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More from Frustuna Church – mer från Frustuna kyrka

If you ever go to Sweden and the place Gnesta you might wish to visit Frustuna church.A Beautiful place for peace in your soul. Garden surroundings are lovely this time of year. Om du någongång styr din kosa till Gnesta kan du vilja besöka Frustuna kyrka. En vacker plats att finna själslig ro i. Omgivningarna… Continue reading More from Frustuna Church – mer från Frustuna kyrka

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Snow in April! Aprilsnö!

It's snowing here and it's April 11. Swedish Springweather sometimes. Snö i april. Våren får väl vänta lite till. Anna

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Hitta ut Gnesta Frustuna kyrka – beautiful church place

Nu har Hittaut säsongstartat på flera orter i landet. Jag har letat kontroller i Gnesta och passade då på att besöka Frustuna kyrka som ligger vackert vid sjön och bjuder på en rofylld plats att vandra omkring i.  I've been to Frustuna church in Gnesta recently. It's a beautiful place near a lake. It's a… Continue reading Hitta ut Gnesta Frustuna kyrka – beautiful church place

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Look what I found – titta vad jag hittade

Cleaning spaces could be fun sometimes when you find nostalgia. I was young(er) in the eighties and The kids from Fame tv serie was something I never missed on tv. Back then we only had two channels and no vhs.  Städa i sina gömmor kan innebära nostalgiska fynd. På åttiotalet var jag yngre än idag… Continue reading Look what I found – titta vad jag hittade

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Fun with snow – Kul med snö

Take some watercolor, add some water and you can make color art in snow 🙂 Leta rätt på vattenfärger, lägg till vatten och du kan göra färgrann snökonst 🙂 A Miro inspiration painting and family of Barbapapa 🙂 En Miroinspirerad målning och familjen Barbapapa 🙂 Snow can be fun!  Snö är kul ibland! Vad gör… Continue reading Fun with snow – Kul med snö

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Konstens vecka 2020 i Trosa – Artweek in Trosa Sweden

Art week in Trosa Sweden. Welcome! Konstens vecka i Trosa. Välkommen! Anna

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Bloggers sail around the world

This is a repost of a previous post but I still think it's accurate. We bloggers are internet sailors. We try to reach the world by, kind of, sailing around the world, without leaving our own enviroment. We don't need an expensive big boat to cross the ocean. We don't have to fix what's broken… Continue reading Bloggers sail around the world

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What butterfly? Vilken fjäril?

Found this today and I have no clue what name the butterfly has. Do you know which species of butterfly it is? Idag fann jag denna fjäril men har ingen aning om vilken fjärilsart det är. Vet du? Anna

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It’s everywhere! – Det är överallt!

C markt, C-märkt, Vinegar, ättikssprit, cinnamon, kanel, yarn, garn Everywhere I go where I live we find C stuff. Isn't it creepy? Var jag än går där jag bor finner vi C-märkta saker. Lite läskigt va? I hope you all are okay in this trying times. Jag hoppas ni har det bra i dessa prövotider.… Continue reading It’s everywhere! – Det är överallt!

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Not a fun April 1 joke – inget kul första aprilskämt :(

Today when I was about to charge my ipad batteries iPad crashes! Idag när jag skulle ladda min ipad kraschade den! No fun at all. Everything disappeared. Inget kul alls. Allt försvann. Noooo I didn't copied before crash. I know, it's stupid. But here I am with nothing. I just have to start over. Maybe… Continue reading Not a fun April 1 joke – inget kul första aprilskämt 😦

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Mother Nature fighting a big virus?

Can it be like this, the weird times we all experience now? Mother Nature has discovered the big C on her body, planet Earth. The Covid-19 virus helps her to get rid of the big C by fighting the deadly big C cells that eating her body up. I guess you already know who the… Continue reading Mother Nature fighting a big virus?

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How are you? Hur har ni det?

Sending you some big pastel hearts and hope you are all okay in this peculiar time. We are very small when even smaller organisms is spreading around the world. I hope you will make it through this trying times. Sänder er några stora pastellhjärtan och hoppas att ni alla har det bra dessa märkliga tider.… Continue reading How are you? Hur har ni det?

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First blogger ever?

Do you know his name?   He started his blog all alone.   Then he searched and gain one follower.   Slowly he founded more followers.   After a while he gained a whole bunch of followers, who in return recomended many more to follow the first blogger ever.   The blogger wandered his own… Continue reading First blogger ever?

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Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

I grew up in the seventies and in Sweden that ment two things. This man stopped Sweden when TV broadcasted his down hill races. Everyone watched and wanted him to win. He won a lot. After his races the days could go back to normal again. Of course I got a puzzle like many other… Continue reading Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

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Cinnamon bun day – kanelbullens dag October 4 

Don't forget it's cinnamon bun day in Sweden October 4. It's a nice day 🙂 I made gluten free cinnamon buns yesterday that tasted good so I saved some for the cinnamon bun day. Kanelbullens dag firar jag med glutenfria kanelbullar som jag gjorde igår. De smakade bra så de får duga till kanelbullens dag.… Continue reading Cinnamon bun day – kanelbullens dag October 4