my blog for a while and know that art is my world. Imagine if you could experience this. To walk in and out of artwork! I think it’s an amazing video. They didn’t have all the computer animation technology that we have today back then.


First Sunday in March I always do this

I will never ever put on a pair of skies and go nine Swedish miles (one mile is ten kilometers) from Sälen to Mora. But I will probably always in my mind ski that nine miles every year the first Sunday in March in front of the tv in my favorite chair with my favorite breakfast, fika and lunch.

The ski race is called Vasaloppet and everyone can take part, not just the elite. There are people from everywhere and from all age categories. It’s so nice to follow the race from the tv screen. Both the elite and the “blueberries” as the amateurs is called. To go ninety kilometers on skies is not an amateur work, so to call them amateurs is not fair.

You can read more about the race at

The start is amazing to see on television. The start area contains ski tracks that have the same total length as the actual race length. You can watch some examples of the start here:

So now you know what I’m up to the first Sunday in March every year.

After a half day inside I often try to get outdoors to get some fresh air. It’s a tough job to go ninety kilometers on skies even if it’s just in your mind 😉

Actually, this race is one good thing with snow! They had to cancel the race one year because of lack of snow and that was a very empty feeling when that happened.



I promised Jim that I will try send some Spring over to his winter wonderland.

So I try with a paiting of coltsfoot, our very first Spring flower. Not here yet, but soon I hope. 


Seinabo Sey

Seinabo Sey is a Swedish artist with a beautiful voice and I think her music rocks!

What do you think?




Thank you all for caring for Trosa nature

Do you know what you’ve done to my post Where the eagles fly?

Vet ni om vad ni har gjort med mitt inlägg Låt örnen flyga?

You have shared this post more than any other post on this blog ever.

Ni har delat det här inlägget mer än något annat inlägg på denna blogg.

Just look at this stats/kolla in denna statistik

An average post gets zero fb shares (I’m not on any other social media than wordpress, that may explains it)

En vanlig post har inga fb-delningar av den enkla anledningen att jag bara finns på wordpress och inga andra sociala media.

But with the Where eagles fly post it’s suddenly a whole different game

Med inlägget Låt örnen flyga har något plötsligt hänt

41 shares! And when I write this it’s 45! 41 fb-delningar och senast jag kollade stod det 45!

I say you all are so very helpful with sharing this post that’s suppose to encourage everyone to help  save Trosa nature. Thank you all! I don’t know who you are. I can’t see that in my stats, but I do thank you for this support ❤️

Ni har alla hjälpt till att sprida budskapet att hjälpa till att rädda Trosas natur från klåfingriga politiker som struntar i hur naturen mår efter deras framfart. Må de tänka om i tid. Tack till er alla som på olika sätt delat inlägget. Jag vet inte vilka ni är. Det visar inte statistiken. Men tack för ert stöd ❤️

More stats

This is the number of views on an average post

This is the number of views on the Where eagles fly post

So again, you all have helped a lot by participating as reader, visitor,follower and sharer.

Thank you,thank you,thank you!


Here’s some hearts for you all that goes up with a baloon in the air and find you wherever you are 🙂

Who sent this?

White can be a beautiful color, but not on the ground unless it’s Christmas eve or Christmas day. We have weird winter here. The other day it was 10C and Spring in the air. This morning it was -8C and now it’s wet snow temperature.

So, who sent this whote stuff over here? I want to return it right away!


I can’t believe I actually have done a painting of a snowflake once. What was I thinking?

I also once did a painting of the photo view 


Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

Santas head

Not many days left to Christmas now. The Christmas songs echoing in my head constantly.

This is one of them. A Swedish classic Christmas song. You can read a translation below the Swedish text.

av Edvard Evers

Jul, jul, strålande jul, glans över vita skogar,
himmelens kronor med gnistrande ljus.
glimmande bågar i alla Guds hus,
psalm, som är sjungen från tid till tid,
eviga längtan till ljus och frid!
Jul, jul, strålande jul: glans över vita skogar!

Kom, kom, signade jul! Sänk dina vita vingar
över stridernas blod och larm,
över all suckan ur människobarm,
över de släkten som gå till ro,
över de ungas dagande bo!
Kom, kom, signade jul, sänk dina vita vingar!

Google translated:
Christmas, Christmas, radiant Christmas,
By Edvard Evers

Christmas, Christmas, radiant Christmas, gloss over white forests,
heaven crowns with sparkling light.
gleaming arcs in all God’s house,
hymn, which is sung from time to time,
eternal yearning for light and peace!
Christmas, Christmas, radiant Christmas: gloss over white woods!

Come, come, designed Christmas! Lower your white wings
the battles of blood and alarms,
of all groaning from the human breast,
of genera that go to rest,
of young people dagande stay!
Come, come, designed christmas, lower your white wings!

I like the time around Christmas. This year have been busy at work time and will be until the very last day before Christmas, so the Christmas preparations will be what I have time left for.

I miss you right now because I haven’t had the time to visit your blogs that much lately, but I will be around all Christmas now and then and I hope I will get time to some blog reading. It’s so fun to check out how you’re doing in your corner of the world.


Do I sell my art?

Yes I do.

At Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna you can check out my little internet store.

If your eyes catch some of my art, that you might be interested in, please let me know.

The store don’t show every piece of art, that’s for sale. If you have found something on my blog, that’s interesting for you. Please let me know.

I sell my art because;

I want to give room for making new art pieces

I like when my art find new homes

I like when people like my art 😉

I don’t paint on order, but I have done some art work inspired by wishes of me making art to a specific person or with a specific theme.

I will not promote my art for sale on my blog often. I think my blog is for enjoying art without a feeling of “oh, she just want to sell her art”.

But I get the “do you sell your art” question now and then, so this post is the answer to that question 😉


Save time/Spara tid (for sale/till salu)

Advent 3

I hope you all have a pleasant third advent. Here’s rain and that white stuff coming down now and then. Not so cold yet. Maybe we get a rainy Christmas this year.


Advent 2

May you all have a peaceful Sunday.

Yes, I paint on everything I see, even a piece of nautre. Sorry rock, but you do so well as canvas 🙂


Catch the moon challenge

This morning the moon was up and clear. Instead of morning sun we have morning moon in the winter.

I like saying Hi to the moon and talk to the moon. The moon always listen and give light, hehe 😉

Here’s some Swedish artists with moon songs. And yes in the third video it’s Mr ABBA Benny Anderson at the piano. And yes, Titiyo is a sister to Neneh Cherry (the hits Manchild and Buffalo stance in the 80′ something)

Stefan Andersson Catch the moon

Titiyo Talking to the man in the moon

Tommy Körberg Moonriver

If you have great moon songs to share, please leave a link in the comments or make your own Catch the moon post on your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.

If you don’t find moon songs, then maybe you have great moon paintings or photos. You can catch the moon in any way you want.

So, the challenge is: Can you catch the moon?

If you paste the complete link from youtube you just have to paste the link without use the link button. WP senses the youtube link and show the video screen in your post instead of just a link. This only work with a complete link. Make sure you see…in the link. The short link miss the “watch” word. Short link do not work if you want the video screen show up in your post.

You can read more about that here:

Have a great evening and I hope the moon is watching over you too 🙂

To me the moon is solace when things spinning around too fast and too weird. The moon is always there somehow.



Lemur is actually lemur in Swedish too, so now you can speak Swedish a little 😉