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#inktober 28 – camping

What's your idea of camping? Tomorrow it's uh-oh to draw. Tricky challenge but fun! Anna

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#inktober 1 gargoyle

Give it a try you too. It's fun! Anna It’s time for inktober again

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Save Trosa nature poster

At you can help saving nature in Sweden around the little idyllic town Trosa. Here´s our poster for the issue. We have many tourists from all over the world in Trosa so we made an international poster 🙂 We are very happy and grateful if you want to sign the petition. Many already have… Continue reading Save Trosa nature poster


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End Emission Era!

Do you want to participate in the one true challenge of this generation? To end emission era  And not only that You will then also participate in Beginning of the Earth ReBirth Era Wouldn't that be nice if we all give it a try to end our own emissions? Together we could make a change.… Continue reading End Emission Era!

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Now they are four

My idiot project is one little dog further. I think you all know how many I have left. This is a completely useless project, but it is fun to crotchet and it's an idiot challenge that amuses me. I know, I'm a weirdo 😉 Anna