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Idiot project?

Why did I crocheted the first one?  Because it was fun 🙂 Why did I put black dots on the dog? Because I remembered a story from my childhood. Why did I do another dog almost just the same? And a third one?  Have you yet figured out how many I have left to crochet?… Continue reading Idiot project?

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Can you draw music?

Is it possible to do a drawing of music? I try now and then. This is from last year after a friend told me a music story. Anna   DJ no. 1?  

BlackandWhite family, drawings


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Astronaut scorpion

Please tell my a good story about this, if you want to 🙂 Anna   

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When the world seems to be against you,

nothing seems to go in your direction. But if you give your self some time to think things through, you will se that not the whole world are against you, just the idiots, who seems to be taken over the world for that moment. Not everything moves in the wrong direction, if you allow your… Continue reading When the world seems to be against you,