Have you something to say…

...about the icky bad white stuff that took me almost three hours of shoveling yesterday evening? I could continue this evening but I'm tired of shoveling and walk millions of miles during the shoveling. At least it feels like that when the snow never ends. Above that it's freezing cold outside. The temperature is -10… Continue reading Have you something to say…

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Frosty Trosa Sweden

We started with -9C today and then it snowed a little bit more. No shoveling snow level, just a little powder layer. A cold night do this with old windows. Nature beauty. Tonight its -11C and I'm already tired of winter and coldness even if it's lovely colors outside. I want Spring! So I dream… Continue reading Frosty Trosa Sweden

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Anemone road

Spring time in Trosa means anemone times. Along roads outside Trosa city the anemones brighten up the woods with white shining beauty. It's like the Spring forrest in Ronia the Robbers Daughter film if you have seen it. It's an Astrid Lindgren story worth both reading and seing on film. Some great guys from Trosa… Continue reading Anemone road