End Emission Era!

Do you want to participate in the one true challenge of this generation?

To end emission era 

And not only that

You will then also participate in Beginning of the Earth ReBirth Era

Wouldn’t that be nice if we all give it a try to end our own emissions?

Together we could make a change.

One little Ant alone can’t build an anthill, but millions of ants can build huge anthills.

So, one little human being can’t end emission era alone, but millions of human beings together can end emission era.

If you don’t know how you can make a difference, check out the questions at Climate acoount and find out how your carbon footprint looks like and what you can do to improve your footprint.

I’m not saying we will succeed in a day or two, but maybe we can start something that next generation will be thankful for that we did.

This is the drawing that started my thoughts and the challenge above. Feel free to share it as long as you do it in the meaning to spread the challenge.



The wagtails are finally here!

Today they came. The wagtails. That means Spring for certain.

Have a great start of a new week to you all!


Weekend WP pub open!

Here we all meet, as we are, in peace. You drink as much as you want, you will never get drunk or unfriendly. We all meet here to have a nice chat with eachother. If you want some music you can paste a videolink in the comments. If you want something to drink and/or eat, just let the bar know what you wish. You will get it.

This is the pub of our dreams. Enjoy and stay as long as you like. Leave comments if you like to talk and if you don’t, just follow along as a silent reader. You are all welcome.

Let’s start the weekend now!

I begin with wishing a song from Nils Landgren funk unit. Finish what we started.

Welcome to the pub of our dreams, the World Peace pub 🙂


They’re back so that must mean Spring

We have one really sure Spring sign in city of Trosa Sweden. They make a lot of noice around the clock, they occupy the roofs and they attack every one coming near their kids when the kids starting to discover the world outside the nests.

I Trosa city har vi ett mycket säkert vårtecken. De är högljudda dygnet runt, de ockuperar taken och de attackerar varenda en som kommer nära deras ungar när ungarna börjar utforska världen utanför boet.

I’m talking about seagulls. Jag pratar om fiskmåsarna.

Normally they live out at sea. But they have discover the idea with nesting in town. No white tailed eagles that eat their kids. All though they have other enemies on ground. The fox likes their kids, so the city nesting isn’t always a good idea. Yes we have foxes in the middle of the city.

Normal lever fiskmåsarna ute på sjön (Östersjön). De har dock upptäckt att de får vara ifred från havsörnen inne i stan. Men istället har de fiender på marken, som gärna gör deras ungar till ett skrovmål. Inne i stan stryker nämligen räven omkring.

The seagulls come every year to nest and now they’re here, so that must means Spring is finally here too.

När fiskmåsarna kommer in över stan och landar på skorstenarna brukar våren komma, så låt oss hoppas att våren vinner över vintern.

The seagulls are interesting to study, so I don’t mind they’re coming in here to town, but they are annoying when they attack. But what would you have done if your kids were in danger?

Det är fascinerande att studera måsarna och se deras ungar växa, men de är aningen jobbiga när de attackerar. Fast vad skulle du ha gjort om dina ungar var i fara?


Time for love – tid för kärlek

When the world around you seems a little hopeless and cruel. Think of all the love you can get from those who really care for you. That helps.

När världen omkring dig verkar aningen hopplös och elak. Tänk då på all kärlek du kan få från de som verkligen bryr sig om dig.

Time for love – tid för kärlek (gift to friends – gåva till vänner)


No 33 drawing in my goals for 2018

The discovery of answers to the central memorybank in the spaceship lost in space was not that clear as it seemed to be at first. The technician see the key, but only through walls in a mirror world. The memory loss is like a fire burned out. The mind power is bleeding.


Spring birds

Today I saw the first two cranes up here in the middle of Sweden.

Idag såg jag för första gången i år två tranor som landat på ett fält vid Tureholm i Trosa Södermanland. Det betyder att våren borde vara här för att stanna.

Last years drawing of two cranes.

Another Spring sign bird is this little singer friend

En annan vårfågel som sjunger så vackert om kvällen är denna

But I still wait for the wagtail to come. Last year this was the day we saw the wagtail for the first time that year.

Jag väntar fortfarande på sädesärlan som förra året dök upp framför ögonen just denna dag. Men idag såg jag inte till den.

Spring is a lovely time outside with all that singing going on among the birds.

Vårens fåglar håller ljuvliga konserter just nu. Härligt!


First blogger ever?

Do you know his name?


He started his blog all alone.


Then he searched and gain one follower.


Slowly he founded more followers.


After a while he gained a whole bunch of followers, who in return recomended many more to follow the first blogger ever.


The blogger wandered his own way, with a lot of help from his followers, who spread his posts.


The blogger became really popular and his posts were spread everywhere. He had his own voice. He was something new, the followers thought.


All followers and bloggers know what happens to popular bloggers, right?


Yes, exactly right. The trolls came.


They try to shut his blog down. They even try to talk him down. They called him names, but he left them without answer. He defeated them with his silence.


The trolls were such horror evils, that his followers didn’t know how to put a stop to the madness and the bullying. They were sad enough far too scared to think straight.


The trolls did finally find a way to put the first blogger ever down. They killed him in public.


So they thought anyway…


But as you know. A blogger never gives his dream up, and neither did the first blogger ever.


He and his first follower are to thank for carrying forward the first blogposts ever, until this day and probably forever.


Do you know his name?

The first blogger ever?


Anna 2015-04-03


If He comes back, will we notice Him? (Sold)

Reasons To Stop… Reasons To Not…

Good decision! I think we all have those thoughts now and then, but I always come to the same answer and reasons for continuing. It’s too fun to stop. I talk with so many nice people here in the blogsphere. I think blogging interaction is a world peace project 🙂
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But I Smile Anyway...

I sit here often, thinking of taking a break.

A blogging break.

A real one.

You know, no visiting blogs, writing, reading, interacting… nothing.

Yet I can’t do it.

I think of the reasons to stop, yet there are arguments that voice themselves, making me think I can’t just up and disappear.

Reasons to stop

  • Real life is manic – whose isn’t though, eh!
  • My kids need to see me doing things rather than being on a pc or laptop a lot of the time… am I setting a good example?
  • That WIP isn’t going to get itself finished
  • Certain people think maybe I’m more involved in my online life than reality
  • No one is really going to miss me that much – I am one of millions of bloggers out there, there is plenty to read without my mindless ramblings

Reasons to not

  • I love my blogily
  • Reading and…

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No 32 drawing in my goals for 2018

The technician in the space poem about a spaceship lost in space after leaving earth with thousands and thousands of people tells about the aha moment when he thougt he saw how the universal memory bank worked before it blew up in an explosion. He transformed to a space and eye in madness. Rising from the cell he was locked in with the female pilot.

He hears the people in the big hall laugh of joy.

So now I got some more drawimgs to do. The total amount would be 103 if I reach my goal.


Puffin Lunnefågel

One of my favorite birds. En av mina favoritfåglar.

It was fun to do this painting with all happy colors. Det var roligt att måla denna bild med alla glada färger.

I would like to see puffins in real life someday. Det vore kul att få se lunnefåglar i verkligheten någongång.


Rettungsgasse? Kinderleicht

Can we ask these children how to make world peace too? They seem pretty smart. For comments please visit original post. Anna

Schickes und Schönes

Bei Red Skies over Paradise habe ich dieses tolle Video gefunden. Kinder erklären, wie eine Rettungsgasse funktioniert. Sogar Erwachsene können das verstehen.

I found this phantastic video over at Red Skies over Paradise. Children explain how to make a corridor for emergency vehicle access. Even adults can understand this. The video is in German but self-explanatory even without understanding the words.

über Rettungsgasse? Kinderleicht! — Red Skies over Paradise

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Happy easter Glad påsk

Do you celebrate Easter or do you celebrate something else this time of year?

How do you say happy easter in your language?


Klimatdeklaration Carbon footprint

På svt går just nu en klimatserie Storuman forever, med utmaning till oss alla att påverka våra utsläpp neråt. I programmet använder de en klimatdeklaration.

In Swedish television there a climat changing challenge program going on. The two champion sport athletes Heidi Andersson and Björn Ferry challenge us all to decrease our carbon footprint.

Den finns på klimatkontot.se att fylla i. Kolla om du behöver göra något åt din andel av utsläppen.

At climate acount you can check out how big your carbon footprint is.

I landed at 4,3 tons.

What’s your carbon footprint look like?

Hur ser din andel av utsläppen ut?

I’m bad at recycling garbage. I’m good in transport because I don’t fly or go very far at all from home. I don’t throw away much food, I eat it. I don’t buy new technology stuff very often (my ipad is from 2011 and my cellphone is from 2010 and so on). I don’t buy much new clothes. But I’m sure I could use my bike instead of using a car more often. 

Jag skulle kunna förbättra sopsorteringen och säkerligen ta cykeln istället för att åka bil några fler gånger om året. Jag flyger aldrig och åker inte några långa sträckor annars heller särskilt ofta. Jag köper inte elektroniska prylar särskilt ofta. Min telefon och padda är från 2010-2011 t ex. Jag köper inte massor av nya kläder utan använder det jag har och lagar när det går sönder. 


Winter again

Woke up this morning to minus 10C! Yesterday it was plus degrees C.

Vaknade upp till minus 10C! Det var plusgrader igår.

So we’re back to some winter again. 

Mars månad kallades förr för Vårmånad istället för mars. Jag förstår varför vi bytte namn.

March was called Spring month in the old Sweden. Nowadays it’s called Mars. I can se why we changed the name.