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Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

Reposted from 2017 Most of us know the Christmas story, but have you ever heard it in the ancient Swedish language Älvsdalsmål? It's beautiful to hear a story that you know so well even if it is in a language you barely understand. Check this out. You will discover you know some of the words.… Continue reading Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

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One fine day in my church

Church may be a building for many people, but for me a church place also can be a state of mind. My church is nature where I find peace in my mind and gratefulness in my heart. This is what my church give me some days. A morning with visible angel lights through the clouds.… Continue reading One fine day in my church

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I went to my church

I've said it before and I say it again. Nature is my church. Especially archipelago nature where my home is. Nothing beat this in my book. Can you believe there are people who wants to destroy this beautiful piece of paradise? I will fight as long as I can to preserve nature.  Have a great… Continue reading I went to my church

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Winter sun at Trosa church

A lovely winterday in Trosa Sweden, just look at this Tree shadows at the wall of Trosa Church Bell tower (klocktorn in Swedish) behind the church Red houses outside the church yard is the oldesr parts of Trosa. Some new buildings too of course, but the main structure of the city still remains. And of… Continue reading Winter sun at Trosa church

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O helga natt/O Holy Night

   For many years in the 90's, I once a year visited Runtuna church in Södermanland in december, builded in middle of 1100s. It's a little church in the countryside. They had the privilege of having access to one of Swedens top opera singers, Mr Olle Persson. Together with the local church choir he gave… Continue reading O helga natt/O Holy Night

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13 december

Today is Lucia Day. Read the Christmas story in English in the comments in the original post/Anna

Du finns - en decembersaga i kalenderform

Jag och mamma går upp väldigt tidigt. Vi ska morgonlussa för Albertina, Mattias, Helena och Nikolaus. Till sist ska vi också väcka Roffe och lussa för honom.

Albertina har lämnat dörren olåst. Vi sjunger och bjuder henne nybakade lussebullar. Hon ligger nedkrupen i sängen och myser över vårt Lucia-besök. Hon blinkar åt mig och säger att vi ses ikväll. Jag förstår att hon har talat med Melker, som kan hjälpa oss med den där Maurits.

Nästa lusseställe vållar mig problem. Vi står utanför brandstationen. Här bor ju bara Mattias och Nikolaus. Helena bor ju någon annanstans. Mamma förklarar att den arga Helena bort någon annanstans. Men nu känner sig Helena mest ledsen och orolig över Lucia. Då får hon inte sitta ensam har Mattias och Nikolaus sagt.

Egentligen bor Helena alltid hos Mattias, men när Lucia försvann rann all Helenas ilska ut över Mattias. Hon ville inte se honom mer…

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Trosa Church – Stairways to heaven

A few years ago Trosa parish decided to renovate the roof of the church. They decided to put copper of the roof. During the same time, we could read about many copper thefts around Sweden. How would we look at the Church's decision to add copper roof of the church? A brave decision, or foolhardy… Continue reading Trosa Church – Stairways to heaven