Take your time – Ta vara på tiden



Double time, triple time?

What if we could play Wordfeud with time? Set the time on DT for double time or TT for triple time? Or DM for double Month. I rellay like to have two Augusts months. The weather is perfect right now and it’s still not too dark in the evenings here in Sweden.

What do you think? Can we double time or triple it?


Finding time

What would you do if you found a treasure chest filled with time?


Do I sell my art?

Yes I do.

At Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna you can check out my little internet store.

If your eyes catch some of my art, that you might be interested in, please let me know.

The store don’t show every piece of art, that’s for sale. If you have found something on my blog, that’s interesting for you. Please let me know.

I sell my art because;

I want to give room for making new art pieces

I like when my art find new homes

I like when people like my art 😉

I don’t paint on order, but I have done some art work inspired by wishes of me making art to a specific person or with a specific theme.

I will not promote my art for sale on my blog often. I think my blog is for enjoying art without a feeling of “oh, she just want to sell her art”.

But I get the “do you sell your art” question now and then, so this post is the answer to that question 😉


Save time/Spara tid (for sale/till salu)

Time spirit – Make a wish

Are time treating you kind? Or is it Is time treating you kind?

My English are, well, as I said to Andy. I’m not bilingual, I’m googletranslate-lingual 😉

I have spend my evenings for Saving Trosa nature projects, so I’m sorry for not being able to hang out with you wp friends so much lately.

I will soon tell you about my project, so I hope you stay around for a while. 

This painting is supposed to illustrate time spirit. We have almost that expression in Swedish too, but it’s a little different in its meaning I think. 

But what if time really come out of a magic lamp and promised you three wishes. What would you want time to do for you?


Take your time


Ta vara på tiden
Take your time

Ta en promenad i skogen i den naturliga tystnaden
Take a walk in the forrest

Kanske finna några matsvampar att ta med hem
Find yourself some mushrooms (not the ones that makes you weird!)

Bara vara, vandra i sina egna tankar
Just be you, with your mind as company

Naturen är faktiskt vårt allra största friskvårdscenter!
Har ni tänk på det?

Nature is our biggest healthcenter!

Pröva får ni se 🙂
Try and see for yourself 🙂


More time!

Thumbup found interesting fact. There actually is more time available this year!

Check the post out.


I did a moretime-painting couple of years ago.

The box says “more time” in Swedish


One love

Time for love (a gift to friends)
These days when the world is at high risk going mad and going in the wrong direction, I think we all need to spread love and show that love is the only way for humans to survive.

When our local film club get together outside my town Trosa, in a barn (now a studio), we almost always get to see one of the music project Playing for change videos before the main film.

That sends love to the audience and we all feel hope for a better world when we see and hear musicians all over the world playing music together.

It doesn’t matter where they’re from, how they look, what religion they have or if they are men or women. They just play music together. And sends hope and global love 🙂

This is one of my favourite:

One Love | Playing For Change

Playing For Change | Song Around The World One Love by Playing For Change on Vimeo.



Spread love!

I can still recall our last Summer

Do you remember our last Summer?

Do you remember how many of us followed Melanies struggle and also her musings and amusings? Her blog rocked and her comments and caring for all of us really made an impact in the corner of our wp world.

If anyone of you knows what and how she is doing today, please tell us and please say a big hello and send some hugs to her.

If you missed out on last Summers Melanie adventures, go read her blog, she’s a brillant and funny writer. I hope she will return to us when she can.

Her posts and stories made me do some drawings last Summer. I give you a rerun on some of them here. You have to read her blog to see how I got the ideas.

Yes, I borrowed the title to this post from the Our Last Summer lyrics by Abba 🙂

Have a great day!


Abba Our last Summer lyrics

Mamma Mia Our last Summer

Golden times/Gyllene tider

I don’t know if the English language have the same expression as we have in Swedish. We say “Gyllene tider”, golden times, about good times.

What if we could dig up a treasure box filled with time?

Would we then have time pirates?

What would we do if we all of a sudden found golden times?

Would we be any happier with this golden time treasure?
Vad skulle vi göra om vi fann en skattkista full med tid?


Gyllene tider/Golden times

Playing with time/Leka med tiden

Time is a fragile thing very often. Like an egg maybe. We balance the time as gentle as we can. Or do we really? Maybe we’re sometimes forget how easy time can crush in thousands of pieces.

Maybe we forget to take it easy with time, maybe we rush to much and forget taking care of the egg or time?

What do you think?
Tid kan lätt gå sönder, som ett ägg kanske. Vi balanserar tiden så skonsamt som möjligt. Eller gör vi det egentligen? Kanske vi ibland glömmer hur lätt tid kan gå i tusentals bitar.

Kanske glömmer vi att ta det lugnt med tiden, kanske rusar vi runt för mycket och glömmer att ta hand om ägget eller tiden?

Vad tror du?


Leka med tiden/Playing with time (500 sek)

What if time takes vacation?

What happens then?


I feel like a kid…

…who has to go to bed when all the fun starts.

Jason/OM sometimes write about wrong blogging.
I’m definitely in the wrong blogging category sometimes.

I’m too lazy or don’t find the time to make up blogging plans for how to post, answering comments and reading other blogs. I just randomly does what comes to my mind at the moment when I sit down with my ipad and check out the wp app.

When I post I often do it too close to bedtime and that means I don’t answer comments for about at least a day later some days. That’s slow answering, but hey I gotta sleep, wake up and go to work, then when I come home I can answer comments.

Then, when I have time, I try to visit other blogs, like and leave comments. By that time it’s not much time left to make a new post to post. And I’m back to square one! I post, go to bed, sleep and wake up and go to work and come home and so on. Not a great blog plan!

It really feels like when you were a kid and had to go to bed when all the fun was about to start.

How come you feel like this you may wonder. I’m in a totally different time zone than many of you. Thumbup says good morning when I say goodnight. It’s a back to the future feeling over it 🙂

I’m in UTC+1, also known as CET (Central Europe time)

Check out this if you want to read about different time zones.

List of time zones by country – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It’s fascinating though, that we all live in different time zones and still can be in touch here on wp. I like that. Some of you have all day left when my day is over. And I meet a new day long before you do or the other way around depending on where you are.

So, have a good morning, day, afternoon, evening or night wherever you are!

Which timezone do you live in? 

It’s exciting to know how many different time zones this post reach 🙂



Night shifts

night time cat time (for sale/till salu)

Are you working night shifts?
Do you like it?

I work night shifts right now. When I’m at sleep! It’s frustrating but also efficient.

When I go to bed I have no trouble going to sleep, but in the middle of the night my work shift start. Says my brain.
The brain is full awake, working and trying to solve problems, that I don’t really need to solve in the middle of the night.
But my brain thinks it’s an excellent time for working at problems. Especially problems that don’t need to be solved.

It’s really weird. My brain wants to work and I want to sleep so I don’t have to feel tired in the morning when the world around me expect me to go to my real work.
At that time my brain has gone to sleep finally and have very little interest in waking up. My brain says I’ve already solved every problem. I know for a fact that’s not true. So I get up and get to work where my real work is and where people’s real problems are that they want my help to solve.

It might sounds like me and my brain doesn’t agree on this night shifts thing. And yes, it is frustrating with work in the middle of the night. But the good thing is that my brain solves problems and leave the night shifts with a good feeling.

The times problems are not solved I wake up and I know I don’t have to worry about unsolved problems from night shifts. They don’t come back, they vanish and my brain invent new problems to solve in the next shift.

Is this making me weird? Probably! But I have never been anything near “normal”. I tried for about forty years to find out how to be “normal”. Then I gave up and found out it was much more fun being weird me 🙂

But I could do without the night shifts right now. I’m ok though, the shifts doesn’t last that long. I get enough sleep, so I can’t complain really.


Where the whales have ceased to sing

Many of you may know the name Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA, but have you heard of an album named Shapes, they made in the in the 1993 with a Swedish, then 24 years young, singer Josefin Nilsson?

If you haven’t heard that album I can recommend you do that if you want to hear traces of ABBA popsound, beautiful Björn Ulvaeus lyrics, great Josefin Nilsson singing and Benny Anderssons always beautiful harmonies.

It’s a very sad reason I come to remember this album. The, today 46 year young, singer Josefin Nilsson suddenly passed away, I read in the paper this morning. They don’t know what happened yet, more than it may be some kind of surgery consequence, or at least that’s the theory right know.

I really like the album Shapes. But after that album I lost track of her career. Or maybe her direction of the career didn’t went along with what I listen too the years after Shapes.

I actually have interviewed her in the 1990’s when she and her sister and two friends in the group Ainbusk Singers, had a sketch and song show in Stockholm Finnboda varv, a closed down shipbuildning yard. They integrated a traverse in their show and that was cool seeing a young Josefin Nilsson “flying” with a traverse.

At the time I worked on a local radio station just outside Trosa and I often went up to Stockholm to do interviews and go to the theatres to report back to our radio audience.

All I remember from the interview was that I thought this four young girls (but older than me) from The Swedish island Gotland were cool and brave for making their music interest to something they could do for a living.

I didn’t know at all what I would do or wanted to do in my life. I was just scared or unsecure of most things. I hadn’t figured out how to express my art soul back then, at all. That’s another story I maybe tell some other time.

But, Josefin Nilsson in the 1990’s version and her too soon exit from this world, she’s only one year older than me, made me once again realize that life is to short to put on hold.


But also


Here’s some of my favourite Shapes tracks. Id f you find the album and are ABBA fans you should listen to the whole album.

Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing. (official promo) JOSEFIN NILSSON – YouTube

It is a beautiful filmstory in this video.

The Film I’d Like To See – Josefin Nilsson – Shapes – ABBA – YouTube


And some Swedish songs. The first is a duett of Always on my mind with Swedish lyrics. Sad thing: both Totta Näslund and Josefin Nilsson are gone, but their voices will stay with us for a long time.

Josefin Nilsson Totta Näslund – Alltid inom mig – YouTube

Second, the big hit in Sweden in the 1990’s. A song written by Benny Andersson (ABBA) and Josefins sister Marie Nilsson. In this video you can read a English translation of the song. The Swedish title means “love me (for what I am)

Ainbusk (Josefin Nilsson) : Älska mig ( Benny – ABBA) Eng. Subs – YouTube

In this music examples you will hear much of our Swedish melancholy expressed in music.

Enjoy the music and enjoy yourself being alive!


This is a painting with rauks from Gotland. Time stand still, I call the painting.

time stand still/tiden står stilla (500sek)