Did I win or did I lost?

Last week I bought some strawberries at the street market. I pass by almost every day but when I want some strawberries I stop and buy some. 

In our town we often say Hi to the people we meet weather we know them or not. That gives a nice atmosphere in the city, or village may be more correct to say about our little town. That habit also (for me) means that I want to be able to face people I say Hi to almost every day without guilty feelings.
Last week when I bought some strawberries it was a stressful time for the strawberries salesman and he sold the strawberries too cheap without knowing it. It was the day before midsummer holiday and everyone wants strawberries then, so they had much to do that day selling strawberries.

This week when I stopped by for another buy of strawberries I said to him “last time you sold the strawberries too cheap. I owe you 30 sek” (that’s 3 eur or 3,5 usd). He didn’t know what to answer, I got to choose how I wanted to do. I said I wanted him to have that 30 sek. He thanked me several times for my honesty.

So, did I win or did I lost something? 

I see them everyday day standing there trying to sell fine strawberries, fruits and vegetables no matter what the weather is like. I know you don’t get rich on a business like that in our area. So the missing 30 sek was much more for him than it was for me. 

My selfish me also says that I hate to feel guilty. If I know something is wrong I want to correct it if I can. In this case I could, so I did that.

Did I loose 30 sek? Or did I actually won something else for that 30 sek that I could have saved by not telling the salesman about his misstake?

If we want to live in a peaceful world we have to start with our selves. If I’m honest maybe I can inspire other to be honest too.

I did this painting sime years ago. I call it peace FM 🙂 we have to share the world equally and be nice to each other.



Do I sell my art?

Yes I do.

At Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna you can check out my little internet store.

If your eyes catch some of my art, that you might be interested in, please let me know.

The store don’t show every piece of art, that’s for sale. If you have found something on my blog, that’s interesting for you. Please let me know.

I sell my art because;

I want to give room for making new art pieces

I like when my art find new homes

I like when people like my art 😉

I don’t paint on order, but I have done some art work inspired by wishes of me making art to a specific person or with a specific theme.

I will not promote my art for sale on my blog often. I think my blog is for enjoying art without a feeling of “oh, she just want to sell her art”.

But I get the “do you sell your art” question now and then, so this post is the answer to that question 😉


Save time/Spara tid (for sale/till salu)

Dagbrott/Open pit

We have an amazing group of people in my town Trosa who thinks we need some good theatre in our town now and then. They are very right about that and all year around the see to that theatre tours make a stop in Trosa once in a while.

The Trosa Riksteaterförening made it happen this time too. The drama piece Dagbrott, in English Open pit was given this Friday and me and some friends went there.

Dagbrott Riksteatern

The story or stories were told through three actors in shifting characters. They even get to draw their scenery on a big piece of paper. That was cool. Not so cool to waste so much paper and therefore woods of course, but besides that it was a cool idea.

The drama was about the mining conflicts in Scandinavian. A very sad and nature destroying kind of Klondike. Furtune-hunters with big money and big mouths come here to Scaninavia and search for minerals. The search and the exploration don’t cost them much, the state taking care of that. They dream big in the wrong way. The companies promise there will be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of jobs if they find promising mineral areas.

When State here that, they loose their compass totally. Suddenly all environmental laws and protection against destroying nature are set aside.
They do everything they can to make the fortune hunters big dream come true despite all warning signs of a grandiose project that will go very wrong. Despite the fact that many citizens do everything they can to put a stop for the madness.

The grandiose mining projects so far has been too many and far far too much nature destroying. The wounds in nature are in some places unrecoverable.

But the drama did show all the angles of the issue. We didn’t left the theatre that evening with one simple answer to all the questions that the mining invasion produce. We had to go home and think for ourselves.

Is it always wrong to have mines? How else do we get the metals for our digital devices? Our cars? With what shall we put up our houses with if we don’t have nails. Our lamps, our tools, all kitchen devices…you get the picture.

But on the other hand, can we invent other things that can replace things that demands mining products?

The drama shows how the mineral search madness affect all people, not just locals, the mining company people or those who try to protest against the companies plans.

It’s not just a super serious drama with no laughter. They tell the stories with an elegant mix of seriousness and comedy. They do it well.

If you’re near one of their tour stops I can recommend the play. It’s in Swedish and Sami and also a little Norwegian and actually some English too, very little though.

If you don’t have the possibility to get to the theatres they visiting on their tour you can always check out two programs at Sveriges Radio if you understand Swedish. They talk about the same issues as the drama does.

Maxida Märak
Po Tidholm
If you’re in Sweden you can watch TV program that search for answers why the Swedish countryside always have to step aside when big city issues are on the agenda.

In Trosa we have our own grandiose project madness. Our politicians has gone mad and lost their compass. They are so in love with one very big land owner who wants to make another billion by tearing nature down and build lots of houses. His company has promised the politicians to pay a great deal of the cost for a big road that they want to go through great nature of protection. The politicians don’t say anything about this to the citizens.

They only promise better times if we grow bigger. So far this growing has given us higher taxes, higher debts and higher pollution. We will probably end up like the unrecoverable areas where mining projects has failed. No nature left, no clean air and even higher debts and less social services. They are exactly as blind as politicians who lose their compass when they hear job promises.

I wrote a lot about this and will continue to do so. I know that nature will save us when Mother Earth start sending us bigger bills for our constant nature destroying way of life. The ones who make billions of destroying nature will not save us, they will be long gone at that moment.


I’m sorry for the rant. But it breaks my heart to see how stupid we humans act when it comes to nature. We are NOT the most intelligent species on earth, I think it’s the other way around. We don’t have a clue about the meaning of life on earth.

Here’s some paintings I did couple of years ago.


Drilling for oil

Emerald mining

To break patterns

This painting is for me about breaking patterns. Do you have that expression in your language? In Swedish break patterns is “bryta mönster”.

By that we mean break old and maybe even bad habits.
You have probably felt stuck in old habits sometime, or felt anxious about doing something else than you usually do. I think you know what I’m referring to.

But what if we all one day should wake up and crash that old boring and locked pattern. What if we all wake up and open our eyes and see our need for nature instead of that pieces of paper we call money.

How would we change our thinking then? What if we all realized it’s not that piece of paper that’s gonna save us from huge climate changes. What if we could see it’s the trees that provides us with the material to the money that will save us?

How hard can it be to break old unmodern thinking patterns really? We think we can rule the world, but we don’t think we can change our thinking. Isn’t that weird?

Our ice land masses at north and south Pole are melting faster than we are able to change our thinking. Isn’t that a wake up call or what?

We can do better, or have our brains frozen? Is that why our Poles are melting?


The first blog post

In June 3, 2012 I wrote my very first blog post

Today I came across another first blog post

That post took me back in time. I remembered when I did my first post whitout having a clue of what journey I began. What an amazing trip around the world so far.

The first years I didn’t get the idea of interacting with other bloggers. Then about a year ago or so I found OM/Jasons blog and then I started to realize how nice and helpful bloggers are if you interact with them.

So good luck everyone who’s about to write the first post. Do it and jump in the pool of blog happiness 🙂

How did your very first post look like?
If you haven’t written it yet, do it!
Leave a link in the comments.


To climb mountains 

Where do you wanna go?

Or which places do you want people to visit?

This is a promote and meet&greet opportunity for you in several ways.

Where do you wanna go?
Do you have dream destinations you wanna share with us, then do so in the comments. Maybe you find those who have been there or also want to go there, maybe someone have tips for you.

Which place do you want people to visit?
Do you live in a place that depends on tourism and you want people to se the best place in the world, that happens to be your town or country. Tell us in the comments. Maybe we come visit your country or town someday because of your tip.

You can also make a post on your blog about your favourite place to go or a place you want people to visit. Leave a link in the comments.

I, myself, is a person with constant to little time for almost everyting. I travel in my mind but very seldom i.r.l. Maybe someday I should change that and actually go se the world instead of staying home almost all the time.

When I’m no longer need to take so much time for work, then I maybe find some time to think of where I wanna go for some vacation travelling. That would be nice.

But until then, I’m happy travelling here on wp and meet all you guys almost every day. That’s a very nice way to see the world.


To sail around the world


Skip Rio, Trosa (Sweden) is the place 😉

Art in Trosa Easter 2016

Nu kan du läsa om årets konstrunda i Trosa på nättidningen itrosa.se.

Du hittar artikeln här.

If you want to read about art weekend in Trosa (in Swedish) or just look at the pictures you can find the article from itrosa.se here.

I’m not one of the artists, but you can always see what my town can do in art 🙂

I participated the first year and these paintings found new homes that weekend.

Happy easter!


And a canvas print of this painting


Easter in Trosa Art weekend

Since 2013 we celebrate Easter in Trosa with Art exhibitions everywhere in Trosa, Västerljung and Vagnhärad. Artists open up their places for people to visit and watch their Art pieces.

This kind of Art events started in south of Sweden many years ago.

It’s a nice way of walking around in our little towns and villages in our municipality.

No, I don’t participate in this event, but I did the first year. You can read about that year here:


In the picture no 33 (if I counted right) you can see a picture of me and two of my painter friends. I’m the one to the right.
If you’re planning to visit Trosa this Easter you can check out this exhibit catalog:


I can brag about being the artist that sold the very first paiting ever in is event (if they haven’t change that story). There’s an exhibition hall where every artist that participate in the event have one art piece each hanging. At that place my painting in 2013 was the first one sold. It was a canvas print of this painting.


to climb a mountain

Happy Easter 🙂


Bloggers sail around the world

We bloggers are internet sailors. We try to reach the world by, kind of, sailing around the world, without leaving our own enviroment.

We don’t need an expensive big boat to cross the ocean. We don’t have to fix what’s broken on a boat after a hard saling in full storm. We don’t even have to feel alone, if we don’t want to, of course.

Our posts is like new harbor arrivals. We meet new people and people we met before. We meet and greet and then sail away to discover new blogs.

After a couple of rounds around the world we may notice that we’ve been in several countries and maybe more countries, than we’ve thought.

The stats show us which countries our blog visitors are from. Though I’ve learned that not every view counts in the stats, so the stats tells us a number that’s below our real numbers. So if you think your stats isn’t correct, you actually can be totally right.

My stats says that visitors from 38 countries have read my blog. That’s amazing to me. I very seldom visit other countries IRL, so it’s really fun being connected with the world like this, instead. Suits me very well, and it’s really nice “meeting” all of you and read your blogs 🙂

So keep internet sailing with your blogs and we soon meet again in the comments harbors 😀


To sail,around the world

She said no! #inktober 28 october 2015


Thumbup’s post:

It’s melting! It’s melting! If all the ice melts.


and other stop destroying our planet thoughts made me do this drawing.

Mother Earth is as fragile as any human being. Why can’t we understand that?


Man and the environment/människan och miljön

Man and the environment forms not always a good combination.

The other day I received a link tips horrible images in which humans messed up the environment and oneself.

You can see for yourself here. http://www.boredpanda.com/pollution-china/

How can we humans think so crazy and then do not understand that we need to rethink at once?

Now and then I take up the theme of the environment and people in my paintings. Here you can see Extracting oil and Mining gems. No mood-pictures, but maybe they set off the alarm clock in our environment slumbering …

Människan och miljön bildar inte alltid en lyckad kombination.

Här om dagen fick jag ett länktips på förfärliga bilder där människan ställt till det för miljön och sig själv.

Ni kan se själva här. http://www.boredpanda.com/pollution-china/

Hur kan vi människor tänka så galet och sedan inte förstå att vi måste tänka om genast?

Jag tar då och då upp temat miljö och människa i mina tavlor. Här kan ni se Att utvinna olja och Att bryta ädelstenar. Inga humörhöjande bilder, men kanske sätter de igång väckarklockan i vårt miljöslumrande…


Att utvinna olja 500 sek

Att bryta ädelstenar 500 sek

Att göra skillnad/make difference


This picture is about making peace by starting with ourselfs. We all have different ways to achieve this. To include not exclude. A challenge for us all.

Read more at http://goraskillnad.nu/. (Don’t know if there’s a english version, but check it ou, you might find english text)

Jag läste om ett intressant initiativ. En uppmaning att börja göra skillnad. Varje människa kan med små medel göra vägval bort ifrån eller till något i gemensam riktning. Ni kan läsa mer här på http://goraskillnad.nu/.
Den här bilden handlar just om att gräva där vi står. Att börja med sig själv och påverka sin närhet, som i sin tur kan starta en kedjereaktion eller ringar på vattnet som breder ut sig.

Skapa jämlikhet och peace fm mellan oss människor och även vår moder jord och därmed naturen.

Hur vi når dit har vi alla olika uppfattning om, men vi kan alla försöka på vårt eget vis att inkludera istället för att exkludera. En utmaning för oss alla tror jag.

Nature is speaking

Can we people seriously assert our intelligence when we are well into the 2000s still think the world revolves around our ego-axis and not around the planet?

Kan vi människor på allvar hävda vår intelligens när vi långt in på 2000-talet fortfarande tror att världen snurrar kring vår ego-axel och inte kring planetens?
Can we seriously argue that we have great insight of all things present when we still consume the world’s resources without any thought of not disturbing the cycle. We seem to only think in terms of growth and consumption, do not at all mean the same thing as regeneration and recycling.

Kan vi på fullt allvar hävda att vi har stor insikt alltings varande när vi fortfarande konsumerar upp jordens resurser utan minsta tanke på att inte störa kretsloppet. Vi verkar bara tänka i termer tillväxt och konsumtion, som inte alls betyder samma sak som återväxt och kretslopp.
Can we really claim that we keep the focus on essentials when we seem fully occupied with invading countries, defend the country, extracting oil and break stones? We do not seem to have understood nothing of all life on earth has the same right to stay on our planet.

Kan vi verkligen hävda att vi håller fokus på väsentligheter när vi verkar fullt upptagna med att invadera länder, försvara länder, utvinna olja och bryta ädelstenar? Vi verkar inte ha förstått någonting av att allt liv på jorden har samma rätt att vistas på vår planet.

In a series of films, nature has given voice, saying all that we should have understood long ago. We humans, who tells us to be so enlightened.
I en serie filmer har naturen fått röst och säger allt det där vi borde ha förstått för länge sedan. Vi människor, som säger oss vara så upplysta.

See the short film when Mother Nature speaks with Julia Roberts’ voice. Never before has humanity seemed so small and insignificant and nature so grand and powerful.

We can choose to be part of nature and interact with it or put us next to and believe that we can rule over it. What do you choose?

Se kortfilmen när Mother Nature talar med Julia Roberts röst. Aldrig har mänskligheten framstått så liten och obetydlig och naturen så storslagen och mäktig.

Vi kan välja att ingå i naturen och samspela med den eller ställa oss bredvid och tro att vi kan härska över den. Vad väljer du?

In my pictures below, I have chosen to dress Mother Earth in human form to show how badly we make Mother Earth with our conflicts and consumptions.

Do we really want to hurt Mother Earth like this in the future?

I mina bilder nedan har jag valt att klä Moder Jord i människogestalt för att visa hur illa vi gör Moder Jord med våra konflikter och resursutvinnande.

Vill vi verkligen göra Moder Jord så här ont även i framtiden?






Att korsa nordpolen/to reach the north pole


Some of you may have seen this painting before on my blog.
For me the picture is about mans struggle, for what?
Some of us walk and walk and walk and still we don’t reach what we wish for.
Do we always choose the right way? I mean the north pole, do we really have to reach such a goal? Some people throught history have tried and succeeded, other failed.

The author Bea Uusma has written a book about three swedish men who tried to reach the north pole with a ballon, but did not make it.

Jag har precis nyligen tagit mig genom issörja, halkat på glaciärer, frusit halvt ihjäl, försökt komma undan vinden, den mest iskalla vind vädret kan skapa. Jag har längtat hem, grälat med de som också vandrar med myrsteg över vita människoöde vidder nästan längst upp på jordklotet. Jag har ätit, mått dåligt, mått bra, jag har skjutit björn, mås och säl. Jag har dött, jag har begravt, jag har suttit på vakt. Jag har antecknat, jag har tänkt, jag har navigerat. Jag har ångrat mig, jag har kämpat vidare i fast tro på att klara livhanken på alla i följet. Jag har rott, jag har åkt luftballong, jag har sett natt och dag gå ihop till oskiljaktighet.

Eller….egentligen har jag bara helt enkelt läst en mycket spännande bok i ett ämne jag inte ens trodde intresserade mig. Författaren Bea Uusma tar läsaren igenom alla vedermödor både hon och Andrees expedition råkar ut för. Det går inte att tappa intresset under läsningens gång. När jag läst färdigt insåg jag att jag faktiskt målat en tavla kring ämnet utan att jag då tänkte på det.

Varför ger vi oss ut på vansinnesäventyr ibland? Kanske måste vi det, eller handlar det bara om äregirighet? Tror vi oss kunna besegra naturens starka krafter? Eller vill vi se hur långt vi klarar att stå emot dem? Kanske söker vi ursprung? Kanske flyr vi? Kanske söker vi osökbara svar?

Hur som helst kan jag rekommendera boken. Välj gärna ursprungsboken framför pocketversionen. Den senare har inte samma bildmaterial, som ursprungsboken.
Ni kan hitta boken här (adlibris) eller här(bokus), om ni inte har vägarna förbi en fysisk bokhandel där ni kan få personlig service 🙂

Här kan ni läsa om Bea Uusma i en intervju i DN.


Our Six Senses/Våra sex sinnen

To hear is to see
To see is to hear
To feel is to taste
To taste is to feel
To sniff is to perceive
To perceive is to sniff

Att höra är att se
Att se är att höra
Att känna är att smaka
Att smaka är att känna
Att nosa är att förnimma
Att förnimma är att nosa