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Winter again

Woke up this morning to minus 10C! Yesterday it was plus degrees C. Vaknade upp till minus 10C! Det var plusgrader igår. So we're back to some winter again.  Mars månad kallades förr för Vårmånad istället för mars. Jag förstår varför vi bytte namn. March was called Spring month in the old Sweden. Nowadays it's… Continue reading Winter again

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Frosty Trosa Sweden

We started with -9C today and then it snowed a little bit more. No shoveling snow level, just a little powder layer. A cold night do this with old windows. Nature beauty. Tonight its -11C and I'm already tired of winter and coldness even if it's lovely colors outside. I want Spring! So I dream… Continue reading Frosty Trosa Sweden

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Who sent this?

White can be a beautiful color, but not on the ground unless it's Christmas eve or Christmas day. We have weird winter here. The other day it was 10C and Spring in the air. This morning it was -8C and now it's wet snow temperature. So, who sent this whote stuff over here? I want… Continue reading Who sent this?

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Brrr it’s cold again

Our plus degree C weather disappeared over a night and I woke up to this. And this. Sun managed to spread some light today. Down Trosa river you can see a tiny little bit of the Christmas market on the bridge. So this is what a winter Sunday looks like in Trosa Sweden 🙂 Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

King Bore is boring

Jack Frost is in Swedish King Bore. The name comes from borealis, but I say the english meaning of bore is a much better description of winter. The winter is beginning to be quite boring. It never seems to end and if it's not two figures minus Celcius degrees like -15 and freezing humid air… Continue reading King Bore is boring

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Warm thoughts to ya all!

   Here's a warm nice fire place to you all if you need one. Here in Sweden we need to stay warm because of the coldness outside. In nothern parts they have about -38 C some days, where I live we are heading towards -18 C tomorrow. We started at +O C this morning, but… Continue reading Warm thoughts to ya all!