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Pieces of time cake

Imagine time as a cake. How does your dream time cake look like? Is it possible to make the perfect cake for life? Tänk dig tiden som en tårta. Hur ser din drömtårta ut? Går det att göra drn perfekta livstårtan? Anna

What ever

Snow in April! Aprilsnö!

It's snowing here and it's April 11. Swedish Springweather sometimes. Snö i april. Våren får väl vänta lite till. Anna


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar March 24 2019

Moon is up late and I'm up early 😉 Månen håller sig uppe sent och jag tidigt 😉 Sunday morning 5:32 söndag morgon 5:32 Have a peaceful Sunday! Ha en rofylld söndag! Anna


Instead of blogging – istället för bloggande

Blogging time is fun time. Bloggtid är rolig tid. But sometimes I do other things instead. Men ibland pysslar jag med annat. Last evening and this morning I crotchet this one. Igår kväll och i morse virkade jag denna. Anna


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 11-12 2018

Outside drawing. Inside drawing of outside view.  It's actually raing here! It's fantastic and so good for nature. So far 13 millimetres and it's still raining 🙂 This is a good morning indeed even if it means indoor staying if you don't want to get all wet in the rain. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Clouds Moln

Unusual sight nowadays. Clouds. But when they come up over sea they vanished. No rain in sight and 30 degree C in shadow. Normal summer temps for us is around 20 C. Några moln dök upp igår men skärgårdsluften löste upp dem. Inget regn, men vi slapp också åska tack och lov. How's your weather?… Continue reading Clouds Moln

Pastel paintings

A bird at the nest

I will never grow up, so chalk crayons on a piece of rock will always be fun for me. This time I drew a bird and a nest. Many birds are busy right now with watching over their eggs. This bird has the nest high up in a tree. Maybe it's a whitetailed eagle. Anna

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December 1 2017 baking evening

And some Christmas music. Here's a Swedish traditional Christmas song. Every school kid knows this one from the St Lucia celebration December 13. Anna

Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

This is how Trosa harbor looks like when the rescue boats are not out on rescue missions. I painted this a couple of years ago and gave it to Trosa Swedish Rescue Societys to show appreciation for their volunteers work. You can read more here: In English | Sjöräddningssällskapet " We save lives at sea… Continue reading Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa