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Pling Sunday evenings

I almost always know when it's Sunday afternoon and evening. Then my ipad starts to go pling, pling, pling.....pling, pling and so on with much more intense than in mornings.  My stats shows that Sunday evenings collects a lot of views. If I had post something new and not just repost an old post. That… Continue reading Pling Sunday evenings

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Lack of time? Repost!

I think we all find moments when we don't have enough time to write new posts every hour, day or even week. Some of your post probably stand the test of time. They're not expired. Why not repost them? I've tried this for a while now and it works. Not every reader and visitor have… Continue reading Lack of time? Repost!

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I give up for now

Today I have really bad and slow connection. When I try visiting your blogs it takes hours to get there and when I try to leave comments they disappears. I will catch up reading your post when I have better connection. Love reading them and try as often I can to get time to read.… Continue reading I give up for now