Pojken min/My son

A friend of mine has written a book. I've read it with joy and also with sorrow. With joy because my friend has written a good and important book. With sorrow because of the destiny for the head character woman Olga. The story is partly true and partly fiction, but it doesn't matter which is… Continue reading Pojken min/My son

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Imagine Erik Johansson

I found a new inspiration source in a book by Erik Johansson. Amazing photographs creating a fantasy world almost for real. Surreal and just breathtaking optical illusions. He's a combination of Roy Andersson, Escher, Dali and many other artists. Check the book out or google Erik Johansson, they say he's famous on the internet. The… Continue reading Imagine Erik Johansson

Books, What ever

Who are you…

...on the Animal farm? I've just finished the classic Animal Farm of George Orwell in an edition with great illustrations. If you haven't read it, do it. It's like reading about our big and small world today. So, who are you on the Aminal Farm? Snowball, Napoleon, Boxer, Squeler, the hens, Benjamin, the rats, or… Continue reading Who are you…

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Zebra behind a Lamp

A quick drawing I did during a session with my painter friends. My ipad camera is crap and takes this kind of photos. I'm sorry. I hope you can see the drawing anyway, despite the unsharpness 🙂 Anna