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Moving South

When you start to hear the special Fall sound in the air and then look up in the sky where the sound come from you will see a bunch of grey geese moving south this time of year in Sweden. Så här års kommer du att höra tydliga ljud ifrån skyn. Tittar du upp kommer… Continue reading Moving South

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Kalla den änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 5

Alla fåglar i Sverige är fridlysta. På Tureholmshalvön bor en mängd olika arter och än så länge har alla möjlighet att besöka naturen för att skåda fågel i både skogs- och strandområden. Ni kan till exempel få syn på dessa småfåglar. All bird spieces are protected in Sweden. In Tureholm peninsula lives many spieces and… Continue reading Kalla den änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 5

Digital paintings, drawings, Nature miracles, Trosa is the place

Strandskata Oyster catcher

Today I saw this two lovely birds searching for something to eat. They seemed to find a lot to eat. They were around all day. Anna

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Easter’s over and no eggs left

About a week ago I found this And this Those findings made me worried about the eggs not yet eaten. I found this yesterday  All eggs gone. Sad, but someone had a good dinner obviously. Anna

Digital paintings, drawings, Nature miracles

It’s here again – The White Wagtail

Today I saw the first white wagtail this year. That's a big Spring sign. They always arrive early April and this year is no different. It feels good that some good things stays the same. I did a drawing of the white wagtail last year, so here it is again. I hope you all have… Continue reading It’s here again – The White Wagtail