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Giraffe, stopsign or puffin or…

In a previous post I ask for help choosing a picture for an exhibition catalog. I ett tidigare inlägg har jag bett om hjälp från er att välja bild till en utställningstidning. I alos asked friends i.r.l. Jag har också frågat vänner i.r.l.  Än så länge ligger giraffen bäst till. So far the giraffe is… Continue reading Giraffe, stopsign or puffin or…

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Help me choose picture – hjälp mig att välja bild :)

I will participate in an exhibition in Spring and I have to choose a picture for the catalog. Jag ska delta i en utställning i vår och jag behöver välja en bild till katalogen där alla utställare presenteras. Which one should I choose? Vilken ska jag välja? One of my pil paintings? En av mina… Continue reading Help me choose picture – hjälp mig att välja bild 🙂

Time hunting

Vacation time – semestertid

Whe does time take vacation? När tar tiden semester? I'm still working but I hope for vacation soon. Jag hoppas att jag snart får semester. Anna

Time hunting

Tidstjuvar/Time Thieves

Old post in rerun. Gammal post i repris. Do you think you will live forever? Do you think you will keep you healthy forever? Do you think that all your loved ones too should do it? If you believe it, Do You postponing what you are supposed to do until tomorrow? Can you be waiting… Continue reading Tidstjuvar/Time Thieves

Time hunting

Vacation time – semestertid

What if time took time of? What would happen to us then? Tänk om tiden skulle ta semester, vad skulle hända med oss då? Anna

Time hunting

Time for love – tid för kärlek

When the world around you seems a little hopeless and cruel. Think of all the love you can get from those who really care for you. That helps. När världen omkring dig verkar aningen hopplös och elak. Tänk då på all kärlek du kan få från de som verkligen bryr sig om dig. Time for… Continue reading Time for love – tid för kärlek

Time hunting

Save time – spara tid?

Is it possible to save time? Går det att spara tid? What do you think? Vad tror du? Anna

Time hunting

Not An Easy Read – Ingen Nöjesläsning

This writing is a different kind of writing than what I usually publish here on the blog. So read if you want and don't read if you don't think we are allowed to yell at people who leave us by own choice. I'm lucky not to be one of those who have to deal with… Continue reading Not An Easy Read – Ingen Nöjesläsning

Time hunting

Take your time – Ta vara på tiden


Time hunting

Double time, triple time?

What if we could play Wordfeud with time? Set the time on DT for double time or TT for triple time? Or DM for double Month. I rellay like to have two Augusts months. The weather is perfect right now and it's still not too dark in the evenings here in Sweden. What do you… Continue reading Double time, triple time?

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Finding time

What would you do if you found a treasure chest filled with time? Anna

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Do I sell my art?

Yes I do. At Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna you can check out my little internet store. If your eyes catch some of my art, that you might be interested in, please let me know. The store don't show every piece of art, that's for sale. If you have found something on my blog, that's interesting… Continue reading Do I sell my art?

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Time spirit – Make a wish

Are time treating you kind? Or is it Is time treating you kind? My English are, well, as I said to Andy. I'm not bilingual, I'm googletranslate-lingual 😉 I have spend my evenings for Saving Trosa nature projects, so I'm sorry for not being able to hang out with you wp friends so much lately.… Continue reading Time spirit – Make a wish

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Take your time

Ta vara på tiden Take your time Ta en promenad i skogen i den naturliga tystnaden Take a walk in the forrest Kanske finna några matsvampar att ta med hem Find yourself some mushrooms (not the ones that makes you weird!) Bara vara, vandra i sina egna tankar Just be you, with your mind as… Continue reading Take your time

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More time!

Thumbup found interesting fact. There actually is more time available this year! Check the post out. I did a moretime-painting couple of years ago. The box says "more time" in Swedish Anna