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Warning of grand projects!

An old post that's getting closer to truth everyday when it comes to how politicians waste our money on useless projects, so I do a repost of it. Anna How you do recognize grandiose projects that could harm you and your environment.   1. If something sounds too good to be true, it's often NOT… Continue reading Warning of grand projects!

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Another fun thing about snow

This little snowman didn't last long. We have plus degree C these days when the sun come out. It's Spring in the air, but we can still get cold days and snow. Anna

Monotypi, oil paintings


Who can not be happy over balloons? Vem kan inte känna glädje över ballonger? Anna

Pastel paintings, What ever

Freshly painted

My way of relaxing. Paint a sailboat with pastel crayons. Tomorrow is a new lovely day I hope. Even if it's workday. But workdays can be really good too. At least for me 🙂 Mitt sätt att koppla av en lång helg med mycket på programmet. Måla en pastelltavla. I morgon börjar en ny härlig dag… Continue reading Freshly painted