Trosa Ultra Backyard 2018

Förra året dök det upp massor av löpare längs Trosas ågator och nu är det dags igen. Den 28 april går starten i Trosa Ultra Backyard. Loppet pågår i mer ön ett dygn om det finns löpare som klarar mer än 24 varv.

Last year a lot of runners showed up on the streets in Trosa Sweden. It’s time again. Trosa Ultra Backyard starts April 28 and goes on during more than 24 hours if some runners make more than 24 laps.

En kul och publikvänlig form av lopp. Spännande att följa hur många som orkar ända in till sista varvet.

A fun race to watch. Exciting to see how many that last the final lap.

Här kommer lite info från TUBs hemsida. Gå in där och läs mer.

Here’s some info about the race from TUBs webbsite where you can read more. It’s in Swedish, but maybe it’s possible to translate to your language.

Vad är en Backyard Ultra?
Detta är en annorlunda typ av ultramarathon, där varken tid eller avståndet är förutbestämt.
Loppet sker på en 6706 m slinga som börjar vid 11:00. Nästa start sker på varje heltimme. De löpare som misslyckas med att slutföra ett varv inom en timme kommer att avsluta tävlingen vid senast avklarat varv. Man måste ha klarat av minst ett varv för att vara med på resultatlistan. Löpare som kan fortsätta är delad etta varje varv. Vinnaren kommer att vara den sista löparen som slutför ett varv inom tidsfristen.

What is a Backyard Ultra?
This is a different type of ultramarathon, where neither time nor distance is predetermined.
The race takes place on a 6706m loop starting at 11:00. The next start takes place on each hour. The runners failing to complete a lap within one hour will finish the race at the last completed lap. You must have completed at least one lap to be included in the results list. Runners that can continue are divided one every turn. The winner will be the last runner to complete a lap within the deadline.


I made a drawing inspired from last years race.



Infart Västra Trosa till HFD – News from Save Trosa nature

Hos nättidningen kan du just nu läsa en artikel om hur över hundra fastighetsägare tagit ett ärende om Infart Västra Trosa till högsta förvaltningsdomstolen. För att komma hela vägen krävs prövningstillstånd och det har domstolen ännu inte meddelat.

Hela överklagandet går att läsa här:

Vill du veta mer om planerna kring Infart Västra Trosa kan du besöka Vägval Trosa.

Hela resan fram till begäran om prövningstillstånd tog sin början här:
Låt örnen flyga – Where eagles fly

Hör gärna av till om du också vill hjälpa till att påverka Trosas utveckling i en mer klimatvänlig riktning där naturen och ren luft får större utrymme. Dit kan du också höra av dig om du vill veta mer om arbetet att medverka till en mer klimatsmart utveckling av Trosa.

Save Trosa nature movement is on the local news on the net at It’s about a group of people that wants to save Trosa nature. They have appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court and now waits for a permit that says the court will take on the issue or not.

It all started with this Where eagles fly
And after that every authority instance has refused to take on the big question – is building a new big road and a big exploitation of nature land wise according to the climate change’s issues? They just say this is not our table!

It’s embarrassing for Sweden authorities I say. How can we save climate when our authorities doesn’t want to?


Winter greetings from Trosa Sweden

Jim wanted to see some winter pictures. Don’t ask me why someone wants to see winter pics when so many long for Spring. But as you know, Jim is one of our friendly blogger in the community so of course I show some pics from my city in white.

Freezing temps this weekend. Minus 12 C, but when Spring sun coming up it’s more like 4-5 minus C. 

Have a great start of the week 🙂


Storslagna projekt

Jag hittade en gammal post som blir mer och mer aktuell för Trosas politiker som har drabbats av storhetsvansinne i alla möjliga frågor, men främst beslutet att stå fast vid att bygga en ny stor väg som inte behövs och som kommer att motverka de allt mer angelägna klimatmålen. Så jag postar denna serie igen. Anna

For English version, please visit the post

Warning of grand projects

En bildserie om små män som vill bli störst 🙂

Hur mycket ska Trosa växa – How much growth in Trosa?

Hos den lokala nyhetstidningen kan ni läsa en insändare som jag skrivit. Tidningen har fått ett svar på insändaren. Vad tycker du om frågorna och svaren?
I got a text published in the net local newspaper and the newspaper got an answer from our leading politician. What do you think of the questions and the answer below, a google translation from the Swedish version at


The submitter presents the basis of which municipal council Daniel Portnoff comments.

“I have tried to get answers from Trosa’s leading politicians without success.

A decision in the City Council says that Trosa will grow by 150 people a year, which means a declining percentage increase per year. Municipal council Portnoff says that they expect an increase of the population around 1.5-2% per annum. The investment decision for Infart Västra Trosa indicates that 670 homes will be built in western and southern Trosa to cover the cost of the new road. The municipal council committee Tomas Landskog says that only 10% of the growth will be outside the urban areas.

How does that work?
If the decision in the City Council applies, Trosa only needs to grow by 52 people per year until 2021. Then it may seem unnecessary for taxpayers to pay over 150 million for a new road that neither needs nor meets the climate goals of reduced emissions. In that case, the new road would be built for only 5-15 additional people per year outside urban areas for 134 years.

Preparedness with current rate of increase
If the population increase instead is 1.5% per year, we get twice as many in 46 years. If the population increase is 2%, we are twice as many already in 35 years. Do we have prepared for an early doubling of 11 years? Are we prepared to even double in 46 years? During the fall of 2017 it was found that Trosa has grown by 4% during the year. If that rhythm persists, it would mean that we become twice as many already in 17 years. Do we have prepared for the rapid increase?

In order to further confuse the number exercises, I add to the task of Tomas Landskog that 10% of growth should be outside the urban areas. Based on the 670 housing decisions of the financing decision and 3 people per home, I come to the following results.

Long payment time
If Trosa is to grow by 150 people a year, it means that the 670 resettlement income of the financing decision takes 134 years to get in. It’s a long time for taxpayers to lend money for a road, which only 10% of a future population is said to need, but everyone has to pay for. Or, the growth rate outside the urban area means that today’s politicians have planned housing for 134 years in the future. Or, the 10% task entails that Trosa is expected to grow with 6700 homes in total, which would mean an increase of 20,100 people in total. Period unknown.

So my question remains: How much is Trosa to grow?

Quick exposure in the exponential effect: Begin with the number 70 (year) and share the growth rate figure. Growth of 10% means a doubling effect of 7 years. (70/10 = 7)

Learn more about the impact of the exponential effect here:

Anna Bohlin

We contacted Daniel Portnoff to comment on the sender. He responded as follows:

“In 1992, Trosa municipality had 9894 inhabitants. By the end of 2016 we were 12,447. Population growth has thus been around 110 people a year, though it has varied over time. Some years it has fallen slightly and in other years it has increased by more than 300 This is mainly due to the business cycle.

We live in a free country with extensive legislation in the housing sector. Overall, the Swedish housing market works poorly. We would need a comprehensive review of large parts of housing policy at national level to get a better functioning housing market.

As local politicians, we try to do our best to ensure a housing production where all forms of return are available and the entire municipality is part of balanced growth.

In a growing municipality, we get a growing economy and properly managed to improve our ability to have great ambitions in terms of quality and supply in our municipal service to citizens. Population growth also creates better conditions for other services and a well-functioning labor market.

Nobody knows how the future will look and how the economy will be in terms of housing construction. However, a reasonable assumption is that the whole of Trosa municipality will continue to grow somewhere between 150 to 200 inhabitants per year for the next 10 years. But it will vary over time.

One thing I know. It is as well not the city council that determines how many inhabitants we become. There are a lot of individual decisions that control the development of a free country to a very high extent. On the other hand, the municipal council in a municipality where more people want to live can take responsibility for housing and plan for future growth. We try to do that and are sure to ensure broad political agreement over the block limit on these issues. “

Daniel Portnoff, Municipal Council


Tisdag 2 januari 2018 kl.18:30 visar Lagnö filmklubb filmen Tomorrow. En dokumentär om ett alternativt och mer hållbart sätt att leva än det liv de flesta av oss är vana vid.

Varmt välkomna till en avgiftsfri filmvisning på Lagnö filmklubb, Studio Lagnö.

The film club at Studio Lagnö in Trosa Sweden starts with the movie Tomorrow. A film about how to live in another way that most of us are used to.

If you’re nearby Trosa Sweden Tuesday the 2 January you are most welcome to see the movie with us. We start 18:30.


White Christmas?

Does this count as a white Christmas?

Or is it just a foggy Christmas?


December 17 2017 actually some sun today :)

Not much, but as good as it can get this time of year.

Happy Sunday to you all!


News From save Trosa Nature December 2017

In the local newspaper on the internet, you can read a debate text about the new big road project. It’s in Swedish, so I translated the text to English further down in this post.

Hos, den lokala tidningen på nätet kan ni läsa en debattext om Infart Västra Trosa som tar upp kommunens bristande information till invånarna om de ekonomiska konsekvenser som kan komma att drabba skattebetalarna.

Vill ni hjälpa till att uppmärksamma frågeställningen kan ni även besöka fb-sidorna Itrosa och Mötesplats 0156 där det ligger inlägg som hänvisar till artikeln. Lämna gärna ett avtryck där för att ge inläggen uppmärksamhet om ni tycker frågan behöver mer debatt.

Glöm heller inte att själv agera genom att lämna dina synpunkter till Trafikverket före 9 januari 2018. Läs även mer på InformationTrosa.

Here’s the English google translate text:

Many questions have been asked for Trosa’s municipal politicians when it comes to The new big road in Trosa. So far no responses have been received, either in terms of funding, the climate issue or who really needs the entrance.
Let’s look at the funding of the entrance. According to the roadmap, which is now under review for Trafikverket’s website, the cost is estimated at 155 MSEK (16 million EUR or 18,4 million USD). How will the municipality of Trosa manage to pay its share, SEK 93 million, and in addition, advance the Traffic Administration’s share, SEK 62 million?

Certainly, Trosa municipality has informed that the entrance fee is to be paid with development fees on all plots belonging to western and southern Trosa. To pay for the road, 670 residential areas and municipal land needed for industrial activities at Trosaporten are sold.

How much exploitation fees have been received? In March this year, an agreement has been signed with landowners in Smedstorp, 95 houses with a fee of SEK 100,000, an additional agreement with one
landowner who has received advance notice on four plots. For the rest of the exploitation income there is great uncertainty. The landlord’s whims and residents’ strong opposition to the exploitation of Trosa’s attractive archipelago nature is blocking this uncertainty.

Who wants to live in the middle of a 25m high energy-pile forest? It will be difficult to find accommodation for the 60 houses, far from the service providers’ services, even though building permits are obtained. Large uncertainty also prevails around the 100 homes planned in the archipelago, as the area is covered by beach protection and holds great natural values.

The industrial land the municipality intends to sell is water-soft and inappropriate to build on. What then remains than borrowing? Trosa Municipality is the country’s thirteenth most indebted municipality
and is now risking taking additional loans.

For who is this road built? Who’s serving it?
The entrance is supposed to relieve traffic in central Trosa. The entrance is also intended for use by those who will move to western Trosa and Tureholm Peninsula. Since 670 homes in western Trosa are planned with the Tureholm Peninsula, traffic in central Trosa will increase instead of decreasing. If the target point for the new entrants is not central Trosa, instead, you will use Västerljung road. If you want to visit central Trosa, you do not choose the new big road as it opens onto Åda road far from central Trosa, in height with
Bråta street.

What need of the new road do you that live in Trosa city center have of the entrance? What are your needs in Vagnhärad and Västerljung of the new road? The municipality uses you as a taxpayer to pay the loans on the new road.

Who’s gains on the new road? The only ones who gains something from on the new big road are the landowners who want to transform their woodland or farmland to exploitation land.

Think about this and give your comments on Trafikverket’s website / Road 782/218 before January 9, 2018.

Trosa in December 2017
Ingrid Benson

If you want to support the Save Trosa nature efforts please visit the fb pages itrosa 

and mötesplats 0156 where this debate text is linked.

Toghether all around the world we can make a positive diffrence and make our politicians finally start to listen 🙂

For love of Trosa nature. Don’t build that road. We don’t need it. It is as simple as that.


Christmas lights :)

This picture is taken a bit after 16:00 this evening. It’s pitch dark both in afternoon and morning now in Sweden. It’s hard to stay awake when it’s dark outside. But soon it’s getting lighter again. 


Kayak river

I think this is a nice view. Three kayaks near water. Makes me wish it was Spring again soon.

Yes its pure daylight in Sweden in November. Not very light daylight 😉

But very soon it’s time for Christmas lights and then it gets a little more lighten up.

And after that it’s not long til winter solstice and after that it’s almost Spring 🙂


News from Save Trosa nature movement 

One of my Save Trosa nature friends has written an excellent debate piece that one of the local papers SN published.

You can read it in English in the comments over at:

Om du hellre läser svenska finns den i sin helhet på samma länk. Eller på

If you want to support our efforts to save Trosa nature please visit the blog InformationTrosa and leave a like and/or a comment if you have something to say. Projects that go against climate changes goals are a concern for everyone not just a few people who happens to live near such projects.

Om du vill stödja våra försök att rädda Trosas natur och få politikerna att tänka mer klimatsmart får du gärna besöka informationTrosa och lämna ett gilla och/eller en kommentar om du vill säga något. Klimatfrågan berör oss alla oavsett var vi bor. Den här frågan är därför inte längre bara lokal utan global. 



Vitalismålningen – the Vitalis painting by Ljunggren

This is a photo of a wall painting by Reinhold Ljunggren a painter from the 1900’s who lived in Trosa for a while and painted lots of Trosa houses and landscapes. But he also did this big painting. It’s a wall in one of the schools in Trosa, Vitalisskolan that have this beautiful painting.

In the picture you see the famous lighthouse outside Trosa city called Christmas lighthouse (Julaftons fyr), the old school that someone tragically burned down long time ago, the church bell tower and the Tureholm castle.

I really like this painting. I saw it almost everyday in myschool days, hundred years ago, but I still remember it and the painting is great inspiration.

Den här bilden visar en väggmålning som Trosamålaren Reinhold Ljunggren gjorde när Vitalisskolan i Trosa byggdes. Den fyller en hel vägg i matsalen. På den kan vi se Julaftons fyr, gamla skolan som sorgligt nog någon brände ner, klockstapeln vid Trosa kyrka och Tureholms slott.

 Jag såg den här väggen varje dag för hundra åt sedan när jag gick i den skolan. Bilden ligger fortfarande kvar tydligt i minnet och inspirerar mig fortfarande väldigt mycket.


So it’s official…

… I woke up to this 

Winter seems to be here now. Yes, it is that white stuff you see that isn’t supposed to come earlier than December!

But inside is warm and I keep myself near the fireplace, so I have nothing to complain about.

Have a nice evening you all!