Midsummer in Sweden

This weekend it’s Midsummer holiday in Sweden.

So I wish you all a happy Midsummer with this

and this

Dreamweather for this holiday is sun, warm days and nights.

But this is what we’ve got most of so far. Not much rain though.



Swedish flag day June 6 2017


Today we celebrate the Swedish flag day. I made a cake with blueberries and peaches. I had some help with the cake, so I’m not the only cakemaker.

I had a wonderful day today. I got time to draw and paint. That was really nice after a long period of must do things days.

Happy Sweden day 🙂



This is your view of Sweden from previous posts


Chantarelle is a favorite in Sweden this time of year. The rain makes them grow in the forests. 

This is my findings 🙂


Sweden according to Leslie

Leslie, Swo8 made a comment on Sweden according to Jim
that went like this:

“I always thought of Sweden of a land of wild, wild men??”

You can’t say things like that and not expect me to build an image in my head, so here it is in my interpretation:)

Swedish vikings 🙂

Do you have an image of Sweden? Leave a comment and maybe I get an image in my head that turns into a drawing.


Sweden according to Jim

I asked Jim for drawing ideas and I got the answer:

“draw your elk that you are so famous for mentioning. you have the wonderful Swedish countryside with trees and hills and farms and old buildings and horse and cows and sheeps and goats and stunning looking Swedish ladies.”

So here it is, Sweden according to Jim and I must say it’s quite close to reality. We don’t get as close to elks as the lady in the picture, but otherwise Sweden look like this in many parts of the country 🙂
What’s your view of Sweden?

Maybe your description of Sweden end up as a drawing too!


Sweden according to Thatscribbler

Thatscribblers comment on Sweden according to Leslie:

“First image I get after hearing Sweden is that of Ibrahimovic in golden football jersey! :)”

Made me draw this as an interpretation of the comment.

Mr Ibrahimovic has done lots of good to Sweden besides is soccer skills. His book made thousands of young people read their first book and that book also made people who never take interest in soccer to read about a great soccer player.

He’s a star in Sweden and the rest of the world too 🙂


Sweden June 6, 2016

Today we celebrate Sweden here in Sweden 🙂

You can crochet a doll like this in Sweden outfit, like I did a couple of years ago. 

Her you find the pattern at Järbo garn.

Happy Sweden day to all of you wherever you are!


My first gif make

The post Sweden according to Thumbup should have been like this.

Our master of gifs must have a gif interpretation. I forgot that when I did the first drawing.

I hope this gif works. It’s a very simple one with only two drawings mixed together.


Sweden according to Thumbup

A thought from Thumpup made me do another Sweden according to drawing.

Here’s the conversation

That lead to this drawing

What do you think of when you hear Sweden?


Norway according to Anna

Today is “syttende mai” in Norway. They celebrate their nation and they celebrate a lot.

The Norweigians in Sweden celebrate at a miniSweden place in Stockholm called Skansen. They are everywhere, even in Sweden.

I don’t know much about the celebration, but I do know there’s lots of joy among the Norweigians. I think that’s beautiful.

So here’s to our neighbors, happy May 17 🙂
An interpretation of Norway from my corner of the world.

Norway and Sweden were actually one and the same for a while in 1800-1900’s, but I think Norway manage on their own quite good. Maybe even too good in skiing 🙂


Sweden according to Ellen

Ellen left the comment:

“Your question’s been bouncing around in my head since you first asked it and so far all I’ve come up with are Swedish meatballs. That’s just pitiful, isn’t it?”

in the post Sweden according to Leslie and I high jacked it by this drawing interpretation:)

It’s not pitiful to think of Swedish meatballs. That’s one of the things we are really proud of and you can find meatballs almost everywhere. But the home mades are the best. Along with meatballs comes another Swedish speciality, lingonberry jam. That’s one of my favorites.

What do you think of when you here of Sweden?