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Thank you all wp friends for nominations to all kinds of awards. I haven´t time to answer them that often, so here´s a thank you for the nominations I got during 2015. 20150414 Mboki_m 20150509 Barb knowles Versatile Blogger Award 20150518 Rainefairy The Versatile Blog Award 20150525 rameshwariramkrishnan The Sunshine Award… Continue reading THANK YOU!

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I got a new artproject idea and I need your help. We all have to face millions of question everywhere we go. Some of them we don´t want to answer, some of them feels weird to answer, some of them we wanna tell a lie to answer. Some questions are very easy to answer or… Continue reading ASK!

Blogging, Digital paintings, drawings

What do you know about me?

If I were about to write a About me page. What would you like me to write? I don't think I'm very interesting, that's why, I so far, don't have an about me page. But, some of you have pointed out the missing of an about me page. So, what do you know about me… Continue reading What do you know about me?