Bygga en teardrop / Build a teardrop

This was nice I think. Mini camping in nature. Look at the nature pictures in the end of the film. It’s also fun watching things being built. Comments disabled here, please visit original post if you want to leave comments. Anna


Bygga en teardrop / Build a teardrop

Här visar vi ett sätt som du kan bygga en teardrop på.

Here we show a way that you can build a teardrop on.

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Ritu’s 9 Unconventional Blogging Rules 2017

Excellent blog advices. Check out Ritu’s blog. Comments disabled here. Please visit original post and leave comments over there. Anna

But I Smile Anyway...

What are the rules for blogging?

There are so many posts out there, detailing all these things you are supposed to do, to create a perfect blog that will make money/attract followers/sell your book…

But really, are these rules for everyone?

If you are blogging for a purpose, as a career, then maybe.

But for those of us out there who started to blog for our own entertainment, as a pass-time, are these rules appropriate?

Here’s my take on what you should do to operate a successful, happy blog!

1) Post regularity

Whether you post once an hour, once a day, once a week or even once a month, if that is what is good for you, then that is perfect!

I know some out there hate to be flooded with notifications of posts from one blogger every day, but then, if they enjoy your posts, surely they would be…

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