Räkna fåglar i helgen – count birds this weekend

Denna helg kan ni delta i Fåglar in på knuten. Räkna fåglarna som besöker ert fågelmatarställe i trädgården. Läs mer på birdlife.se.

This weekend many people in Sweden participate in a bird counting event. The idea is to count the birds that visit the bird feeders in gardens all around Sweden and report the result to birdlife.se. Read more (in Swedish) at birdlife.se.

Förra året såg jag inte en enda fågel. Hoppas på bättre tur detta år.

Last year I didn’t see even one little bird. It was a bird-less day. I hope this year will be a better bird year.

Seagull is possible to see this time of year. Not at a bird feeder though.

Waxwings is also around in winter time here.

Woodpecker is also possible to see up in a tree.

This little friend doesn’t arrive yet though.

Have a nice bird watching weekend!



My power bank :)

Morning calmness at the Baltic sea near my home.

Bokö-Askö nature reserve, Baltic sea. Also near my home.

This is an excellent power bank and I hope this wonderful nature will stay here forever.

I saw the white tailed eagle several times over the tree tops. Didn’t catch it on camera though. The eagle was to fast for me.

I always get new energy when I’m in this place 🙂


Moving South

When you start to hear the special Fall sound in the air and then look up in the sky where the sound come from you will see a bunch of grey geese moving south this time of year in Sweden.

Så här års kommer du att höra tydliga ljud ifrån skyn. Tittar du upp kommer du troligtvis skåda källan till ljudet. Grågäss som flyttar söderut.

Can you see the formation the geese makes in this drawing? If you see the drawing from long distance the formation should appear 🙂


Kalla den änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 5

Alla fåglar i Sverige är fridlysta. På Tureholmshalvön bor en mängd olika arter och än så länge har alla möjlighet att besöka naturen för att skåda fågel i både skogs- och strandområden. Ni kan till exempel få syn på dessa småfåglar.

All bird spieces are protected in Sweden. In Tureholm peninsula lives many spieces and so far everyone can visit Tureholm nature and watch the birdlife in forrest and sea area. This is some of the birds you might discover on your nature walk.

Sädesärla – Wagtails

Rödhake – Robins (I wanna make a grand oilpainting of this picture one day. I like the light in the picture)

Grå flugsnappare? – Spotted flycatcher? (I’m not an expert on birds you know…)

Stjärtmes – Long-tailed tit

Blåmesar – Bluetits

Hämpling – Linnet

Rödstjärt – Redstart

Entita – Marsh tit

Talgoxe – Tit

Bofink – Chaffinch

Kan någon berätta vad detta är för en liten krabat? Can someone tell me who this is?

Om du vill hjälpa oss att fortsätta hålla naturen öppen för alla sänd e-post till informationtrosa@gmail.com och berätta vem du är och om du vill ha ytterligare information om projekt Trosa förbifart och exploateringsplanerna för Tureholmshalvön.

Dela gärna inlägget om du vill hjälpa till att hålla Trosas natur öppen för alla. Besök gärna fb-sidan Mötesplats 0156 där Ingrid Benson har många inlägg om Tureholmshalvön och projekt förbifart Trosa. Gilla inläggen om ni vill stödja bevarandet av Trosa natur. Lämna gärna kommentarer också.

If you want to help us saving Trosa nature you can give this post a like and even a comment. You can also visit the fb page Mötesplats 0156 where Ingrid Benson linked several of this series of posts about Paradise on Earth. If you´re on fb you can give those posts a like or a comment.

You can also do as Thomas at Aspiblog, reblog and linkback to Save Trosa nature posts on this blog.

Saving nature everywhere in the world is important. Next generations are worth the nature experience and adventures too. Not just us!

More bird posts coming up soon.

This serie started with Kalla den änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 1.


Kalla den änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 4

Här kommer bilder på ännu fler fridlysta sjöfåglar som bor på Tureholmshalvön, som tyvärr inte kan föra sin egen talan när stora markägare och kommunens politiker har bestämt sig för att bygga 670 nya hus där idag fåglar och andra skyddsvärda djur bor. När husen kommer upp måste de förmodligen leta nya boendeområden. De tänkta framtida Trosaborna i de tänkta nya husen på Tureholmshalvön, som kanske drömmer om naturnära boende kommer alltså kanske inte att ha särskilt mycket natur kvar att bo nära.

More pictures of protected sea birds in Tureholm peninsula. They can´t speak for themselves when landowners and politicians decides to exploit the landarea they live in. When the exploitations becomes reality the animals probably have to move somewhere else. The future citizens in the new houses maybe dream of living near nature. But when the houses are up there may not be a nature left to live near.

Knölsvan med ungar – Swan with kids

Havsörn – White taled eagle (rödlistad – redlisted)

Knipor – Goldeneye duck

Grågäss med ungar – Grey geese with kids

Ejdrar – eider (rödlistad – redlisted)

Fiskgjuse – Osprey/fish hawk Södermanlands landskapsdjur – animal symbol of our County

Snäppor – Sandpipers

Tänk att alla dessa arter och många fler kan leva på samma plats utan att utrota varandra. Varför kan inte människan försöka leva så också med större respekt för naturlivet? Varför måste vi nästan alltid tränga undan allt annat liv än vårt eget på platser där vi bor?

All these birds and many others are able to live in the same place without exterminate eachother. Why can´t we humans try to live with nature with respect for other animals? Why do we almost all the time destroy nature where we live?

Om du vill hjälpa till att skydda Trosas natur undan onödig exploatering, kontakta oss på epost: informationtrosa@gmail.com


Strandskata Oyster catcher

Today I saw this two lovely birds searching for something to eat. They seemed to find a lot to eat. They were around all day.


Easter’s over and no eggs left

About a week ago I found this

And this

Those findings made me worried about the eggs not yet eaten.

I found this yesterday

All eggs gone. Sad, but someone had a good dinner obviously.


It’s here again – The White Wagtail

Today I saw the first white wagtail this year. That’s a big Spring sign. They always arrive early April and this year is no different. It feels good that some good things stays the same.

I did a drawing of the white wagtail last year, so here it is again.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday 🙂


The A(nna) Train station

Thomas at aspiblog has a fun challenge. Design a station challenge.

My imagination started to making pictures right away. I want to do a real drawing of the things I have in my head after reading the challenge post.

But for now this sketch is all I had time to do today. 

Imagine a station were the floor is painted like the ocean so everyone feels they can walk on water, the red carpet is rolled out for everyone that chose the green way to travel for saving nature. That is the A(nna)-train at the station where people who think green travels.

I want to think of this idea a little bit more. Maybe there will be more drawings on this theme. I think it’s fun. Join the challenge you too!


Memory of a good day

I had a very good Sunday yesterday. After a six day long workweek with chaos and stress around me it was good having a Sunday that I felt was a mini vacation.

First of all it was free from idiots. That helps making a day good a lot! Second, I was in my favorite place on earth. Where my heart and soul feels like home. Near sea and nature. Third, I met nice people that day. Fourth, I saw fascinating birds all day long and five, I didn’t forced myself doing anything boring before I allowed myself to relax.

So I had a good relaxing day. I’m grateful for that. I hope you get enough relaxing days. It’s important to find some calm times among the stress days.

This is a view from Swedish archipelago. This is what the Save Trosa nature is fighting for to keep away from hungry politicians who wants to destroy nature for a big new road that we don’t need.


They’re here

Bohemian waxwing.
This means cold weather soon when this little creature with many friends lands in our area. I saw them first time today. Brrrrrrr!

I’m not ready for cold weather yet. I want warm Fall to last longer. But our days gets shorter and temp is now under 10 C plus, so I guess warm Fall days are over for this time.

Birds are fun to draw but I am not very good at it. I have to practice a lot more.

Do you have birds coming to your place and tells about cold weather coming in?


Seagull kids action

Outside my workwindows we have seagull kids action all day long. The parents are very protective and they scream as soon as someone come to close to the little seagull kid. Seagulls normally have three kids, but last year there were only two and this year only one. Maybe the cold Spring this year did damage to the eggs that never cracked.

Anyway, the seagull kid came down from the roof the other day and now the kid own the streets in our corner of the town. The kid walks everywhere and the parents get food and protection for him/her. 

It’s fun to watch the people passing by the kid. Some of them don’t see anything and wonder why the grown up seagulls make so much noise. Some cars just drive without seeing the little creature and some see the kid and drive very carefully. Some people try to protect the kid when cars driving by. Some take a moment to say hi to the kid until mother seagull starts screaming.

It’s life in miniature. Some of us notice details around us and some of us don’t notice anything and just rush of to work or something like that.

This is the kids from last year, but the one we have outside the windows now looks the same.

Painting challenge final result

In this post:


I told you about a painting challenge and here’s the final result from me.
Feel free to accept the challenge in the post above. It’s a fun way to make art 🙂




In my country Sweden, we have several endangered species. In this painting I let a lighthouse, that also is endangered, put some light over a bird and a fish that belongs to protected species.

With pastels on colored paper I get an extra color effect.

Den här målningen belyser några av våra hotade arter inklusive fyren, som också lever under nedläggningshot. Ni kanske känner igen skarven, som faktiskt tillhör våra fridlysta arter. I vattnet simmar en fisk, som till exempel kanske tillhör torsksläktet.

Pastellkritor på färgat papper ger en extra effekt åt bilden.


Bridge over troubled water


This is our Edanö bridge over troubled water. On the island lives birds that kill the trees on the island. The city want’s to scare the birds away. But it is The city who has make them move to the island in the first place. We humans are not the wisest of creatures, when it comes to preserving the nature 🙂