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Clouds and rain

The other day a big cloud came up for the first time for many weeks of blue skies and heat temps around 30 C. We normally have around 20 C. Yesterday more clouds visible and a little raining and far away thunder and lightning. Today rain came for a little while. After an hour it… Continue reading Clouds and rain

Nature miracles, Photographs

Clouds Moln

Unusual sight nowadays. Clouds. But when they come up over sea they vanished. No rain in sight and 30 degree C in shadow. Normal summer temps for us is around 20 C. Några moln dök upp igår men skärgårdsluften löste upp dem. Inget regn, men vi slapp också åska tack och lov. How's your weather?… Continue reading Clouds Moln

oil paintings

Molngubbe Cloud man

One of my first oil paintings. En av mina första oljemålningar. Anna

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Clouds in the water?

Nature beauty. I didn't do anythong but to take the photo. The rest is natures doing. Sweden archipelago in Baltic sea in my neighborhood. Anna

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Painting challenge final result

In this post: I told you about a painting challenge and here's the final result from me. Feel free to accept the challenge in the post above. It's a fun way to make art 🙂 Anna   

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Ongoing painting finished :)

   What do you think? If you have read previous post called "ongoing painting" - here's the final result. I'm not satisfied with the photo of the painting, there's more layers and color fields in the painting than the photo shows. But if you compare with the first step, then you clearly can see a… Continue reading Ongoing painting finished 🙂

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Ongoing painting 3

Still not dry yet. Doesn't look good, but when it's dry again I can continue.    Now I can go on with next layer.    I will let you know how it goes 🙂 I'll be back! Anna

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Ongoing painting 2

 Another layer on the painting with ice breaks up.  You can see the first two steps here: I'm still not finished, I'll be back! Anna

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Winter walk in Trosa

            I had a nice walk today in my neighborhood 🙂 Anna    

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Love the rain

At least sometimes 😉 Anna