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Trosa church in cardboard

   I've built a church! Oh well, at least a little church. I used cardboard, that I otherwise should have thrown away. With a little colors on the cardboard I made it look like a little building. It's Trosa church. You can see the real church on the little picture in the photo. I'm gonna… Continue reading Trosa church in cardboard

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Trosa harbor in cardboard

      Another cardboard building. This time the buildings in Trosa harbor. It's fun building things in cardboard. You learn how the pieces match together and you lern by doing misstakes. I use cardboard that otherwise would have gone to recycling, so if I cut a piece the wrong way it isn't the end of… Continue reading Trosa harbor in cardboard

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Julaftons fyr in cardboard

      We have a lighthouse in Trosa archipelago with the name "Julafton" which in English is Christmas eve. The story says that a ship was in mayday mode near the lighthouse, but the crew manage to survive. Since then the lighthouse is called Christmas eve lighthouse. It is one of the most photographed object… Continue reading Julaftons fyr in cardboard

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Starry Night

Starry Night on a black cardboard using dry pastels. I have one more black cardboard to paint on. This was only a test. You can paint on anything. This carton I'd toss, but realized that I could paint on it. Re-use art 🙂 Anna   

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Ladder of life

   Watercolors on re-used cardboard. I did the background first and then I got the idea of making a big ladder with tiny people climbing on it. What do you think? Anna

Pastel paintings, Reuse art, Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Trosa church

Today I visited Trosa churchyard to light some candles on family graves. All saints weekend may drown in the more commersial halloween spectacle, but I like the classic All saints weekend. Here's a quick dry pastel painting on cardboard. I did it in about 20 minutes this evening. That's the time I had for the… Continue reading Trosa church

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December window

Jim told us about his winter plants here: I have magic happening in one of my closets. The comments talk made me do this painting. Re-use art on black cardboard with dry pastels. Anna   

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Can I show you something? (part 2)

Here's the whole story:    Do you want to open and look for the answer?    This art is my contribution to our local spring exhibiton. You can see pictures from the exhibition at Anna

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Blue sailboat

What can I say. Love sailboats 🙂 Anna   

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Judge this ;)

If you were an art jury with an assignment to pick art pieces for an exhibition. Which of these three pieces would you chose? Or which pieces would you left out. You can chose or not chose all of them or non of them. Why do I ask this? I'm participation in an exhibition in… Continue reading Judge this 😉

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Lady and the handbag – a Swedish art movement

My Pick your fight painting is a sort of reconnection to the Swedish art movement "the handbags on statues". It all started with an artist who was going to make a statue of an angry lady with a handbag. The artist got inspiration from another artist photography of a lady with a handbag that protested… Continue reading Lady and the handbag – a Swedish art movement

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Pick your fight

In the post: What’s bugging you? What’s eating you? | FärgaregårdsAnna many of you helped me to collect things that irritate us. Now your "complaints" is down on little notes in a paper handbag in an artwork, that I show on our Spring exhibition this weekend. Thank you all for participating in this interactive artwork.… Continue reading Pick your fight

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Can I show you something? (Part 1)

   This is shown right now i our Spring exhibtion in Trosa where local artist show their art work. You can see pictures from the exhibition on Anna

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The wind is back!

If you also missed OM when he took a break for a few days, I now in my reader, see he's back.Blogging and reading blogs rocks again ;)I have come to understad he is the one who sets the tempo in our forever on going blog-racing without intention that someone has to win in the… Continue reading The wind is back!

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Reuse art kvällssegling 50 sek (akvarell på kartong) Ta en bit kartong, leta rätt på akvarellfärgerna längst in i din målarlåda och börja måla! Svårare behöver du inte göra det. Jag tog till denna bild en bit vit kartong och lade enkla färger på den och vips seglade där i mojnande vind en båt, kanske… Continue reading Segelbåtar