Time hunting

Vacation time – semestertid

What if time took time of? What would happen to us then? Tänk om tiden skulle ta semester, vad skulle hända med oss då? Anna

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Strandskata Oyster catcher

Today I saw this two lovely birds searching for something to eat. They seemed to find a lot to eat. They were around all day. Anna

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End of vacation time

I checked my bucket list and look! I've done all things on the list 🙂 But I still want more kayaking time, art time and hang out with friends time. Swedish summer is short, but we have beautiful Fall months in August and September so I still have time to get the more-wishes done. I… Continue reading End of vacation time

Time hunting, What ever

Golden times/Gyllene tider

I don't know if the English language have the same expression as we have in Swedish. We say "Gyllene tider", golden times, about good times. What if we could dig up a treasure box filled with time? Would we then have time pirates? What would we do if we all of a sudden found golden… Continue reading Golden times/Gyllene tider

Time hunting, What ever

What if time takes vacation?

What happens then? Anna

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Me undressed at the beach #inktober 27 october 2015

   What did you expect? This is truly me undressed:) Happy halloween, spread love, not fear! Anna

Digital paintings, drawings

Gone where?

I want to tickle your brains with this drawing. Where's the person who left shoes on the little beach and who is it? Anna

Time hunting

Time stand still/Tiden står stilla

Like an prehistorical rock on the beach, like those we have in Sweden on the island Gotland, the time standing still sometimes. Or at least we can feel that way. Time does move forward though, but still it's there all the time anyway. It's hard to understand really. Or is time just an invention of… Continue reading Time stand still/Tiden står stilla