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You are perfect…

...just the way you are. That goes for all of you. I challenge you all to try to think this of your self: I'M PERFECT! Never mind your physical or mental illness, worries, anxiety, looks, defects and what other people try to make you believe as not perfect in you. Never mind everything negative you've… Continue reading You are perfect…

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Drawing challenge 

My own final result of the drawing challenge in: Do a drawing or painting you too! It's fun 🙂 There is no right or wrong in this challenge. You just do the drawing or painting you feel like doing. Anna   

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Painting or drawing challenge

This was our challenge last time me and my friends in the paintergroup Pink bucket met.    Capture the shapes My drawing went like this    I'm not finished yet, but I have come half way. How do your interpretation of the shapes look like? If you do a drawing or a painting, please show… Continue reading Painting or drawing challenge

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Meet & Greet at 900!

I'm not making this up. We are actually over 900 followers on this blog now. Yes, I follow my own blog. I want to be like you, if you follow my blog, I want to follow it too 🙂 But we are over 900 without myself as a follower. This number 900 and more, I… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 900!

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Balloon man

   Or like this    I've finished my balloon man. How are your balloon man going? If you didn't read the challenge, take a look at this post: Painting/drawing challenge – Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna So far two more than me have done a balloon man. You can check them out here: This… Continue reading Balloon man

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Painting/drawing challenge

At the latest session my painters friends and I had we did interpretations of this:    How would your interpretation look like if you do a painting or drawing out of this? Use your imagination and go for it. Mine look like this right now. I hadn't time to color it in, so it's a… Continue reading Painting/drawing challenge

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Hands off #inktober 25 october 2015

This drawing is the result of a painting session with my Pink Bucket friends. We had a glass bowl, some fruits and some leaves, that we each and every one did different paintings of. That was fun. Anna   

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Awards to everybody!

Thank you all for nominations, awards and challenges. I really appreciate your kindness in giving this to me. But they take a lot of time to handle and right now I don't really have all that time. So, this is an answer to all nominations and challenges you gave me and will give in the… Continue reading Awards to everybody!

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Don’t listen to airheads

Far too often I think we listen to much to airheads. The people with a baloon head, swaying a little bit above everyone else. They talk and talk and talk, but seldom they show that their talk and acting leads to something good. They are specialists in describing problems as insoluble and do not want… Continue reading Don’t listen to airheads

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#inktober 18 october 2015

Today I met my artist friends from Pink Bucket, our painter group, for the first session after Summer. We decided to draw or paint a sculpture hand and some glasses. Here's my drawing, that I did. It's only a two hour drawing, so it is what it is 🙂 It's also my first #inktober drawing.… Continue reading #inktober 18 october 2015

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Blog tour challenge

   I got a challenge from: Another Challenge, The Blog Tour Award | The Crow Reborn The challenge goes like this: blogtouraward The rules: Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers. Give your nominees the rules and a specific Monday to post. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers… Continue reading Blog tour challenge

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This is an answer to a challenge in the comment field to the post:  On to something better It's a half hour painting, so it's not that great, but I tried to paint lilacs out of my memory and I see now that I remember details very bad 🙂 Den här teckningen svarar på en… Continue reading Lilacs/syrener

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Hey you all 300!

And a couple of more than 300 now. Thanks for stopping by my blog once in a while 🙂 Really nice to "see" you and "hear" what you have to say. You're all a big inspiration. You give me new thoughts everyday. Thanks! I try my very best, when I have time, to read your… Continue reading Hey you all 300!