Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Blue anemon Blåsippa

Another Spring flower. The first blue anemon this year. And I saw two more coltsfoot  And today we had 18C here! That's not normal at all, but very nice after the minus degree C season. Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Frosty Trosa Sweden

We started with -9C today and then it snowed a little bit more. No shoveling snow level, just a little powder layer. A cold night do this with old windows. Nature beauty. Tonight its -11C and I'm already tired of winter and coldness even if it's lovely colors outside. I want Spring! So I dream… Continue reading Frosty Trosa Sweden

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever


I refuse to give that white stuff coming down from the sky any attention. I will not show you a picture of my town, today temporarily dressed in white. I want Spring to continue freely without that white cold stuff interfering. I want this different colored creatures to show up and give us life, hope,… Continue reading Diversity