Pojken min/My son

A friend of mine has written a book. I've read it with joy and also with sorrow. With joy because my friend has written a good and important book. With sorrow because of the destiny for the head character woman Olga. The story is partly true and partly fiction, but it doesn't matter which is… Continue reading Pojken min/My son

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Spooky painting?

This painting is done by one of our greatest artist ever. No one has lived that long, except this artist.  This artist spend all day long in the greatest studio ever. Constantly creating beautiful art. Exhibitions all over the world and everyone's invited too see the efforts. None of the pieces are really for sale,… Continue reading Spooky painting?

Nature miracles, Photographs

Mother Nature as a sculpteur

Just look at this             Even if we humans tried to create such perfectness, we wouldn't come near this beauty:) Anna

Blogging, What ever

When you get tired of my art can check this Swedish artists drawings. I think they're amazing drawings. I can't draw like that. But I like to watch and try to learn from such great artists. Lena Kriström daily drawings on Instagram. Anna