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Summer is here

Summer is here and I am not built for this heat. Some of you will probably think that our heat is not heat, but for me it is. I can't think, my brain is melting and I think all of me melting away completely. And it's only 28 C inside and in the shaddow. Out… Continue reading Summer is here

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#inktober 2016 #inktober #7 Lost brain

My take on #inktober 7 prompt Lost. I wonder if this almost always happens to politicians? Anna

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What do you do?

I'm out of ideas! Help me! Anna

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You won't believe it. It was snowing here today. But the rain came and the snow never had the chance to paint the town in white. It's freezing cold still though. Not the kind of April weather I like. My brain has frozen. I have no idea what to write to you today. I hope… Continue reading Snow!

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Pling Sunday evenings

I almost always know when it's Sunday afternoon and evening. Then my ipad starts to go pling, pling, pling.....pling, pling and so on with much more intense than in mornings.  My stats shows that Sunday evenings collects a lot of views. If I had post something new and not just repost an old post. That… Continue reading Pling Sunday evenings

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Night shifts

   Are you working night shifts? Do you like it? I work night shifts right now. When I'm at sleep! It's frustrating but also efficient. When I go to bed I have no trouble going to sleep, but in the middle of the night my work shift start. Says my brain. The brain is full… Continue reading Night shifts

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Winter wonderland?

My brain seems to have gone into hibernation. I don't know what to write in this post really. Our Swedish bears in the north skip winter that way and I can totally understand them. Winter landscapes are beautiful, but there's no light, lots of shoveling snow and it's cold outside. Maybe if I could be… Continue reading Winter wonderland?

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Thank you all…

...for feeding my brain with such interesting thoughts. When I, in a couple of months, get more painting time, you probably will notice the inspiration I get from you, in new pictures and drawings. I cant wait! But I have to. In the mean time, I show you a lot of "old" paintings and some… Continue reading Thank you all…