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Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

At you can take a look at guest sailboats at Trosa Harbor all summer. It's so fun watching the boat pictures and read about them. The blog is in Swedish but maybe you can translate if you want to read the text. The pictures says much without words so maybe you enjoy the boat… Continue reading Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

Pastel paintings

Icebreaker Anna

The Swedish Icebreaker boats are named after the nordic gods. Work boats also always have men names. But not mine. My icebreaker is named after me 🙂 and I'm not a nordic god, so I break several unwritten rules in this painting.  I did the painting for more reasons than to break unwritten rules. I… Continue reading Icebreaker Anna


Sailboat season starts

Today I saw a red sailboat with white sails in the afternoon sun. So beautiful and the longing for a warmer and brighter season grew stronger. The Spring sun is warm but the winds are still cold. Not warm spring or summer yet. My interpretation of the boat. I paint on rock with chalk crayons.… Continue reading Sailboat season starts

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Trosa harbor Sweden october 2009

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Walpurgis Night

When I was a kid, growing up in my little town Trosa the Walpurgis night was an adventure. On top of our "mountains" the Trosa alpes the City inhabitants lighted a fire as a tradition for many many years. Way back in time when our town was a fishermen community there was an unwritten law… Continue reading Walpurgis Night

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Trosa harbor in February 

   Welcome to Trosa harbor everyone:) There's not much human activity here this time of year, but it is beautiful with nature presence.       About 4 o'clock in the afternoon. In summer months there's no such darkness almost in any time of the day.    This is the entry of Trosa from seaside.   … Continue reading Trosa harbor in February 

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Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

This is how Trosa harbor looks like when the rescue boats are not out on rescue missions. I painted this a couple of years ago and gave it to Trosa Swedish Rescue Societys to show appreciation for their volunteers work. You can read more here: In English | Sjöräddningssällskapet " We save lives at sea… Continue reading Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

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Archipelago candy/Skärgårdsgodis

This is a photo from one of my kayak trips in Trosa archipelago. I added some candy we call rasberry boats. I think they look good on the water. Foto från en av mina kajakturer i Trosa skärgård. Jag har lagt till några hallonbåtar, som jag tyckte kunde guppa omkring på småvågorna. Anna   

Pastel paintings, What ever

What do you see?

   A pastel painting on orange paper. What do you see in this picture? Anna

What ever, Yellow fellows

Sail around the world/Segla jorden runt

I wonder if we bloggers are one of the round the world sailors. The digital globe offers many seas to sail on, many ports to stop by and lots of people to meet from all places. We do not need Yachts and tons of equipment to take us around the globe. We need a computing… Continue reading Sail around the world/Segla jorden runt

What ever

Bridge over (un)trubled water :)


Digital paintings, What ever

Archipelago candy raspberry boats/skärgårdsgodis hallonbåtar

Still some time until summer comes along. Ännu en tid innan sommaren kommer. Anna