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Who’s this?

Found this little T man on the door this morning. I have no idea what it is more than a nature beauty. Anna 

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever


Nature beauty! Anna

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Beauty / Despite

Sometimes creativity reach perfect-ness and this is one of those moments, I think. Beautiful post!

Richard M. Ankers

Ice Poppies copy

Come Winter storm

Come rain, then snow

The tundra’s call

Is heard below

As seed does stir

And beauty strive

To cut the crust

To come alive

And know you all

Despite the cold

A flower blooms

Does not grow old

The Winter Poppy

In indigo


In Arctic snow

The gift of beauty

Its to give

So delicate

Amongst snowdrifts

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Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Perfect match?

daffodils and drops of water and sun påskliljor, vattendroppar och sol          Anna