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Stilla natt – Silent night – Stille nacht

Which Silent night version is your favorite? Vilken Stilla natt-version har du som favorit? My favorites. Mina favoriter. Ale Möller Jul i folkton Stevie Nicks History of Silent night. Stilla natts historia. If you have a favorite version you wanna share please paste a youtube link in the comments. Or just leave the… Continue reading Stilla natt – Silent night – Stille nacht

Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Charity painting 2016

The Spring exhibition in Trosa produced a charity painting with a lot of help from visitors and the artists that participated in the exhibition. The painting will be auctioned in Fall and the money will go to Världens barn, the children of the world, a charity organization in Sweden. We had a fun painting day… Continue reading Charity painting 2016