End Emission Era!

Do you want to participate in the one true challenge of this generation?

To end emission era 

And not only that

You will then also participate in Beginning of the Earth ReBirth Era

Wouldn’t that be nice if we all give it a try to end our own emissions?

Together we could make a change.

One little Ant alone can’t build an anthill, but millions of ants can build huge anthills.

So, one little human being can’t end emission era alone, but millions of human beings together can end emission era.

If you don’t know how you can make a difference, check out the questions at Climate acoount and find out how your carbon footprint looks like and what you can do to improve your footprint.

I’m not saying we will succeed in a day or two, but maybe we can start something that next generation will be thankful for that we did.

This is the drawing that started my thoughts and the challenge above. Feel free to share it as long as you do it in the meaning to spread the challenge.



Klimatdeklaration Carbon footprint

På svt går just nu en klimatserie Storuman forever, med utmaning till oss alla att påverka våra utsläpp neråt. I programmet använder de en klimatdeklaration.

In Swedish television there a climat changing challenge program going on. The two champion sport athletes Heidi Andersson and Björn Ferry challenge us all to decrease our carbon footprint.

Den finns på klimatkontot.se att fylla i. Kolla om du behöver göra något åt din andel av utsläppen.

At climate acount you can check out how big your carbon footprint is.

I landed at 4,3 tons.

What’s your carbon footprint look like?

Hur ser din andel av utsläppen ut?

I’m bad at recycling garbage. I’m good in transport because I don’t fly or go very far at all from home. I don’t throw away much food, I eat it. I don’t buy new technology stuff very often (my ipad is from 2011 and my cellphone is from 2010 and so on). I don’t buy much new clothes. But I’m sure I could use my bike instead of using a car more often. 

Jag skulle kunna förbättra sopsorteringen och säkerligen ta cykeln istället för att åka bil några fler gånger om året. Jag flyger aldrig och åker inte några långa sträckor annars heller särskilt ofta. Jag köper inte elektroniska prylar särskilt ofta. Min telefon och padda är från 2010-2011 t ex. Jag köper inte massor av nya kläder utan använder det jag har och lagar när det går sönder.