For Annas Stickman Chalenge

First answer to my draw a stickman challenge! I think this is a great drawing. I played football (or soccer as the americans call it) in my youth and that was so much fun, so this drawing takes me back to memory lane. For comments, please visit original post/Anna

What makes me stumble

The vaboules Anna claims that even I could draw and asked for a stickman, so here it is. Don’t ask me why I went for football of all ..

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It’s October!

I have forgotten about the most fun happenings of October!

Read more here.

Here’s the rules:

And here’s the prompts:

How could I forget about this! I’m shocked. I’ve missed 11 days of the challenge!

I better shape up!

Join the challenge you too! It’s fun to practice drawing. One can always get better.


A Thought for Thank Gawd It’s Friday

I think this is a lovely thought. I say he’s spot on. I do believe stars can be comforting to us. For comments please visit original post over at Jims blog/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


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Gnällspiken och hans behårade fästing – The grumpy one and his furry tick

Jag har läst en rolig och tänkvärd bok med härligt humoristiska och skickliga teckningar. Om du inte har vägarna förbi Gnesta eller Trosa bokhandel kan du hitta Olle Qvennerstedts bok Gnällspiken även här till exempel.

I’ve read a great book with humour and thoughtful excellent drawings. It’s in Swedish, but at the writer and illustrators blog you can find drawings in english.

You can also visit
and check out Olle Qvennerstedt’s beautiful paintings.

We need drawings like in this book and at Olle’s blog, in this crazy world we all live in.


Dream alarm clock

Ritu’s post Dark mornings and our talk in the comments there made me do this drawing.

What do you say about such alarm clock?

I wish I had one like that some days. But not every day. I like my work and I actually like early mornings too. But the time between sleep and awake are so nice so it takes time for me to like the awake state.


Trosa high debts alternative facts

One of my Save Trosa nature friends, Ingrid Benson has done a fb post on Mötesplats0156
where she thanks a Trosa municipality citizen for bringing the issue of high debts up for the Trosa municipality.

Here’s what the Swedish text in the fb post says:

Thank you Pär Abrahamsson for reappearing Trosa municipality’s debt issue. Soon it’s time to advance at least 90 million (SEK) to pay the new big road project. Where will that money come from? In March 2017, development agreements had been signed with the municipality for 99 of the 670 properties needed to finance the road. DEBTS RISKS TO INCREASE IF THE NEW BIG ROAD PROJECT IS NOT CANCELED.

Trosa debts again
Municipally economy In SN (local newspaper) on October 3 you can read that Trosas municipality council Daniel Portnoff relaunches the municipality’s indebtedness. He claims that if you combine the accounts of the municipalities with the unrecognized pension liabilities that all municipalities have, then Trosa’s debt would be similar to the media municipality.
Now you do not have to believe. The numbers are at SCB (Sweden statistics bureau) and if you do the calculation, Trosa municipality is in place 37. It is obviously better than the thirteenth place that the municipality is on if you look at the posted debts, yet about 100 places from the center.
It is troublesome that the municipal leadership is living in faith and bases its action that debt is normal. It is not. Attempting the public to believe the same by presenting alternative facts about easily verifiable amounts is even more noticeable.
Trosa is deeply indebted and it will have consequences when interest rates are normalized.
Pär Abrahamsson Vagnhärad

So we have local politicians with their own versions of alternative facts 😉

But we also have citizens with enough knowledge to recognize alternative facts when they appear 🙂

If you want to give the fb poat a like you can press this link¬if_id=1507100038467686¬if_t=like

If you want to read more about Trosa debts, visit

Greetings from Trosa Sweden


For Anna’s Art Challenge

First answer to my challenge. Beautiful picture!
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What makes me stumble

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The will of the people became The people’s house

I found a Trosa article about the issue of change the name of a house that we been calling The people’s house for about 80 years. Recently the Trosa Municipality took over the responsibility for the house and wanted to change the name. They asked the people and you can read about it in Swedish here

And if you’re on fb you can give the article a like here.

This is a translation of the Swedish article.
If you like what you read and are on fb, please give the article a like as a thank you note. is a small local news site with a big heart for Trosa, so give the site support by liking it on fb.

The will of the people became The people’s house

Since a month ago, residents of Trosa Municipality have submitted proposals for a new name for The people’s house. We have taken note of the submitted nominations and state the following:
The people’s house (in swedish Folkets Hus) has received 107 votes and other nominations 1-2 votes each.
We caught an interesting motivation among the many proposals to keep the name. “Since 1936-37, the People’s House has existed for community life, cultural activities to have the opportunity to meet in celebration and joy as well as to exercise their democratic opportunities.”

Now it remains to be seen whether the municipality chooses to follow the majority’s wishes or remains at the line to rename the house.

(Translation from the swedish version)

Swedish blogs

Poppy at We’re all stars is learning Swedish and wants to find Swedish blogs to read.

Poppy från bloggen We’re all stars vill gärna ha tips på svenskspråkiga bloggar eftersom hon försöker lära sig svenska.

I have some swedish language blogs that I read and follow, but if you can recommend other swedish blogs to her, please leave the links in the comments or visit her blog and say hi and leave a comment over there.

Jag läser och följer en del svenska bloggar som jag listar när nedan. Om ni har bra tips på svenska bloggar får ni gärna lämna länkarna till de bloggarna i kommentarerna eller besöka Poppys blogg och säga hej och lämna länkarna i kommentarerna på hennes blogg.

The Swedish blogs that comes to my mind is:

Anna at Inte fan gör det det

John at Fotobloggarna

Annica at Naturfoton

Piia-Liisa at Livets skiftningar – från ett annat perspektiv

Gunnar at Gunnardeckare

Sound of silence

Carita at Debutsky’s blog

Kerlund at Kerlundphoto

I probably forgot some blogs, please forgive me for that. If you miss some swedish blog above, please leave a link to those blogs in the comments.

Om jag har glömt någon svensk blogg i uppräkningen ber jag om ursäkt. Lämna i kommentarsfältet länkarna till de bloggar ni tycker att jag glömt bort.

Happy blogging!



Andy at City Jackdaw has a new blog. His poems in some lovely posts so far. I pressed follow. Please visit original post to follow and leave comments if you like what you read. This is the poem Andy Murray and he is as good at poems as the tennis Andy Murray is at tennis. I say happy blogging to Andy/Anna

Coronets For Ghosts


The tin voice announced the place
as we pulled into the station.
I, soon to have my ears syringed,
thought it said "Ladies and gentlemen:
Marilyn Monroe."
I halfexpected to see her
sashaying down the aisle 
of the train,
all shimmering platinum
between plush, navy blue seats.
Wouldn't that have been a sight 
for a Thursday morning?
Not only a Hollywood star,
but fifty-five years dead to boot.



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For all of you who likes nature photographs. This is a lovely post. Visit original post at aspiblog and leave comments over there. A big thank you to Thomas for linkback my butterfly posts. Anna



Welcome to this nature themed post on The title is formed from the initial letters of snakes, butterflies and slugs, all of which feature prominently. 


Of course when posting about nature and mentioning Sweden, Annais going to feature prominently, but also featured here is the work of two Swedish photographers, Ingrid Benson who specialises in butterflies and John Jonasson who photographs reptiles.


Some of you may remember that I reblogged a post from fargaregardsanna about butterflies in and around Trosa that was marked as the first of a series. Well that series now runs to six posts, four posts based on the work of Ingrid Benson and two more featuring some of Anna’s own photographs. I now provide links to all of them:

  1. Fjärilar i Trosa – Butterflies in Trosa Sweden part 1 – the series opener – as all…

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Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/30/17

Danny’s questions always makes me think. I don´t always have wise answers, but that is not the point either. The idea with questions like this one is to make us think, not find the right answer. I can always be a better person, there´s always more to do. Life is an ongoing project of improvement, I think. Danny´s post is also an example of a post where you should read the comments and not only the post it self. It´s in the comments the post grow in its content. For comments, please visit Dannys blog/Anna

Dream Big, Dream Often


Let me ask you a question:

What is one thing you think you could begin doing to be a better person than you are right now?

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Una meravigliosa fermata del bus….

What a wonderful bus stop! I wish we had those versions here in Sweden too. I would miss the bus, but that’s not an issue if you have a good book to blame it on 😉 For comments please visit original post/Anna