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I agree with Leslie. We need to find another way to transport ourselves and things in the future. We don’t want it like this, or do we? Visit original post for comments/Anna


I had to go to the inner city today and was caught up in the proverbial traffic jam. Of course this song came to mind. I’ve been in traffic jams in China, India, Paris, Tunisia, Greece, Italy,  Boston and all over Canada (just to name a few). You would think with all the tecnology we have we would have solved one of the most basic problems of today. Well we haven’t and it is just getting worse. This is a universal problem. Self driving cars aren’t the answer. We need to teleport. So here is my song dedicated to traffic jams. 1:40 min.

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Hur mycket ska Trosa växa – How much growth in Trosa?

Hos den lokala nyhetstidningen kan ni läsa en insändare som jag skrivit. Tidningen har fått ett svar på insändaren. Vad tycker du om frågorna och svaren?
I got a text published in the net local newspaper and the newspaper got an answer from our leading politician. What do you think of the questions and the answer below, a google translation from the Swedish version at


The submitter presents the basis of which municipal council Daniel Portnoff comments.

“I have tried to get answers from Trosa’s leading politicians without success.

A decision in the City Council says that Trosa will grow by 150 people a year, which means a declining percentage increase per year. Municipal council Portnoff says that they expect an increase of the population around 1.5-2% per annum. The investment decision for Infart Västra Trosa indicates that 670 homes will be built in western and southern Trosa to cover the cost of the new road. The municipal council committee Tomas Landskog says that only 10% of the growth will be outside the urban areas.

How does that work?
If the decision in the City Council applies, Trosa only needs to grow by 52 people per year until 2021. Then it may seem unnecessary for taxpayers to pay over 150 million for a new road that neither needs nor meets the climate goals of reduced emissions. In that case, the new road would be built for only 5-15 additional people per year outside urban areas for 134 years.

Preparedness with current rate of increase
If the population increase instead is 1.5% per year, we get twice as many in 46 years. If the population increase is 2%, we are twice as many already in 35 years. Do we have prepared for an early doubling of 11 years? Are we prepared to even double in 46 years? During the fall of 2017 it was found that Trosa has grown by 4% during the year. If that rhythm persists, it would mean that we become twice as many already in 17 years. Do we have prepared for the rapid increase?

In order to further confuse the number exercises, I add to the task of Tomas Landskog that 10% of growth should be outside the urban areas. Based on the 670 housing decisions of the financing decision and 3 people per home, I come to the following results.

Long payment time
If Trosa is to grow by 150 people a year, it means that the 670 resettlement income of the financing decision takes 134 years to get in. It’s a long time for taxpayers to lend money for a road, which only 10% of a future population is said to need, but everyone has to pay for. Or, the growth rate outside the urban area means that today’s politicians have planned housing for 134 years in the future. Or, the 10% task entails that Trosa is expected to grow with 6700 homes in total, which would mean an increase of 20,100 people in total. Period unknown.

So my question remains: How much is Trosa to grow?

Quick exposure in the exponential effect: Begin with the number 70 (year) and share the growth rate figure. Growth of 10% means a doubling effect of 7 years. (70/10 = 7)

Learn more about the impact of the exponential effect here:

Anna Bohlin

We contacted Daniel Portnoff to comment on the sender. He responded as follows:

“In 1992, Trosa municipality had 9894 inhabitants. By the end of 2016 we were 12,447. Population growth has thus been around 110 people a year, though it has varied over time. Some years it has fallen slightly and in other years it has increased by more than 300 This is mainly due to the business cycle.

We live in a free country with extensive legislation in the housing sector. Overall, the Swedish housing market works poorly. We would need a comprehensive review of large parts of housing policy at national level to get a better functioning housing market.

As local politicians, we try to do our best to ensure a housing production where all forms of return are available and the entire municipality is part of balanced growth.

In a growing municipality, we get a growing economy and properly managed to improve our ability to have great ambitions in terms of quality and supply in our municipal service to citizens. Population growth also creates better conditions for other services and a well-functioning labor market.

Nobody knows how the future will look and how the economy will be in terms of housing construction. However, a reasonable assumption is that the whole of Trosa municipality will continue to grow somewhere between 150 to 200 inhabitants per year for the next 10 years. But it will vary over time.

One thing I know. It is as well not the city council that determines how many inhabitants we become. There are a lot of individual decisions that control the development of a free country to a very high extent. On the other hand, the municipal council in a municipality where more people want to live can take responsibility for housing and plan for future growth. We try to do that and are sure to ensure broad political agreement over the block limit on these issues. “

Daniel Portnoff, Municipal Council

Stay cool 2018

I read Andys post 2018 and that made me think of this drawing when I read the word cool.

A little snow men and snow women  fun 🙂


My mind to me a kingdom is

I repost an old post. I live much of my life in my mind. It’s like traveling through universe. I find many art ideas there on my journey. So this poem I find very beautiful and well written/Anna
I read a blogpost on HarsH ReaLiTy/have you ever if you ever,

that made me think of another poem.

This poem i found in a book about the Shakespeare era. A great inspiration for me and maybe also for you. Enjoy!

2015/01/img_2209.jpg I think the poem celebrates introversion. Learning more about celebrating introversion go see the TED-talk with Susan Cain. This is one of my paintings dealing with the questions introvert/extrovert. I call it And the winner is?

2015/01/img_1649.jpg Anna

Poinsettias Julstjärnor

I read a post about Poinsettias over at Jims blog. I found an old painting when I tried to sort out some old pictures on my ipad to free some space on it.

In Swedish we call the flowers Christmas stars – julstjärnor.

I did this on colored cardboard with dry pastels.

Have a great weekend. Soon it’s winter solstice and after that sun comes back sooner.


The authorities for protecting nature fails big time

Please visit the blog fotobloggarna and read about the terrible ignorance the protect nature authorities shows when people point out that the protected snakes are threatened and needs help with their reproduction areas. It’s a shame that authorities that suppose to protect nature don’t give a xz&@qrf about it. There’s an English version of the text over at fotobloggarna.

Läs det viktiga inlägget på bloggen fotobloggarna om hur våra naturskyddande myndigheter struntar i våra fridlysta snokar. Ett riktigt lågvattenmärke i myndighetsutövning eller snarare brist på den.

Dessvärre är det här vanligt även i Trosa Södermanland. Vi vanliga människor kan inte längre lita på att myndigheterna följer de lagar som göller för naturskydd. 

Besök fotobloggarna och sprid gärna det inlägget. 


News From save Trosa Nature December 2017

In the local newspaper on the internet, you can read a debate text about the new big road project. It’s in Swedish, so I translated the text to English further down in this post.

Hos, den lokala tidningen på nätet kan ni läsa en debattext om Infart Västra Trosa som tar upp kommunens bristande information till invånarna om de ekonomiska konsekvenser som kan komma att drabba skattebetalarna.

Vill ni hjälpa till att uppmärksamma frågeställningen kan ni även besöka fb-sidorna Itrosa och Mötesplats 0156 där det ligger inlägg som hänvisar till artikeln. Lämna gärna ett avtryck där för att ge inläggen uppmärksamhet om ni tycker frågan behöver mer debatt.

Glöm heller inte att själv agera genom att lämna dina synpunkter till Trafikverket före 9 januari 2018. Läs även mer på InformationTrosa.

Here’s the English google translate text:

Many questions have been asked for Trosa’s municipal politicians when it comes to The new big road in Trosa. So far no responses have been received, either in terms of funding, the climate issue or who really needs the entrance.
Let’s look at the funding of the entrance. According to the roadmap, which is now under review for Trafikverket’s website, the cost is estimated at 155 MSEK (16 million EUR or 18,4 million USD). How will the municipality of Trosa manage to pay its share, SEK 93 million, and in addition, advance the Traffic Administration’s share, SEK 62 million?

Certainly, Trosa municipality has informed that the entrance fee is to be paid with development fees on all plots belonging to western and southern Trosa. To pay for the road, 670 residential areas and municipal land needed for industrial activities at Trosaporten are sold.

How much exploitation fees have been received? In March this year, an agreement has been signed with landowners in Smedstorp, 95 houses with a fee of SEK 100,000, an additional agreement with one
landowner who has received advance notice on four plots. For the rest of the exploitation income there is great uncertainty. The landlord’s whims and residents’ strong opposition to the exploitation of Trosa’s attractive archipelago nature is blocking this uncertainty.

Who wants to live in the middle of a 25m high energy-pile forest? It will be difficult to find accommodation for the 60 houses, far from the service providers’ services, even though building permits are obtained. Large uncertainty also prevails around the 100 homes planned in the archipelago, as the area is covered by beach protection and holds great natural values.

The industrial land the municipality intends to sell is water-soft and inappropriate to build on. What then remains than borrowing? Trosa Municipality is the country’s thirteenth most indebted municipality
and is now risking taking additional loans.

For who is this road built? Who’s serving it?
The entrance is supposed to relieve traffic in central Trosa. The entrance is also intended for use by those who will move to western Trosa and Tureholm Peninsula. Since 670 homes in western Trosa are planned with the Tureholm Peninsula, traffic in central Trosa will increase instead of decreasing. If the target point for the new entrants is not central Trosa, instead, you will use Västerljung road. If you want to visit central Trosa, you do not choose the new big road as it opens onto Åda road far from central Trosa, in height with
Bråta street.

What need of the new road do you that live in Trosa city center have of the entrance? What are your needs in Vagnhärad and Västerljung of the new road? The municipality uses you as a taxpayer to pay the loans on the new road.

Who’s gains on the new road? The only ones who gains something from on the new big road are the landowners who want to transform their woodland or farmland to exploitation land.

Think about this and give your comments on Trafikverket’s website / Road 782/218 before January 9, 2018.

Trosa in December 2017
Ingrid Benson

If you want to support the Save Trosa nature efforts please visit the fb pages itrosa 

and mötesplats 0156 where this debate text is linked.

Toghether all around the world we can make a positive diffrence and make our politicians finally start to listen 🙂

For love of Trosa nature. Don’t build that road. We don’t need it. It is as simple as that.


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Dream Big, Dream Often


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Can You Identify These Birds?

Check out the fascinating birds that Thomas at aspiblog spotted recently. For comments please visit original post/Anna



I was out walking this afternoon, and one of the places I walked was a section of river that runs parallel to Kettlewell Lane in King’s Lynn. It was there that I saw some birds I have never seen before…


These are large birds, similar in size and build to a goose, but with colouring unlike any goose I have ever seen, and not matching any of the goose species listed in my bird book. They were probably about half as big again in each direction as the mallards that I also saw (and due to being overfed King’s Lynn mallards are bigger than average mallards!). I have lots of photos for you…

Geese 1Geese 2Piebald birdWhite birdMixed plumagesVariegated birdsMixed birdsSplendid birdshiny birdMainly white birdMainly white bird IIBlack bodied birdPink billed birdBrown birdDark birdMainly Brown BirdSwimming Bird ISwimming Bird IISwimming Bird IIITwo birdstwinsFront ongrey and blackDouble actHeadBeakFront on shotBased on the size of the birds and all the features that my camera managed to pick up can you identify them? If you can please let me know by commenting.

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If you looking for a place in beautiful Norway. Maja might have the right place for you. Letar du bostad i Norge? Kolla in Majas inlägg. For comments visit original post. Lämna kommentarer på Majas blogg genom att klicka vidare för att komma till hennes blogginlägg. Good luck with your new and previous home Maja/ Anna

The thoughts and life of me

Hi all,

I am in fact still alive and kicking. But I have been very busy and a bit stressed lately. In addition to being a very busy time of year in general I have been traveling a bit both with work and privately. Hopefully I will have some time to update you more on this soon.

As if things was not busy enough now, I decided that I wanted to buy a bigger place and I have put my beloved little appartment up for sale. Had I fully realize how much work this would be I’m not sure I would have done it. For those who want to see where I live here is a link to the add.
Hope all that all of you are doing well.

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December 3 a good 1st advent

I hope you all are having a great Sunday. I had a good day this first advent. Just look at the drawing. I did many little things today, so I’m happy with this day.

Here’s the painting that I never seems to finish. It’s been an ongoing project for many years. Leslies post about a first snow painting made me remember my snow painting.

Here’s another Christmas song in a version the Swedish The Rel group recorded.


News from Save Trosa nature movement 

One of my Save Trosa nature friends has written an excellent debate piece that one of the local papers SN published.

You can read it in English in the comments over at:

Om du hellre läser svenska finns den i sin helhet på samma länk. Eller på

If you want to support our efforts to save Trosa nature please visit the blog InformationTrosa and leave a like and/or a comment if you have something to say. Projects that go against climate changes goals are a concern for everyone not just a few people who happens to live near such projects.

Om du vill stödja våra försök att rädda Trosas natur och få politikerna att tänka mer klimatsmart får du gärna besöka informationTrosa och lämna ett gilla och/eller en kommentar om du vill säga något. Klimatfrågan berör oss alla oavsett var vi bor. Den här frågan är därför inte längre bara lokal utan global. 



Tree CD

Anna at Intefangördetdet gave me some old CDs and here’s the first painting on one of them.

I’m supposed to paint manhole covers on the CDs, but then Anna made a post with trees, so I just had do do one with trees first.

I started yesterday

And finished this evening 

It felt so good to be back in my drawing/painting corner. I’ve been away too long.

Thanks to Annas CD gift my inspiration got new energy.


Cross stitching in Sweden by Anna

With inspiration from Anna at intefangordetet and her lifelong cross stitch project with tiny stitches and even tinier needle I go the fast way. Big stitches and big needle!

Not in miles as beautiful as Annas lighthouses, but anyway. The photo is not great. The colors are more green in reality. My old ipad from 2011 don’t have a good camera.

It’s fun to make things in yarn. If you don’t see it, I have tried to make question marks and exclamation marks go into eachother. I’m not finished yet, so I don’t know how the final result will be.


#MeToo ~ Chapter 1

Laina has many important things to say. Read her post. For comments please visit her blog by pressing the read more link in the post/Anna

the silent wave

I have the feeling that I should issue the usual Content Advisories for obvious reasons.  If you’re feeling vulnerable right now, or if you could become that way fairly easily, please proceed with caution.

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard of the “Me too”/”#MeToo” campaign that has resurfaced on Twitter.  Even major news outlets are picking it up.

It’s about damn time.

It’s “only” 2017, after all.  We’ve been to the moon and back.  We’ve cloned sheep.  We’re chatting in real time with people who live across vast geographical expanses that include gigantic bodies of water.  We’re mastering the art of printing in three dimensions.

And yet, females (and some males) the world over have felt–or been–silenced on one of the oldest and most devastating acts of abuse ever: sexual violence and its counterpart, sexual harassment.

This does not compute.  It doesn’t make logical sense.  Which makes my…

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