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Amigurumi artists

If you take a walk in Trosa Sweden along Västra Långgatan this Easter you can see these amigurumis in the windows of a house near by Nilssons Bageri. This is a co-work with my sisters. We crotchet the dolls and I painted the paintings and artwork. Anna You can find more information about the real… Continue reading Amigurumi artists

Pastel paintings, What ever

Good looking…

Melanie at Amusingmyselfmusings wrote a post, that reminded me of a Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt alias Blue. She paint in graffiti style, amazing artworks. She´s exploring the female body among other things, but that´s a real interesting theme she has. She kind of makes the female body look back and stare at the people who… Continue reading Good looking…

Pastel paintings, What ever

Lena Andersson – författarbesök i Trosa

På tisdag kommer Lena Andersson till Trosa stadsbibliotek. Jag gissar att hon tänker tala om Ester, Olof och Hugo, men kanske även om annat. Lena Andersson verkar alltid ha något klokt och sansat att säga om vår nutid. Läs till exempel hennes senaste DN-kolumn En mycket angelägen text, som vi alla förmodligen borde reflektera djupt… Continue reading Lena Andersson – författarbesök i Trosa