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Check this artsite!

With inspiration from Jims Art Sundays I will tell you about an artsite I just found Cayce Zavaglia does amazing embroidery of people. Check it out here: As you all can see it's a fire 🙂 Ever since I followed my moms art work I have always found embroidery art work fascinating. Check out… Continue reading Check this artsite!

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Arik Brauer

   I found an old exhibition poster from a gallery i Trosa that used to show great art everytime they opened their doors for people to come and visit. This poster tells about the time the artist Arik Brauer showed his art in the Trosa Kvarn Gallery and for the first time in Sweden. It… Continue reading Arik Brauer

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Sea painting

I often read Jims Art Sunday posts. This time I read: Art Sunday #48: Anna Boch – The Shores of Brittany and that inspired me to do a quick dry pastel sketch. This is the result. Anna   

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Art Sunday #34: Anna Ancher – Interior With Poppies and Reading Woman

Art Sunday #34: Anna Ancher - Interior With Poppies and Reading Woman. If you haven't yet found Jim's corner of the wp world, then pay a visit to his blog on Sundays when he tells about great art and artists. This one for an example.