The perfect artist Mother Nature

Just look at this ice formations that the photographer Ingrid Benson found the other day.

Thanks Ingrid for letting us all see Mother nature’s artwork.

Wind and water in perfect match.



Moon over Lagnö – Måne över Lagnö

Just outside Trosa city you still can get out to places where nature still is larger than the people living areas. That means you can watch the sky without disturbing lights and high houses blocking the 360 view or at least about 180 view if you have the forest behind your back. Moon evenings are beautiful out there. Pitch dark around and only the moon lighten up the sky.

Alldeles utanför Trosa tätort går det fortfarande att komma ut till områden där naturen tar större plats än människors bebyggelse. Det innebär att månklara kvällar bjuder på storslagna upplevelser. Alldeles mörkt runt omkring och bara månen som lyser väg. Inga störande stadsljus och inga skymmande höga hus. Du kan forfarande se hela eller möjligen halva himlavalvet. En storslagen upplevelse.

Jag undrar vad gubben i månen tänker om oss människor här nere på jorden.

I wonder what the man in the moon thinks about us humans down here on earth.

What do you think he thinks?

Vad tror du att han tänker?


White dove drama

I’ve been watching a white dove since last year that showed up among the dark doves.

Jag har sedan förra året spanat in en vit duva som dök upp bland de blågrå duvorna.

Well it is almost entirely white. Must be a peace bird 🙂

Den har nästan bara vita fjädrar. Måste väl ändå vara en fredsduva 🙂

This year the dove got company

I år verkar den vita duvan fått sällskap

Black and white seems to get along well.

Svart och vit verkar komma bra överens.

Förra året jagade ett duvpar iväg den vita duvan. Taket tillhörde deras revir.

Last year a dove couple chased away the white dove. It was their roof.

This year seems to be different.

I år verkar den vita duvan få stanna kvar.

Last year this meeting ended up woth the white dove leaving. This year it’s one of the dark doves that loose.

Förra året fick den vita duvan ge sig och flyga iväg. Nu får en av de mörka duvorna ge sig.

I wonder what happened in this changed scene from last year. Why is the whote dove more popular now?

Jag undrar vad som hände när den vita duva plötsligt blev mer populär.


One fine day in my church

Church may be a building for many people, but for me a church place also can be a state of mind. My church is nature where I find peace in my mind and gratefulness in my heart.

This is what my church give me some days.

A morning with visible angel lights through the clouds.

A forest that still gives fall Chantarelles to us even if it is the last days of December. Usually a winter month in Sweden, but not this year.

So if I don’t find time to make another post this year – I wish you all a happy new year!


White Christmas?

Does this count as a white Christmas?

Or is it just a foggy Christmas?


December 17 2017 actually some sun today :)

Not much, but as good as it can get this time of year.

Happy Sunday to you all!


The weather outside’s delightful :)

…or not depends on how you see it.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

That’s nice to see some bright colors that lightening up the ground 

But with nice things there’s always a but.

Someone have to shovel this snow. Well, there’s always an upside to downsides too. Shoveling snow mean exercise in fresh air. What can be bad about that, besides the heavy lifts?

I can’t help it, snow is beautiful around Christmas 🙂

Here’s an old snow painting of mine.


Super moon this evening

I can’t tell the difference between a normal full moon and a super full moon, but they say it’s a super moon this evening.


Christmas lights :)

This picture is taken a bit after 16:00 this evening. It’s pitch dark both in afternoon and morning now in Sweden. It’s hard to stay awake when it’s dark outside. But soon it’s getting lighter again. 


Kayak river

I think this is a nice view. Three kayaks near water. Makes me wish it was Spring again soon.

Yes its pure daylight in Sweden in November. Not very light daylight 😉

But very soon it’s time for Christmas lights and then it gets a little more lighten up.

And after that it’s not long til winter solstice and after that it’s almost Spring 🙂


So it’s official…

… I woke up to this 

Winter seems to be here now. Yes, it is that white stuff you see that isn’t supposed to come earlier than December!

But inside is warm and I keep myself near the fireplace, so I have nothing to complain about.

Have a nice evening you all!


Information Trosa

Om du vill följa några av de ansträngningar som sker för att övertyga Trosa kommuns politiker att agera klimatsmart och tänka om när det gäller projekt som motverkar klimatmålen kan du besöka en ny hemsida som heter Information Trosa.

If you want to follow how some Save Trosa nature people trying to convince the Local politicians in Trosa Sweden to act climate smart and reconsider projects that doesn’t do climat change’s goals any good, you can visit the new site Information Trosa.

It’s in Swedish, but I think you can press a button and chose which language you want to read. 

One page doesn’t need so much translation and I think you would like to see the page. The page show some of the wild life we try to protect from exploitation. You will se both endangered and protected species in the photo gallery if you click on the photos over there.

Here’s the link


Ice Maiden in Trosa Sweden


Early morning. 

Black roof with a breath from Ice Maiden.

The upside of coldness….time to use the fireplace and sit down with a cup of tea 🙂


Moon over Lagnö Gård Trosa 

Bright sky tonight. Moon and stars. What more can you possibly ask for?

Just heavenly beautiful 🙂


Yellow Fall

Maybe this is the last findings of yellow Fall this year.

We will enter a new season soon, but it feels so good to have some Fall signs left.

Have a great Sunday!