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The prize day December 10

Today Sweden news is mostly about the Nobel Prize. But here on wp I say you are all worth a prize for your blogging efforts. We all learn about each other, our different countries, our different ways to live. We support each other and expand our contact net by meet & greets, linkbacks and reblogs.… Continue reading The prize day December 10

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Thank you all wp friends for nominations to all kinds of awards. I haven´t time to answer them that often, so here´s a thank you for the nominations I got during 2015. 20150414 Mboki_m 20150509 Barb knowles Versatile Blogger Award 20150518 Rainefairy The Versatile Blog Award 20150525 rameshwariramkrishnan The Sunshine Award… Continue reading THANK YOU!

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Nobel Prize

Today Sweden celebrates the Nobel Prize winners. You can read more about it here. We do need those scientists who discovers great things that brings development to mankind and it's great to give credit for thier work and achievements. But the world would stop turning if you, my wp friends, didn't do what… Continue reading Nobel Prize

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Awards to everybody!

Thank you all for nominations, awards and challenges. I really appreciate your kindness in giving this to me. But they take a lot of time to handle and right now I don't really have all that time. So, this is an answer to all nominations and challenges you gave me and will give in the… Continue reading Awards to everybody!

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Pink Bucket DK meets Pink Bucket SE

You wont believe it, but my artist group "Rosa Hinken" (Pink Bucket) were found by a Danish group, also called "Rosa hinken" through a drawing i showed in one of my blog posts. Our Danish friends dont paint paintings. They awards people in the horse sport world. A pink bucket filled with Danish beer. They… Continue reading Pink Bucket DK meets Pink Bucket SE