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All Saints or Halloween?

In Sweden Halloween is a commercial day that sometimes is mixed up with the holiday All saints day. That is causing a debate every year.  Halloween in Sweden is probably a pitiful imitation of the U S version. It's pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, candybegging and all other things the commensalism can come up with to make… Continue reading All Saints or Halloween?

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Advent 4

Advent 4 means four lighted candles and the last Sunday before Christmas. God Jul is Merry Christmas in Swedish. We got a home made Christmas gift this weekend. Meet Mr Bertil made of fir-tree branches. He's a lovely Christmas fellow. My Christmas candy making. It turned out well but not perfect. I try every year… Continue reading Advent 4

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Saint Lucy’s Day – Luciadagen

Today it's Lucia Day in Sweden. That means saffron buns for "fika" (coffee break). It also means this: If you want to listen and see a real Saint Lucy celebration you can watch this: Have a fantastic Lucia Day you all! Anna

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Advent 3

I hope you all have a pleasant third advent. Here's rain and that white stuff coming down now and then. Not so cold yet. Maybe we get a rainy Christmas this year. Anna

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Advent 2

May you all have a peaceful Sunday. Yes, I paint on everything I see, even a piece of nautre. Sorry rock, but you do so well as canvas 🙂 Anna

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All Saints Day

This weekend we celebrate All Saints Day. In Sweden that means remembering those who have passed. Our nearest, our friends and maybe others too. We light candles in churchyards. It is so beautiful, but also sad yet hopeful, I can't decide which. It's sad that many of my relatives and friends have passed, but it's… Continue reading All Saints Day

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Anna Day

Today December 9 it is Anna Day. Here's some information about the importance of that Day back in the really old days 🙂 Anna In peasant society was initiated some important Christmas preparations this day: ale tested, lutefisk were soaked and it was time to deal with jultvätten and Christmas baking and begin to reshape… Continue reading Anna Day

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Trosa church

Today I visited Trosa churchyard to light some candles on family graves. All saints weekend may drown in the more commersial halloween spectacle, but I like the classic All saints weekend. Here's a quick dry pastel painting on cardboard. I did it in about 20 minutes this evening. That's the time I had for the… Continue reading Trosa church