Vaniljhjärtan – Vanilla hearts 

Baking day, but I should warn you. Don't do this if you don't have patience like an angel. They taste heavenly, but I always forget how grrr and hmmffrrrr and xkxkdkfmifksk it is to do them!  You can find the recipe here, it is in Swedish, maybe it's possible for you to translate if you… Continue reading Vaniljhjärtan – Vanilla hearts 

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Baking day :)

I tried to make some carrot bread today. They turned out very well and taste so good you can eat all of them, if you want to be big as a house! The recipe in Swedish you find here. Anna

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Baking evening

Sorry for not being around here on wp reading your blogs. I had baking evening instead.  I have done drawings of cakes and a pastel of a cinnamon bun But that's it. Maybe I should paint some cookies too? Have a great morning,day, evening and noght wherever you all are 🙂 Anna

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Baking day blueberry donuts

   Sorry for not being around here on wp tonight or is ot today for some of you? I've been baking mini donuts with bluberry frosting.  Grab one or two or more 😀 Anna

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Grab a cookie!

Jim wants picture of my baking results. So here's to you all. Grab a cookie! Anna   

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Baking day last day of the year

One of you, my wp friends wrote a post about baking donuts a while ago, maybe I read it in the beginning of December or the end of November. But I don't remember who wrote the post, I am so sorry. I wanted to give credit to the one who inspired me to try baking… Continue reading Baking day last day of the year