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Konstens vecka 2019 i Trosa

Trosabygdens konstförening anordnar jurybedömd utställning på temat Sommarminnen. Jag har lämnat in tre verk som vi får se om juryn antar. Så här ser de ut: The local art society in my town has an exhibition with the theme Summer memories. A jury decides which art will participate. My try to enter the exhibition is… Continue reading Konstens vecka 2019 i Trosa

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Sail away

Reuse art on cardboard I found an old painting. I ilke it. Makes me remember summer days. We're in a rainy month now. We need the rain, but the darkness this time of year gets even darker with the rainy clouds. So I try to lighten up inside by remember summer days 🙂 Anna

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Art Week For Everyone!

From September 30 to October 7 there's Art week in Trosa Sweden. The local art society have an exhibition where a jury have chosen the art pieces from a bunch of art from local artists. The theme this year is "In the garden". In swedish garden is "trädgård" which is two words in English you… Continue reading Art Week For Everyone!

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Collage making – gör ett collage

Find some friends of yours. Invite them for tea and smorgas. Have a nice time around the table and then after the teabreak suggest them that you all make a theme art piece. The theme could be Swedish summer or something else. Find some old magazines that you're done with, glue and some pieces of… Continue reading Collage making – gör ett collage

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Var med på konstens vecka 40 i Trosa!

Den här inbjudan fick jag nyligen. Var med ni också om ni passar in på beskrivningen av de som får delta. Det är roligt att ha denna utmaning som sommarsysselsättning. In autumn Trosa art society arrange a exhibition with a jury who picks the artwork from those artists who choose to participate. I got an… Continue reading Var med på konstens vecka 40 i Trosa!