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Puffin – lunnefågel Give Away Art – Ge Bort-konst

First give away art piece. Första ge bort-konstverket. Pastel painting. Pastellmålning. Format A4. This is how it works. Så här fungerar det. Give away art - Ge bort-konst 1. You let me know if you want the give away art piece 2. I let you know the freight costs before you decide finally if you… Continue reading Puffin – lunnefågel Give Away Art – Ge Bort-konst

Pastel paintings

Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

Reposted from 2017 Most of us know the Christmas story, but have you ever heard it in the ancient Swedish language Älvsdalsmål? It's beautiful to hear a story that you know so well even if it is in a language you barely understand. Check this out. You will discover you know some of the words.… Continue reading Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

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Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

Repost from 2016 Not many days left to Christmas now. The Christmas songs echoing in my head constantly. This is one of them. A Swedish classic Christmas song. You can read a translation below the Swedish text. av Edvard Evers Jul, jul, strålande jul, glans över vita skogar, himmelens kronor med gnistrande ljus. glimmande… Continue reading Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

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Wanted – Christmas music for Jim

Jim is bored at the hospital and want some Christmas music to cheer him up. Please visit his blog and give him some music in the comments. I huvudet på jultomten. Santas head. Anna

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Swedish Fika

What can I say. We are a bun and cookie loving people who thinks a Swedish Fika can make world peace. All it takes is coffee some tea and lots of buns and cookies 😉 Just watch this: Anna

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Insändaren som SN mötte med tystnad – Not even one word from the local newspaper

I inlägget Vad skulle du göra - What would you do kunde ni läsa om mina försök att få in denna insändare i SN. Därför skriver jag under Avbryt infart västra Trosa I Trosa har vi två kustnäraskogar kvar,som tryggar vår grundvattentillgång, bidrar med oersättliga ekosystemtjänster och ger allmänheten kostnadsfri tillgång till hälsofrämjande friluftsliv. Politikerna… Continue reading Insändaren som SN mötte med tystnad – Not even one word from the local newspaper

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Åtta glas – eight glasses

What do you want to fill these glasses with? Vad vill du fylla dessa glas med? Anna

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Walpurgis Night Valborg

Today we celebrate Walpurgis night in Sweden. Ancient tradtion as far as I know. I made a rockpainting of a fire and some singers in white student hats. This video show a very common kind of celebration. A big fire and student singers that sing songs welcoming the Spring. This is the Swedish lyrics… Continue reading Walpurgis Night Valborg

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A bird at the nest

I will never grow up, so chalk crayons on a piece of rock will always be fun for me. This time I drew a bird and a nest. Many birds are busy right now with watching over their eggs. This bird has the nest high up in a tree. Maybe it's a whitetailed eagle. Anna

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Puffin Lunnefågel

One of my favorite birds. En av mina favoritfåglar. It was fun to do this painting with all happy colors. Det var roligt att måla denna bild med alla glada färger. I would like to see puffins in real life someday. Det vore kul att få se lunnefåglar i verkligheten någongång. Anna

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This is why I’m not on fb In the early 1980's I saw a movie on tv that I never forgot. It was certainly not an "Oscar-film" in any way. That is not why I remember the movie. It was the content, the message, the lesson about human behavior that got stucked in my head. This memory of the film has… Continue reading This is why I’m not on fb

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Spring and the Summer

Jim gave me this video as an answer in a talk at his blog. So I answered with this one That means the Spring/Summer song search is on. If you have a Spring or Summer song you like to share. Leave the link in the comments. I bet Leslie have a Spring song.… Continue reading Spring and the Summer

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Spring dreams

I hope Spring will come soon Anna

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Icebreaker Anna

The Swedish Icebreaker boats are named after the nordic gods. Work boats also always have men names. But not mine. My icebreaker is named after me 🙂 and I'm not a nordic god, so I break several unwritten rules in this painting.  I did the painting for more reasons than to break unwritten rules. I… Continue reading Icebreaker Anna

Pastel paintings

Cat and two dogs

You see, I can make nice paintings too 🙂 Anna