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Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

I grew up in the seventies and in Sweden that ment two things. This man stopped Sweden when TV broadcasted his down hill races. Everyone watched and wanted him to win. He won a lot. After his races the days could go back to normal again. Of course I got a puzzle like many other… Continue reading Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

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Cinnamon bun day – kanelbullens dag October 4 

Don't forget it's cinnamon bun day in Sweden October 4. It's a nice day 🙂 I made gluten free cinnamon buns yesterday that tasted good so I saved some for the cinnamon bun day. Kanelbullens dag firar jag med glutenfria kanelbullar som jag gjorde igår. De smakade bra så de får duga till kanelbullens dag.… Continue reading Cinnamon bun day – kanelbullens dag October 4 

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Henkes glassbil – Henkes icecreamtruck

Sommarens godaste glass hittar jag i Järna-trakten. Har ni vägarna förbi Järna eller Saltå kvarn kan ni ha tur att glassbilen står där. Googla Henkes glassbil och läs mer på hans fb-sida. Best icecream of this Summer is from a icecreamtruck called Henkes glassbil. If you want to read more google Henkes glassbil and you… Continue reading Henkes glassbil – Henkes icecreamtruck

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Bookmark from the 1970’s I think

I think my parents found this on one of their England travels. I like it and still use it as bookmark. Anna

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8 Simple Tips For Living A Better Life With MS (or any disease really)

Excellent tips! Maybe it is good new years resolutions even for those of us who don´t have diseases. Happy new healthy year!
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8 Simple Tips For Living A Better Life With MS

My symptoms began in 2007 while I was on vacation in Florida. Little did I know at that time that my world would change forever with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I have experienced an array of symptoms and have found some fairly successful habits I have used to help offset the side effects of MS. Here are some simple tips for living a better life with MS:

Walk every day

One of the goals I have for myself is to walk every single day without exception. Evelina and I have a dog and he requires being walked which guarantees I’ll be outside at some point taking a stroll. For those who cannot walk I recommend standing up and sitting down or maybe doing leg and arm lifts. Even if you are confined to a wheelchair, you can do some…

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Christmas story part 2

Repost from 2017  Picture Source unknown. Have a merry little Christmas or a big Christmas if you like that better 🙂 Anna

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Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

Repost from 2016 Not many days left to Christmas now. The Christmas songs echoing in my head constantly. This is one of them. A Swedish classic Christmas song. You can read a translation below the Swedish text. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwxRSQUnf-I av Edvard Evers Jul, jul, strålande jul, glans över vita skogar, himmelens kronor med gnistrande ljus. glimmande… Continue reading Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

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Anna Day Anna-dagen December 9

This is a repost from 2016. Det här inlägget går i repris från 2016. Do you have name days? We have it in Sweden and today it's Anna day 😀 Anna Day means this in Sweden according to Wikipedia Google translation of wikipedia text: "type Feast Date December 9 Geography and Christians alike Tradition Stockfish… Continue reading Anna Day Anna-dagen December 9

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Insändare i itrosa.se november 2018

Nu har jag skrivit insändare igen. Denna gången har den lokala nättidningen itrosa.se publicerat den. Läs den gärna genom att besöka itrosa.se, en tidning öppen för alla att läsa. Där kan ni passa på att läsa om annat som händer i Trosatrakten också. Insändaren handlar om bygglovsfrågor och hur kommunen hanterar sådana. Anna

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Butternut squash soppa/soup

Leslie asked for a recipe and here it is: Butternut squash soppa/soup 1,5 kg/52.8 oz/3.3 lb butternut squash 2 äpplen/apples 2 vitlöksklyftor/garlic cloves 3,5 cm/1.37795 inches färsk ingefära/fresh ginger 2 msk/2 tbl/1 fluid oz olivolja/olive oil 1 liter/1000 ml/1.06 liquid quart vatten/water 1 dl/100 ml/0.106 liquid quart grädde/cream 2 dl/200 ml/0.212 liquid quart fläderblomssaft/elderberry juice… Continue reading Butternut squash soppa/soup

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What shall I do with… vad ska jag göra av denna?

I bought this pumpkin. It looked delicious in the store.  Jag köpte denna pumpa i affären eftersom den såg så god ut. But now I can't decide what to do with it. Any suggestions? Men nu kan jag inte bestämma mig för vad jag ska göra av den. Några förslag? By the way, I found… Continue reading What shall I do with… vad ska jag göra av denna?

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The C-train

I went over to aspi.blog for a visit and read this post http://aspi.blog/2018/10/13/the-big-c/ That post got to me, so I did the only thing I could think of to do to support. A drawing. If you want to say a support Hi to Thomas at aspi.blog, please stop by the post http://aspi.blog/2018/10/13/the-big-c/ and just say… Continue reading The C-train

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Bloggers sail around the world

This is a repost of a previous post but I still think it's accurate. We bloggers are internet sailors. We try to reach the world by, kind of, sailing around the world, without leaving our own enviroment. We don't need an expensive big boat to cross the ocean. We don't have to fix what's broken… Continue reading Bloggers sail around the world

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I’m a bad blogger or not?

Stats have humour I say. My stats look like this and I say it's quite ok for this year and previous years too compared to how much time and effort I have been able to give the blog. This year shows around 25000 views. But I read a post over at Jason at HarshReaLiTy and… Continue reading I’m a bad blogger or not?

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Noooooo not yet!!!!!! Neeeeej inte än!!!!!

Minus 0,5 C is 31,1 F. It's still September and that's a Fall month here. Or should be at least. I'm not ready for minus degrees yet. Some parts of Sweden up north already have minus degrees five days in a row and that means winter in meteorology terms. Brrrr! Minusgrader redan i september. Det… Continue reading Noooooo not yet!!!!!! Neeeeej inte än!!!!!