End Emission Era!

Do you want to participate in the one true challenge of this generation?

To end emission era 

And not only that

You will then also participate in Beginning of the Earth ReBirth Era

Wouldn’t that be nice if we all give it a try to end our own emissions?

Together we could make a change.

One little Ant alone can’t build an anthill, but millions of ants can build huge anthills.

So, one little human being can’t end emission era alone, but millions of human beings together can end emission era.

If you don’t know how you can make a difference, check out the questions at Climate acoount and find out how your carbon footprint looks like and what you can do to improve your footprint.

I’m not saying we will succeed in a day or two, but maybe we can start something that next generation will be thankful for that we did.

This is the drawing that started my thoughts and the challenge above. Feel free to share it as long as you do it in the meaning to spread the challenge.



Now they are four

My idiot project is one little dog further. I think you all know how many I have left. This is a completely useless project, but it is fun to crotchet and it’s an idiot challenge that amuses me.

I know, I’m a weirdo 😉


No 22 in my drawing goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues slowly. My inspiration comes from a Swedsih space epos about how mankind has destroyed mother earth and have to find somewhere else to live. One spaceship lost track and drift endlessy in space towards the bitter end.

This drawing is about how the doctor examines their eyes and find crocodile tears that no longer will be there when the space journey gets further away from the home planet.

This is a fantastic drawing journey that gives me endless possibilities to draw whatever I want. I find weird places in my brains that I didn’t know existed.

My goal is to reach 103 drawings so I still have a long way to go.


Help us Save Trosa nature

Avbryt projekt Trosa förbifart/cancel the new big road project in Trosa Sweden

I found this on the fb page 0156. Ingrid Benson has written:

“The planned Inbound West Trosa becomes unnecessary. The municipality can avoid paying 150 million for a new road and avoid destroying the delicate nature of Tureholm Peninsula, Hunga and Ekebonäs beautiful tree areas. The growth target of 150 persons per year explained by the 1,500 homes planned in Vagnhärad, see the article in iTrosa . At the same time appears Trosa as a pioneer in climate change if you spend the entire road project and invested in expansion close to urban areas and other parts of the municipality where it can use existing roads. What do you think? Like if you think Inbound West Trosa project to be abandoned.”

So if you are on fb, you can visit fb page 0156 and give the post a like if you want to save Trosa nature.

There is still time to save Trosa nature and Mother Earth. We all have to help Mother Earth if we want humans on the planet in the future. Mother Earth will survive without us, but we won´t survive without Mother Earth.


I can’t draw a straight line

When I say I can draw I often hear the comment Well I can’t even draw a straight line.

Who said the lines have to be straight?

Who decides if we can draw or not?

No one!

I come up with a little idea this year. For every day I do not find time to sit down and draw something I just draw a line with the nearest pencil I can find.

Then I can say for my self At least you have drawn one line today. That’s better than nothing. That’s a little consolation for not finding time to draw a whole drawing.

So I come this far in my one line a day, the days I’m not drawing ongoing pictures:

I just put the lines on the paper, one for each non-drawing-time-day, without any plan. Sometimes I don’t even look closely at the paper.

I want to see how many lines I collect and I want to see if I can make a real drawing out of the random lines eventually.

So, plan number two is to get you all involved in this project.

For each day you don’t do things you want to do, because you don’t find the time for it at the moment, draw a line on a piece of paper. 

In a couple of months or so we can compare our papers and see how many lines we collected. This is not a competition. It’s experimental. If we are good at taking time for what we want to do, we won’t have many lines. If we constantly make priorities “wrong”, we will have lots of lines. But in the end those lines maybe an interesting artwork that we created without knowing it!

Are you with me on this?


Catch the moon challenge

This morning the moon was up and clear. Instead of morning sun we have morning moon in the winter.

I like saying Hi to the moon and talk to the moon. The moon always listen and give light, hehe 😉

Here’s some Swedish artists with moon songs. And yes in the third video it’s Mr ABBA Benny Anderson at the piano. And yes, Titiyo is a sister to Neneh Cherry (the hits Manchild and Buffalo stance in the 80′ something)

Stefan Andersson Catch the moon

Titiyo Talking to the man in the moon

Tommy Körberg Moonriver

If you have great moon songs to share, please leave a link in the comments or make your own Catch the moon post on your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.

If you don’t find moon songs, then maybe you have great moon paintings or photos. You can catch the moon in any way you want.

So, the challenge is: Can you catch the moon?

If you paste the complete link from youtube you just have to paste the link without use the link button. WP senses the youtube link and show the video screen in your post instead of just a link. This only work with a complete link. Make sure you see http://www.youtube.com/watch…in the link. The short link miss the “watch” word. Short link do not work if you want the video screen show up in your post.

You can read more about that here:

Have a great evening and I hope the moon is watching over you too 🙂

To me the moon is solace when things spinning around too fast and too weird. The moon is always there somehow.


Trosa morning in November

This is my corner of the world when I look out of a window daytime

How does your corner of the world looks like?

Describe your place in pictures and or words. Leave a link in the comments and we’ll find your post on your blog. If I find it I might reblog it, if wp settings are with me 😉

Have a great day wherever you are!


#inktober 2016 #inktober #2 Can’t hear you

At Inktober you can read how to participate in the drawing challenge.

Here’s my drawing for the October 2 prompt Noisy.

Here’s the prompt list I found at Inktober.com.

This is so fun and it makes me find time for a drawing a day. That’s great for me and I hope you enjoy the drawiings.


#inktober #1 2016 Think Fast

Here’s my take on #inktober #1

The word “is” means in Swedish ice. So either the text says our world is (ice) melting or our world ice melting. You can choose which you want.

At inktober.com you find more info about the challenge.

Inktober rules:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it online

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2016

4) Repeat

Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. What ever you decide, just be consistent with it. INKtober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better.

That’s it! Now go make something beautiful.

#inktober 2016

I almost forgot it is October 1 today. That means drawing challenge month.

Read about #inktober here and join in


I found this over at inktober.com

So get started. This is fun!


#inktober 2016

I almost forgot it is October 1 today. That means drawing challenge month.

Read about #inktober here and join in


I found this over at inktober.com

So get started. This is fun!


What happened? From 0 to 90

One day she was born. The next day she turned 90.

What happened?

Hey all wp friends! This is my first writing prompt.

The sentences above popped up in my head. How can life go so fast? I feel like I was born yesterday and now over 46 years have past since then and I don’t know how that’s possible.

That’s how I came up with the idea of using that thought as a writing prompt. 

Feel free to set your imagination on writing or/and drawing mode. If you come up with something you wanna share with us, please leave your story in the comments or make a post on your blog and leave a link in the comments, so we all can find it.

Have a great day!


No 6 drawing in my goals for 2016

You can see previous drawings here:




This is a exciting drawing project I have given myself. I will tell you more when I get further with more finished drawings. It’s a slow process though.


You can save the world/Du kan rädda världen

How about that challenge?

Vad sägs om den utmaningen?


You are perfect…

…just the way you are.
That goes for all of you.

I challenge you all to try to think this of your self:


Never mind your physical or mental illness, worries, anxiety, looks, defects and what other people try to make you believe as not perfect in you.

Never mind everything negative you’ve ever thought about your self. It’s just mind illusions.

YOU ARE YOU, just the way you are. Nature miracles has made you and nature is never wrong. Never.

No one is worth more than you and no one is worth less than you. We are all perfect!

The rest is up to us. Tell your self you’re perfect, tell others they’re perfect.

If we try this together, lets see if we change our minds about our selves and others.

Are you with me?

You are perfect. Never forget that!


This post is inspired by Tessas post:


Feel free to share this post and image. Let people know they’re perfect!

This is a very difficult challenge for narcissists, but if they really try to find their inner self, maybe it’s possible even for them 🙂