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Dream Big, Dream Often

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Friday Afternoon

Nature magic with very much valuable help from Jim. Read the post over at Jims blogg. It’s amazing. Congrats to the success Jim!
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Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


It’s interesting to me to see these little creatures of God’s making sleeping peacefully in the garage.  They’re something so small and totally dependent upon me right now for their safety and well being.  But it’s all good because I wouldn’t allow anything or anyone to hurt them or even attempt to hurt them while they are in my care.  I just give them a little “Shhh” sound and they calm down and go back to sleeping.

I’m sure Miss Leslie is totally right about me imprinting with them since it’s all basic Biology and Psych that you learn in your college and university courses.  I’ll admit that it will hurt a bit to give them up to Rescue but I know it’s for the best and they will be well taken care of.  Maybe something will stay in them and they will fly back to my house some day…

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Does your responsibility ends with your generation?

www.itrosa.se kan ni läsa en insändare som ställer frågor till Trosas politiker kring vilket ansvar de har när de asfalterar våra sista naturområden.

SN.se kan ni läsa en protestinsändare som anmäler att ett upprop mot väg-och exploateringsplanerna kommer att initieras. Läs mer i insändaren:

Nu finns en namninsamling för att behålla Trosas natur. Läs mer här:


For my nonSwedish readers, here come a google translation of my Save Trosa nature text that www.itrosa.se has published.


We live in one of the country’s best municipalities. We have two coastal forests left which ensure water availability and contribute irreplaceable ecosystem services. We live a multitude of outdoor activities there through fungal picking, MTB, terrain rides, horse riding, bird watching, orientation, hiking, swimming and other activities that promote good health.

I think tomorrow’s climate-smarter generation will stop counting time gains and refuse fossilcar commuting by creating non-commute work, noise-free environments and emission-free transports that do not need new roads.

They will use tax money for projects that do not violate climate goals and measure growth in quality rather than quantity.

They do not want the future that today’s ruling politicians are now planning for them.

The politicians in Trosa intend to carry out a road project with the ongoing exploitation of our last coastal forests. The project does not solve experienced traffic problems, does not meet the climate targets and the road is not economically profitable.

Nature conservation authorities refuse to carry out environmental impact assessments and the project will charge taxpayers substantially both economically and environmentally.

They say that road and exploitation are needed for growth, even though they are already planning other exploitation that far exceeds decided growth targets.

So far, our population increase has resulted in increased strain on economics, schools, care, care for the elderly and large-scale public areas of nature have disappeared for the citizens. It is unclear when the promised profits according to their growth plans will come. The arguments of politicians are similar to lottery. Buy more bets, increasing your winning chances.

Our citizens are without real opportunities to influence even though our coastal forests, ecosystem services and health promotion outdoor values ​​are disappearing.

I wonder how Sweden will achieve the climate goals when the authorities, who specify how climate goals are to be achieved, do not follow them, but instead grant climate-friendly projects.

I wonder if it’s democratic to leave citizens without the opportunity to influence when it comes to projects that threaten our health and the environment.

To every politician in Trosa who wants to build new ways and exploit, I have following questions:

How will you explain your involvement in asphalting our last natural areas? Does your responsibility end with your own generation? What do you think your descendants want to prioritize?

When the next generation can vote, it’s too late! Let them decide what’s most important; natural areas or a few minutes’ time gain.

Do you really believe that extreme heat and water shortage nowadays is a temporary phenomenon?

You do not lose your face by stopping the project, instead, you win the next generation’s admiration for the courage to end the emission era.

Anna Bohlin

Please let me know what you think about the text. Is it a Save nature text or not? Is it hard to read, boring or really bad in other ways? I tried to get feedback from Save Trosa nature people, but very few of them answered, so I have no idea if it’s a good or bad text. Some said fantastic and others said well you know…and so on.

You are all wise people so maybe you can tell me 🙂

If you want to sign a petition to save Trosa nature read more here



It’s sharing time – ännu fler delningar

My post Give the next generation a good start have until now 38 fb shares. I usually have zero or maybe one or two shares in Save Trosa nature posts. Not this time. Maybe people start to realize what we will loose if we allow politicians to erase nature entirely.

Mitt inlägg Ge nästa generation en bra start har fått ännu fler delningar sedan sist. Vi är uppe i 38 fb-delningar så här långt. Jag har 0-2 delningar på några få poster vanligtvis. Kanske har fler börjat inse vad vi kommer att gå miste om när politikerna utan att fråga oss raderar ut hela vår kvarvarande natur, som även i framtiden helst ska försörja oss med vatten, luftrening och plats för friluftsliv.

Några av de kända delningarna kommer här:
Some of the sharings I know about:

Mötesplats 0156

Fb-sidan Forum 0156 (sluten grupp)

Utveckla Trosa utan förbifart

And many more have shared the post:
Och många fler har delat inlägget:


Thank you all for helping us spread this Save Trosa nature message.
Tack alla ni som hjälper till att sprida budskapet om att behålla Trosas kvarvarande natur till framtidens generation.


It’s spreading – Inlägget sprider sig

Mitt inlägg om insända synpunkter till Trafikverket om en kommande klimatsmart generation har spridit sig.

Titta in på fb-sidan Utveckla Trosa utan förbifart och gilla inlägget om du också vill stödja en klimatsmart framtid.

Vill du också dela inlägget är du välkommen att göra det. Vi behöver alla hjälpas åt att rädda vår planet från miljömarodörer som inte vill ge den kommande klimatsmarta generationen en bra start.
My post about the climat smart generation is spreading to the fb page Utveckla Trosa utan förbifart (save Trosa nature theme).

If you want to support Save Trosa nature movement, please stop by the fb page and give the shared post a like if you’re on fb. I’m not so you won’t find me there. I’m over here at wp if you want to leave a comment or a like 🙂

If you want to share the post, please feel free to do so if you want to help us save Trosa nature.

Sharing is caring as Danny use to say 🙂


Saturday Morning

You have to follow Jims exciting save nature project. Visit his blog and see how it goes. I hope the eggs make it and transform to little ducks. For comments visit Jims blog/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


Something got Momma duck last night.  I found her laying dead in the yard next door.  I’m pretty sure it was one of the feral cats that got her since a fox would have took her after eating the eggs.  I’ve also never seen any sign of opossums or skunks or raccoons around my place.  Regardless, I had to take care of her and then go look for the nest.

OK, so now I found the nest.  Now what?  To be honest, I really didn’t know at first.  I think Grandpa or Grandma gave me an idea tho because I remembered that I did have a heating pad, a cardboard box and some old towels that I use to dry Petey off with after giving her a bath.  So I set something up fairly quick just to warm the eggs once again.

OK, that’s setup in the garage for safety…

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Visionslösa politiker – politicians without visions

After Swedish text comes an english version.

Från Ingrid på Vägval i Trosa kommer följande text:

S-Alliansen i Trosa struntar i klimatfrågan. Det behövs en omställning av hela samhället menar professor Johan Rockström Stockholms Universitet och chef för klimatforskningsenheten vid Stockholm Resilience Centre, se

Klimatfrågan får alldeles för lite utrymme i den politiska debatten. Det är inte bara en miljöpartifråga utan en fråga för samtliga partier. Att bli helt fossilfri är en av de viktigaste frågorna att fokusera på.

Trosapolitikerna gör tvärtom. Bygger samhällen med hundratals bostäder på Tureholmshalvön, långt ifrån tätorternas service, handel och arbete. Ökar bilpendlingen. Bygger ny väg som leder direkt till en återvändsväg, Utterviksvägen på Tureholmshalvön.
Läs vad Trosapolitikerna anser på länken

Tack Ingrid för dessa kloka ord.

Jag gjorde en teckning för några år sedan när kag insåg att politikerna i Trosa struntade och fortfarande struntar i Parisavtalet. De fortsätter att förstöra natur och ökar hela tiden utsläppen. Det är pinsamt helt enkelt med moderna mått mätt.

Jag hoppas att ditt land, kommun och stad gör bättre ifrån sig än vad vi gör.

Google translation to english

From Ingrid at Vägval i Trosa comes the following text:

The politicians in Trosa fails in the climate issue. A change is needed says professor Johan Rockström Stockholm University and head of the climate research unit at Stockholm Resilience Center, see
Newslink is in Swedish.

The climate issue gets far too little space in the political debate. It is not just an environmental party issue but a matter for all parties. Becoming completely fossil free is one of the most important issues to focus on.

The Trosa politicians do the opposite. Building communities with hundreds of homes on the Tureholm Peninsula, far from the services, shopcenters and workplaces. Increases fossil car commute. Building new road leading directly to a return road, Uttervik Road on Tureholm Peninsula.
Read what the Trosa Politicians believe at the link
The link is in Swedish.

Thanks Ingrid for these wise words.

I did a drawing a couple of years ago when I realized the politicians in my town wasn’t gonna follow the Paris agreement. They keep destroying nature and increase the pollution. It’s embarrassing to say the least.

I hope your country and city do better than we are.


News from Save Trosa nature – Nyheter om Infart Västra Trosa maj 2018

Granskningsutlåtande för Infart Västra Trosa har nu kommit från Trafikverket.

Svaren på 52 inkomna synpunkter där merparten av synpunkterna uppmanar myndigheterna och politikerna att avbryta projektet med hänsyn till klimatmålen lyder från Trafikverket ungefär så här i sammanfattning (min översiktliga tolkning):

– klimathänsyn och politiska beslut är inte vårt bord,
– vägen har ingen negativ klimatpåverkan eftersom den innebär tidsvinster, min reaktion: beräknad tidsvinst anges vara drygt 1 minut, ja ni läste rätt 1 MINUT!!!! Hänsyn inte taget till risk för köbildningar i rusningstid
– vägen innebär inte ökade utsläpp eftersom den ska avlasta andra vägars trafik, min reaktion: om detta argument är gilitigt innebär det att man kan runda klimatmålens krav genom att sprida ut utsläppen på stora orörda och skyddsvärda naturytor, istället för att verkligen minska utsläppen genom att arbeta för att minska onödig fossilbilstrafik på befintliga vägar!

Granskingsutlåtandet finner ni på Vägval Trosa där ni också kan läsa om tidigare aktioner och ansträngningar för att få politiker och myndigheter att vakna upp till 2000-talets realitet, att på allvar börja följa klimatmålen och därmed lägga ner vägprojektet.

Vill ni läsa sagan om hur detta storslagna vägprojekt kom till och varför kan ni läsa om Ville, Valle och Viktor.

Vill ni läsa fler inlägg om det vansinniga vägprojektet kan ni gå till kategorin Trosa förbifart-Infart Västra.

Gör er röst hörd för försvaret av fortsatt skyddande av naturen, gör inte som myndigheterna, som struntar i både klimatmål och natur för en enda minuts teoretisk tidsvinst.

Be a bleesing to nature!

Google translation of Swedish text:

Inspection report for The new big road in Trosa has now come from the Swedish Transport Administration.

The answers to 52 comments received, in which most of the comments call on the authorities and politicians to cancel the project in view of the climate targets, is as follows from the Swedish Transport Administration (in my interpretation):
– Climate and political decisions are not our table,
– The road has no negative climate impact because it involves time gains, my reaction: Estimated time gain is stated to be just over 1 minute, yes you read right 1 MINUTE !!!! Consideration not taken to risk of queues during rush hour
– the road does not mean increased emissions because it will relieve the traffic of other roads, my reaction: if this argument is valid, it means that the climate targets can be met by spreading the emissions into large untouched and protected natural areas, instead of really reducing emissions by work to reduce unnecessary fossil fuel car traffic on existing roads!

The examination report is available in Swedish at Vägval Trosa.

If you want to read about how this madness project was born and why, you can read about Yanno, Dunno and Victor.

If you want to read more about the road project in previous post, go to category Trosa Förbifart-Infart Västra Trosa.

Don’t be like the authorities in Sweden, be a bleesing to nature instead!

Make your voice heard for all nature destroyment project. Say yes to protecting nature!


Gräsulvssagan – Grass Floor story

Ingrid Benson har lånat ut text och bilder till detta inlägg.

Ingrid Benson gave me permission to tell her story about an exciting finding in Trosa nature. Below the Swedish text comes a Google translation to English.

Jag tyckte att jag sett liknande larver tidigare men inte så här tidigt som i april. Var nyfiken på vad det var och fick svaret ganska omgående i fb-gruppen Vi som gillar fjärilar. Gräsulv, Macrothylacia rubi.

Resten av vad som sägs har jag hämtat från Nationalencyklopedin Fjärilar, Ädelspinnare – Tofsspinnare.

Larven blir så småningom en ganska stor, kraftig och rundvingad spinnare, se bild. Den flyger i en generation och bara under cirka 2 veckor i början av juni (Mellansverige). Larvstadiet är det längsta och den övervintrar som larv. Den här hade troligen övervintrat i närheten och var på väg att förpuppa sig. Efter 5-8 veckor kläcks puppan. Fjärilen flyger några veckor och äggen kläcks efter 2-3 veckor. Larvstadiet är således det stadie som arten förekommer längst tid. Kanske det är därför jag tyckt mig se den ofta. Larverna lever och äter på olika gräs och örter. Men gräsulven är i alla stadier främst nattaktiv. På senhösten kryper de fullvuxna larverna dock omkring på marken ofta fullt synliga. Om de störs spänner de musklerna och rullar ihop sig till en jämförelsevis hård rulle, som när bilen körde förbi, se bild.

Så nu kan vi briljera inför barnbarnen om vi ser en sådan larv nån gång.

Tack Ingrid för att vi alla fick ta del av denna spännande larvs livscykel!

Google translation

I thought I saw similar larvas earlier but not as early as April. I was curious about what it was and got the answer quite rapidly from the fb group We who like butterflies. It was a Grass Floor, Macrothylacia Rubi.

The rest of the information I found in the Swedish book Nationalencyklopedin Fjärilar, Ädelspinnare – Tofsspinnare.

The larva eventually becomes a rather large, powerful and rounded spinner, see picture. It flies for a generation and only for about 2 weeks in early June (Central Sweden). The larva stage is the longest and the winter as a larva. This one probably had wintertime nearby and was about to plummet. After 5-8 weeks the puppy is hatched. The butterflies fly for a few weeks and the eggs are hatched after 2-3 weeks. The larval stage is thus the stage where the species occurs the longest. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed seeing it often. The larvae live and eat on different grasses and herbs. But the grass floor is at all stages mostly night-active. In late autumn, however, the full grown larvae crawl around the field often fully visible. If they are disturbed, they span the muscles and roll into a comparatively hard roll, as when the car drove past, see picture.

So now we can impress the grandchildren if we see such a larva again.

Thank you Ingrid for letting us all take part of this exciting finding.


Knossos by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Efharisto in iTunes

How about some nice music and a trip to ancient Greece? Hop over to Leslies blog and leave comments in the original post. I think the music and the ancient art makes perfect combination/Anna


Back to Greece for an excursion into the amazing historical site of Knossos on the Island of Crete. 3:22 min.

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Reasons To Stop… Reasons To Not…

Good decision! I think we all have those thoughts now and then, but I always come to the same answer and reasons for continuing. It’s too fun to stop. I talk with so many nice people here in the blogsphere. I think blogging interaction is a world peace project 🙂
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But I Smile Anyway...

I sit here often, thinking of taking a break.

A blogging break.

A real one.

You know, no visiting blogs, writing, reading, interacting… nothing.

Yet I can’t do it.

I think of the reasons to stop, yet there are arguments that voice themselves, making me think I can’t just up and disappear.

Reasons to stop

  • Real life is manic – whose isn’t though, eh!
  • My kids need to see me doing things rather than being on a pc or laptop a lot of the time… am I setting a good example?
  • That WIP isn’t going to get itself finished
  • Certain people think maybe I’m more involved in my online life than reality
  • No one is really going to miss me that much – I am one of millions of bloggers out there, there is plenty to read without my mindless ramblings

Reasons to not

  • I love my blogily
  • Reading and…

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Rettungsgasse? Kinderleicht

Can we ask these children how to make world peace too? They seem pretty smart. For comments please visit original post. Anna

Schickes und Schönes

Bei Red Skies over Paradise habe ich dieses tolle Video gefunden. Kinder erklären, wie eine Rettungsgasse funktioniert. Sogar Erwachsene können das verstehen.

I found this phantastic video over at Red Skies over Paradise. Children explain how to make a corridor for emergency vehicle access. Even adults can understand this. The video is in German but self-explanatory even without understanding the words.

über Rettungsgasse? Kinderleicht! — Red Skies over Paradise

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Miss Anna’s Sunshine Blogger Challenge

Check out Jims answer to the challenge. For comments please visit original post/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

Miss Anna receive one of them Sunshine Blogger Awards and issued a challenge per se to all to answer her questions.  I’ll give her questions a go and suggest you check out her WP and give her a follow if you aren’t already.  Let’s see …

1. How close to your dreams of life are you?  I’m way off.  I wanna be 5′ 10″ tall, good looking and rich so I can travel and meet people.  I’m 0 for 3 so far.

2. If you’re not close, what’s stopping you getting there?  A winning lottery ticket.

3. If you’re close, how did you get there?  It would be via dumb luck if I got close.

4. What achievements in life are you proud of?  Not getting thrown in jail (well, not since I was 19 but that was a drunk tank so I don’t think that counts), consistently keeping my…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thomas at aspiblog nominated this blog, so I owe him and the rest of you an answer. here it goes.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is for bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring as they spread sunshine to the blogging community.
Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you with a blog post and a link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

Thanks to Thomas at Aspiblog for the nomination.

Here’s my answers to the questions:

1.  If you could restore one place that exists only as an archaeological site to perfect condition what would it be?

One of the ancient art places.

2. If you remove from existence one current organization which would it be?

None. I think people in every organization there is should take self responsibility to not act in ways that hurt any other people or the nature. I’m not to judge how people choose to organize themselves. But we have all a responsibility to say what we think and respect others who say what they think and not hurt them just because they think different than ourselves.

3. What is the most amazing sporting performance you have ever witnessed?

Mr Ingmar Stenmark’s downhill sporting in the 70’s and 80’s. My whole country stopped and holded breathe when he was in the slope.

I have to add the Wimbledon finals between Borg and McEnroe to that list too.

4. Who is your favourite author of fiction?

Right know mr Harry Martinson and his space epos Aniara because I’m doing some drawings inspired from that book.

5. Pick one word beginning with each letter of the alphabet that is particularly associated with your life.

I skip this question. I can’t sort out my thoughts that well in this matter.

6. An alien visitor offers to give you the solution to one of humanity’s great unsolved problems: which one do you ask for?

I’m greedy. I want two problems solved. Poverty and starvation. If we solve those two problems we won’t have any other problems because I think then we finally learn to live in peace.

7. If traveling were free, where would you like to go? 

I’m happy where I am. But if travelling were possible without negative consequences for climate I would visit every art place in the world and if universe is filled with art, I would go there too 😉

8. If you could have a dinosaur renamed in your honour which one would it be?

A whole new undiscovered species called Annasaurus, who had the ability to make art on the cave walls,hahaha 😀

–the last three questions are based on the BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs – :

9. You are able to save one music CD from the waves as you scramble ashore – what would you like to be on it? (If you want to go above and beyond and make the full eight music choices around which the actual programme is built be my guest!)

Do I have a CD player rescued from the waves? In that case something classic that is impossible to get tired of.

10. Choose three books that would help you pass the time on the island (the real thing restricts castaways to one choice, giving them The Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare whether they want them or not).

Yea, bible and Shakespeare seems like good company. The third, I don’t know. There’s so many. But maybe I would want the space epos Aniara in 4. with me if I haven’t finished my drawings.

11. Choose one luxury item (it should not be too useful, but I am not going to be harsh on that, and I will allow a little latitude in the matter of what the main item has with it – e.g if you select a camera, as I would, it comes with a spare battery, as well as the fully charged one that is currently in there).

Something I can make art with endlessy.

I brake the rule that says I should nominate 11 bloggers. I nominate all of you who wants to answer following questions:

1. How close to your dreams of life are you?
2. If you’re not close, what’s stopping you getting there?
3. If you’re close, how did you get there?
4. What achievements in life are you proud of?
5. How do you find courage to not always follow the main stream?
6. Who and/or what do you use as a map in your life to find the right ways?
7. Are you normal? (This is a trick question. I haven’t met anyone yet who claimed they’re perfectly fit for the definition of normal, so I wonder what is normal?)
8. What do you believe is gonna save our planet from humans destroying the planet?
9. What’s important in life for you?
10. Do you support friends and family in difficult times or do you run away scared of the situation?
11. What did you think of these questions? Please answer honestly. Asking questions is not my strong side at all.

Good luck with this challenge!


Winter greetings from Trosa Sweden

Jim wanted to see some winter pictures. Don’t ask me why someone wants to see winter pics when so many long for Spring. But as you know, Jim is one of our friendly blogger in the community so of course I show some pics from my city in white.

Freezing temps this weekend. Minus 12 C, but when Spring sun coming up it’s more like 4-5 minus C. 

Have a great start of the week 🙂