No 31 drawing in my goals for 2018

The plot thickens. The spaceship passengers now seems to be ruled by a dictator that blames a few people for the memories central destroyment. They have to hide deep down in the spaceship. They try to explain their innocence by inventing every kind of language they can think of to make the angry mass understand, but it is like blind-man’s-buff.

In their room deep down in spacehip they try sending their messages with the language of trees and plants, but that’s doesn’t seems to help either. They see it all so clear but cannot make the angy masses and the dictator to understand anyway.

I can’t wait to read the next verse of this exciting poem that I get the inspiration to my drawings from. It’s a dark story about mankind, but very important if we ever learn from it and do different than they do in the poem.

Do you have a challenge for your self?

This series of drawings is my challenge. So far I made 31 out of 103 drawings, so I have a bit left before I reach the goal 😉




Wp support

Aaaaaawwwwww WP updates getting worse if that was even possible!

I have to spend far too much time to check every post I’ve made or rescheduled since last app update and turn like and share buttons on foe every post. That means less time to read your fantastic blogs, making new posts and leave comments in your posts. What is WP thinking????

If you have notice a change in liking activity you better check your settings in every post you have posted.

Can i send a bill to WP for this? It’s their doing!

I don’t get angry or mad often, but this really anoys me!

I probably spell lots of word wrong here to. I have bad connection and it takes forever to make my ipad react.


I hope you get a great start of the week.

Please share this information about like and share buttons missing, if you can.