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TUB two new Swedish records 2018

Trosa Ultra Backyard ended with two new Swedish records. Womens new record 32 laps, 215 km. Mens new record 38 laps, 255 km. That's 32 and 38 hours of running! Great race to watch. All those who participated have my deepest respect. I wouldn't cope more than one lap or maybe half a lap. Here's… Continue reading TUB two new Swedish records 2018

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Reblogs and linkbacks

This seems to be a touchy subject, but I take the risk. Jason/OM at HarsHReaLiTy and Danny at Dream big dream often  says; sharing is caring. They're right, when we share each other's posts by linkbacks and reblogs. When we do that we automatically give credit to the author of the post we are referring… Continue reading Reblogs and linkbacks

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Morning sky

Nature beauty capture with an old but full working phone camera. I like quiet mornings 🙂 Anna

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What do you do?

I'm out of ideas! Help me! Anna

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Apple blossom

We're not there yet, but almost. I did this appel blossom tree last Spring.  The wind is playing in the tree 🙂 Anna