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Merry Christmas to you all!

I wish a merry merry Christmas to all of you. May you have a peaceful holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but I wish you a great holiday anyway. For me Christmas is the time for peace thinking. I don't care about the Christmas presents, all I care about is to find peacefulness in soul and… Continue reading Merry Christmas to you all!

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Sunday May 29 Mothers Day in Sweden

Hey, all of you who know mothers. Celebrate them on the Swedish Mothers Day May 29. They are worth celebrating, because they gave us all life. Never mind what they did after that. Just celebrate them for that. Giving you life. After that almost anyone else can keep you alive, raise you and give you… Continue reading Sunday May 29 Mothers Day in Sweden

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St Lucy’s Day

Today we celebrate St Lucy's Day. We call St Lucy Sankta Lucia. Here you can read about our traditions: St Lucy's Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia May you all have a great St Lucy's Day 🙂 Anna   

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Father’s Day

   Today we celebrate Father's day in Sweden. So, happy Father's day all of you, who are fathers 🙂 My dad was great, though he passed away way too soon, when I was 24. I wish he had stayed around longer, but that was not for us do decide. Heaven obviously needed him, more than… Continue reading Father’s Day

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Happy birthday ;)

To paint birthday cards in Manga style amuses me. Giving away a 'portrait' ', which symbolically trying to reflect a person. This drawing I did a few years ago to a person who celebrated fifty years. Att måla födelsedagskort i Manga-stil roar mig. Att ge bort ett "porträtt"', som symboliskt försöker spegla en person. Den… Continue reading Happy birthday 😉

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Midsummer in Sweden 2015

This weekend celebrates Sweden midsummer. Originally a pagan tradition, which has survived the test of time and still celebrates the summer solstice. This year, the celebration seems to get done in the persistent rain. Anna    Crochet doll with the Swedish national costume  (I made it couple of years ago after following someones pattern)

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One Word Challenge

I think we should celebrate that we're now over twohundred, that are attached to this blog. Me as a writer of the blog and you all as followers and random readers. The One Word Challenge is also a One World Challenge. All of you, that leave comments in my posts are so nice and also… Continue reading One Word Challenge

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last April/sista april

Today celebrates Sweden Walpurgis Night. We say goodbye to winter and welcome spring. By ignite fires in the cold spring evening. But I am totally exhausted after a long and intensive working, so I have skipped the celebration and hang for a while here on WP with you the last waking time on this day.… Continue reading last April/sista april